Flying Couch / Beer Here Beer Couch Dogville Brown 5.08/31/2014Rate 3.058
Flying Couch / Herodes Ladyboy 6.56/26/2016Rate 2.832
Flying Couch Beernaise 5.05/28/2015Rate 3.14485411
Flying Couch Black & Tan 6.24/12/2013Rate 2.831
Flying Couch Black Bitter Guldbajer 6.54/14/2016Rate 3.28658012
Flying Couch Black Vinyl 6.01/7/2016Rate 3.28654710
Flying Couch Black Vinyl Sour 6.03/14/2016Rate 3.11462612
Flying Couch Bloody Mary (retired) 6.05/27/2014Rate 2.9135419
Flying Couch Camping Juice 4.55/17/2016Rate 3.0743199
Flying Couch Cap. Haddock #&!%? 8.85/17/2016Rate 3.122
Flying Couch Chokoladefuglens Sang #1 5.73/26/2013Rate 2.691
Flying Couch Color Blind 6.02/4/2016Rate 3.29662719
Flying Couch Dark Matter Red Wine BA with Cherries 9.08/31/2014Rate 3.194
Flying Couch Dee Dee No No 4.67/13/2016Rate 3.042
Flying Couch Djingle Duck 8.512/21/2014Rate 2.912
Flying Couch Goodbajer 6.810/30/2015Rate 3.482639
Flying Couch Hop Duck 7.15/18/2016Rate 3.287
Flying Couch Hop Myrtle 4.81/14/2016Rate 3.18504420
Flying Couch Hop’s Dance 6.82/4/2016Rate 3.1452019
Flying Couch Hops And Coffee Drops 6.03/11/2016Rate 3.28644117
Flying Couch I Wheat You 5.73/19/2016Rate 3.258
Flying Couch Lushy Lager 5.03/11/2016Rate 3.2155929
Flying Couch Malt Blindness 5.511/24/2015Rate 3.13474812
Flying Couch Need Lager 5.05/15/2016Rate 3.038
Flying Couch New Quinced Solution 8.012/31/2015Rate 3.12467419
Flying Couch Nordvest Fest 5.06/10/2016Rate 3.245
Flying Couch Sidekicks Struggle -7/13/2014Rate 3.481829
Flying Couch Snakebite 7.54/14/2016Rate 3.0239609
Flying Couch Snakebite BA 7.56/16/2016Rate 3.014
Flying Couch Sorte Slyngel 7.02/26/2014Rate 2.952
Flying Couch Syreregn 6.66/10/2016Rate 3.061
Flying Couch Vinyl & Coffee 6.04/14/2016Rate 3.49888718
Flying Couch We Are Flying! 4.411/21/2015Rate 3.15494112
Flying Couch What’s Hop Doc? 7.12/21/2016Rate 3.3777539
Flying Couch / Cigar City Black Shade
Brewed at Brewski
6.51/8/2015Rate 3.51906523
Flying Couch Bastard Øl
Brewed at Herslev Bryghus
5.57/5/2013Rate 3.13547818
Flying Couch Bikstok Uranium Bryg
Brewed at Herslev Bryghus
6.73/12/2015Rate 3.42838528
Flying Couch Dark Matter
Brewed at Herslev Bryghus
9.03/11/2014Rate 3.72976633
Flying Couch Dark Matter (Cherry)
Brewed at Herslev Bryghus
9.05/23/2014Rate 3.5913832
Flying Couch Dark Matter (Coffee)
Brewed at Herslev Bryghus
9.05/1/2014Rate 3.53934326
Flying Couch Dark Matter (Raspberry)
Brewed at Herslev Bryghus
9.05/23/2014Rate 3.55914030
Flying Couch Douglas
Brewed at Herslev Bryghus
4.65/25/2014Rate 3.24599331
Flying Couch Dress Down Friday
Brewed at Herslev Bryghus
5.53/24/2013Rate 2.97357031
Flying Couch Green Velvet
Brewed at Herslev Bryghus
7.010/10/2012Rate 3.37775278
Flying Couch Henrik God Til Alt (alias)
Brewed at Herslev Bryghus
Flying Couch Phister de Noël
Brewed at Herslev Bryghus
8.511/2/2012Rate 3.67965471
Flying Couch Pilsner
Brewed at Herslev Bryghus
4.98/9/2013Rate 2.92
Flying Couch Porse Pils
Brewed at Herslev Bryghus
4.910/23/2012Rate 3.1499121
Flying Couch Studio (alias)
Brewed at Herslev Bryghus
Flying Couch / Bad Seed From Her To Eternity 4.28/31/2014Rate 3.24643918
Flying Couch / Beerbliotek Day & Night 8.511/16/2014Rate 3.38823713
Flying Couch / Brewchimp Young Padawan & The Jedi Master 6.21/26/2013Rate 3.28762824
Flying Couch Backyard IPA 7.03/18/2014Rate 3.32724730
Flying Couch Black Bitter Bajer 5.89/3/2013Rate 3.46889940
Flying Couch Black Bitter Bajer Galaxy 5.83/21/2015Rate 3.44864910
Flying Couch Black Pleaser 7.511/2/2013Rate 3.57949418
Flying Couch Cymbopogon Tripel 7.54/23/2012Rate 3.18604538
Flying Couch Double Trouble 6.59/20/2014Rate 3.2463859
Flying Couch Duckface 5.012/12/2013Rate 3.16504314
Flying Couch Dude 5.51/27/2012Rate 3.34737193
Flying Couch Festival Dude 5.55/22/2014Rate 3.25716315
Flying Couch Gadeøl 5.08/18/2013Rate 3.054
Flying Couch Hobos Pale Ale 5.23/17/2012Rate 3.22726121
Flying Couch Hoppy Brown (alias) -5/13/2013
Flying Couch Julemandrik 5.611/8/2013Rate 3.2635011
Flying Couch Lazy Boy 5.53/29/2013Rate 3.43889013
Flying Couch Mary Hoppins 6.88/4/2015Rate 3.34764910
Flying Couch Ørsted Black Bean Dog 5.52/3/2012Rate 3.24745020
Flying Couch Ørsted Black Dog 5.52/3/2012Rate 3.14613911
Flying Couch Paint It Black 8.03/4/2012Rate 3.58948149
Flying Couch Papsøs Belgian Boner 11.54/22/2013Rate 3.29762548
Flying Couch Pillow Fight 4.610/10/2012Rate 3.1764969
Flying Couch Quadruple (alias) 124/22/2013
Flying Couch Reggae Dude 5.06/12/2013Rate 3.31807623
Flying Couch Rust In Peace 6.55/13/2013Rate 3.34829031
Flying Couch Sidekicks Choice 6.01/26/2013Rate 3.2664430
Flying Couch This Is Living IPA 7.84/23/2012Rate 3.35795337
Flying Couch Tick Tick Boom 11.59/3/2013Rate 3.37843822
Flying Couch/BeerHere BeerCouch #1 Equilibrium 7.54/19/2012Rate 3.5919141
Flying Couch/BeerHere BeerCouch #2 Abemås 5.56/6/2013Rate 3.28748321
Flying Couch/Croocked Moon Logjammin’ 5.85/5/2012Rate 3.36859233
Taphouse First Anniversary IPA 6.64/29/2015Rate 3.39815937
Flying Couch Bodega Brun 5.04/17/2015Rate 3.34778717
Flying Couch Mr. Brownstone 5.512/10/2014Rate 3.29738210
Flying Couch Opie Pale Ale 5.51/23/2015Rate 3.23635013

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