Cooperstown Poison Pale Ale -2/24/2003Rate 2.96422710
Four Peaks 8th Street Ale 4.55/15/2000Rate 3.215482230
Four Peaks Alt Ball and Chain (retired) 5.26/2/2006Rate 3.233
Four Peaks Arizona Peach (alias) 4.05/22/2000
Four Peaks Barrel Aged Sour Brown Ale 8.010/7/2014Rate 2.871
Four Peaks Belgian Black Ale (retired) 7.22/27/2009Rate 3.258
Four Peaks Belgian Black Ale - Barrel Aged 7.23/7/2011Rate 3.4877417
Four Peaks Belgian Red 8.21/28/2015Rate 2.771
Four Peaks Black Betty (retired) 5.08/13/2005Rate 3.192
Four Peaks Black Canyon Porter 6.211/6/2014Rate 2.941
Four Peaks Black Canyon Porter 6.29/5/2014Rate 2.852
Four Peaks Blind Date (retired) 9.05/15/2000Rate 3.354
Four Peaks Blind Date - Barrel Aged (retired) 7.53/7/2005Rate 3.32
Four Peaks Blonde 4.25/15/2000Rate 3.154
Four Peaks Bonehead Red (retired) 6.05/19/2008Rate 3.247
Four Peaks Bonehead Red - Bourbon Barrel 8.04/22/2014Rate 2.752
Four Peaks Bourbon Barrel Double Red -10/7/2014Rate 2.911
Four Peaks Caulfields Rye (retired) 4.95/15/2000Rate 3.221
Four Peaks Cherry Blossom Stout (retired) -10/7/2011Rate 2.931
Four Peaks Chipotle Stout -3/9/2009Rate 3.153
Four Peaks Co-op Mild AK Ale (retired) 3.16/7/2005Rate 3.017
Four Peaks Coffee Stout (retired) 6.54/1/2011Rate 2.911
Four Peaks Collaboration Weizenbock 7.52/20/2014Rate 3.223
Four Peaks D-Dub Porter (retired) 6.21/31/2012Rate 3.258
Four Peaks Diablo Rojo 9.23/9/2011Rate 3.43885214
Four Peaks Double Knot 9.22/5/2010Rate 3.91999833
Four Peaks Dry Hopped Hop Knot (alias) -7/10/2013
Four Peaks Endless Summer Ale (retired) 4.28/17/2008Rate 34
Four Peaks Fools Gold (retired) 4.012/1/2002Rate 3.03487213
Four Peaks Gosebier (retired) 4.03/1/2008Rate 3.365
Four Peaks Hefeweizen 5.110/26/2000Rate 3.32709587
Four Peaks Hefeweizen - Spiced 5.12/16/2011Rate 2.811
Four Peaks Hoof Hearted Wit (retired) 4.68/23/2005Rate 3.469310010
Four Peaks Hop Knot IPA 6.79/23/2003Rate 3.659595297
Four Peaks Hopsquatch - Barrel Aged 11.52/19/2012Rate 3.486
Four Peaks Hopsquatch Barleywine 11.510/9/2004Rate 3.77989480
Four Peaks Idle Hands (retired) 7.55/23/2005Rate 2.943
Four Peaks Impale Ale (retired) 4.55/15/2000Rate 3.156
Four Peaks Imperial Pumpkin Porter 8.610/31/2014Rate 3.34
Four Peaks Kilt Lifter Scottish Style Ale 6.06/12/2000Rate 3.134649434
Four Peaks Kilt Lifter Scottish Style Ale - Bourbon Barrel -7/22/2009Rate 3.36849310
Four Peaks Kilt Lifter Scottish Style Ale - Spiced -12/25/2012Rate 2.841
Four Peaks Lefty’s Lager 5.510/25/2014Rate 2.982
Four Peaks Leroy Brown (retired) 4.95/22/2000Rate 3.22657312
Four Peaks Lost Dutchman Lager (retired) 5.04/4/2003Rate 33
Four Peaks Macadamia Nut Brown Ale (retired) -4/2/2010Rate 2.765
Four Peaks McCarthys Red (retired) 5.010/26/2000Rate 3.526
Four Peaks ML209 8.25/26/2011Rate 3.286
Four Peaks Motley Bru RyePA (retired) -6/12/2010Rate 3.4897010
Four Peaks Oatmeal IPA 6.15/20/2016Rate 0
Four Peaks Oatmeal Stout 5.09/22/2000Rate 3.458582100
Four Peaks Odelay Mexican Chocolate Porter 8.112/26/2013Rate 3.49899520
Four Peaks Oktoberfest - Vienna Lager -9/16/2013Rate 2.964
Four Peaks Old Porter (retired) -6/14/2004Rate 3.35
Four Peaks Onan’s ESB (retired) -8/13/2010Rate 3.1869799
Four Peaks Orange Blossom Ale (retired) -5/7/2009Rate 2.831
Four Peaks Peach Ale 4.26/12/2000Rate 2.953349102
Four Peaks Pitch Fork Pale Ale -6/9/2011Rate 3.147
Four Peaks Poor Richards Ale (retired) 8.01/18/2006Rate 3.073
Four Peaks Porter (retired) 5.05/15/2000Rate 3.264
Four Peaks Portero Chingón (retired) 6.56/29/2009Rate 3.3816210
Four Peaks Portero Chingón - Wood Aged (retired) 6.58/4/2010Rate 3.143
Four Peaks Pumpkin Porter 5.011/1/2003Rate 3.51898972
Four Peaks Raj IPA 6.93/13/2002Rate 3.357449122
Four Peaks Raj IPA - Bourbon Barrel 6.97/30/2012Rate 3.186
Four Peaks Raj IPA - Tequila Barrel 7.02/16/2014Rate 2.982
Four Peaks Rye Knot IPA 7.212/13/2015Rate 3.111
Four Peaks Short Hop Session IPA 5.26/1/2013Rate 3.38857915
Four Peaks Single Tank Series: American Red Ale 5.55/27/2014Rate 2.861
Four Peaks Single Tank Series: Clementine Gose 4.52/24/2016Rate 3.061
Four Peaks Single Tank Series: Hoppy Pilsner 5.29/24/2015Rate 2.932
Four Peaks Single Tank Series: Kühl Beanz 8.21/6/2016Rate 3.254
Four Peaks Single Tank Series: Oatmeal Pale Ale 6.16/9/2016Rate 0
Four Peaks Single Tank Series: Saison 6.04/20/2014Rate 3.023
Four Peaks Single Tank Series: Sandhill Black IPA 7.07/27/2016Rate 3.091
Four Peaks Sirius Black 9.512/7/2008Rate 3.7976226
Four Peaks Sour Peach -7/22/2015Rate 3.232
Four Peaks Steam (alias) (retired) 5.24/4/2003
Four Peaks Summer Session 4.57/28/2012Rate 2.772
Four Peaks Sun Up Poppin’ Pils (alias) 5.08/13/2010
Four Peaks Sunbru Kölsch 5.29/23/2003Rate 2.92943124
Four Peaks T.Golden Pils (retired) 5.45/23/2007Rate 2.862
Four Peaks The Little Saison That Could (retired) 4.95/29/2009Rate 3.095
Four Peaks Uncles Dunkle (retired) 4.52/24/2003Rate 2.862
Four Peaks Up ’N’ Runnin’ (retired) 5.08/21/2012Rate 3.013
Four Peaks Vanilla Coffee Stout -10/22/2015Rate 2.941
Four Peaks Vanilla Stout 5.21/31/2013Rate 3.123
Four Peaks Vier Spitzen Hefeweizen (alias) 5.05/15/2000
Four Peaks Western Rivers Ale 4.58/13/2015Rate 3.061
Four Peaks Whiskey Wood Bourbon Barrel Stout (retired) 7.51/15/2005Rate 3.383
Four Peaks White Ale 5.48/2/2015Rate 3.073
Four Peaks Winter Wobbler 2002 (retired) 8.412/7/2002Rate 2.915
Four Peaks Winter Wobbler 2004: English Olde Ale (retired) 8.012/12/2004Rate 3.352
Four Peaks Winter Wobbler 2005: German Bock (retired) 8.212/12/2005Rate 3.32
Four Peaks Winter Wobbler 2006: Thee Double-Date Root Stout (retired) 8.012/20/2006Rate 3.333
Four Peaks Winter Wobbler 2007: Smoked Imperial Porter (retired) 8.512/2/2007Rate 3.58897815
Four Peaks Winter Wobbler 2008: Sirius Black RIS (Bourbon Barrel) 9.54/20/2009Rate 3.87998827
Four Peaks Winter Wobbler 2008: Sirius Black Russian Imperial Stout (alias) 9.512/7/2008
Four Peaks Winter Wobbler 2009: Scotch Ale (retired) 8.712/14/2009Rate 2.954
Four Peaks Winter Wobbler 2010: Baltic Porter 7.712/13/2010Rate 3.3804014
Four Peaks Winter Wobbler 2010: Baltic Porter (Wine Barrel + Cherries) 7.72/17/2013Rate 3.25
Four Peaks Winter Wobbler 2011: Ryewine (retired) 9.112/6/2011Rate 3.3813611
Four Peaks Winter Wobbler 2011: Ryewine (Barrel Aged) -8/18/2012Rate 3.31803811
Four Peaks Winter Wobbler 2012: Black IPA 7.012/21/2012Rate 3.2370209
Four Peaks Winter Wobbler 2012: Black IPA (Barrel Aged) 7.09/11/2013Rate 2.861
Four Peaks/Wanderlust Birch On Hops 7.87/25/2015Rate 3.061
Sun Up Patriot Pilsener
Brewed by/for Sun Up Brewery
5.07/9/2008Rate 3.02448511

.Places associated: Four Peaks Brewing Company, Four Peaks Tasting Room and Production Facility (Four Peaks Wilson), Four Peaks Grill and Tap, Four Peaks Brewery - PHX.
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