Fox Barrel Apricot Pear Cider 5.59/15/2011Rate 32
Fox Barrel As You Wish (retired) 6.52/17/2013Rate 3.24719714
Fox Barrel Blackberry Pear Cider 5.09/15/2011Rate 2.91344426
Fox Barrel English Perry 5.39/17/2012Rate 3.04438131
Fox Barrel Ginger & Blackcurrant Cider 6.59/15/2011 U  0
Fox Barrel Hard Cider (retired) 6.010/13/2005Rate 2.74233178
Fox Barrel Joan of Arc (alias) -8/12/2011
Fox Barrel Maid of Orleans 5.07/15/2011Rate 3.09499012
Fox Barrel Mulled Cider 6.01/20/2009Rate 3.41889831
Fox Barrel Orange Peel & Coriander (alias) 6.57/17/2013
Fox Barrel Pacific Pear Cider 4.53/5/2011Rate 3.114889107
Fox Barrel Pear Cider (retired) 4.511/26/2005Rate 3.12509393
Fox Barrel Pear Naked Organic Perry 5.39/14/2012Rate 2.9366731
Fox Barrel Rhubarb & Elderberry Cider 6.09/15/2011 U  2.871
Fox Barrel Wild Orchard Pear Cider 5.39/15/2011Rate 0
Fox Barrel Wit Pear 6.53/19/2013Rate 3.1650929
Fox Barrel Wonderwall 8.62/4/2012Rate 2.861

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