Brew Pub/Brewery

Closed in 2010. A new brewery - DemonBrew - at the same location used the old Fowlers equipment and brewed some beers under the Fowlers brand 2011 - 2013. Brewing of Fowlers ales continued at this site in 2013 to early 2016 by Prestonpans Ales. In April 2016 Kentwood Brewing started brewing at this site.
Fowlers Glastonwick Perle (retired) 3.86/9/2004Rate 2.351
Fowlers Gothenburg Porter 4.44/30/2006Rate 3.32735528
Fowlers Hopfreak (retired) 3.87/31/2007Rate 1.91
Fowlers Prestonpans 80 Shilling (retired) 4.25/25/2006Rate 2.9536469
Fowlers Prestonpans Farmhouse Cider 6.52/10/2016Rate 31
Fowlers Prestonpans IPA (retired) 4.15/28/2005Rate 2.99466711
Fowlers Prestonpans Lemon and Ginger (retired) 5.06/1/2010Rate 2.913
Fowlers Radical Road Radgeworks (retired) 4.110/14/2010Rate 2.963
Fowlers Reindeer Fuel (retired) 4.82/5/2007Rate 3.052
Fowlers The 45 Wee Heavy (retired) 7.56/9/2006Rate 3.114
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