Funk Estate Afrogato 8.55/30/2015Rate 3.436
Funk Estate APXPA 4.03/20/2016Rate 2.993
Funk Estate Bad Mama Jama 8.37/15/2016Rate 3.212
Funk Estate Doozy IPA 6.67/10/2016Rate 3.021
Funk Estate Jungle Boogie Blood Orange Sour 5.36/17/2016Rate 3.21710
Funk Estate Kingpin 8.010/7/2015Rate 3.314
Funk Estate Pucker Up Berliner Weisse 4.24/16/2015Rate 2.93
Funk Estate Renegade Red IPA 6.62/5/2016Rate 3.183
Funk Estate Stacking Cash West Coast IPA 6.010/6/2015Rate 3.324
Funk Estate Super White 7.15/22/2016Rate 3.033
Funk Estate Yes Yes Y’All 3.52/26/2016Rate 3.094
Funk Estate/Doctors Orders Dr Funk 4.911/26/2015Rate 2.933
Funk Estate "Oh Lordy!" 5.59/22/2012Rate 3.296015
Funk Estate Black IPA 5.55/25/2012Rate 3.074
Funk Estate Sophisticuffs IPA 6.59/9/2014Rate 3.24379
Funk Estate Coconut Rough Stout 5.08/8/2012Rate 2.81
Funk Estate Funk’nStein 7.05/30/2013Rate 3.363810
Funk Estate Parleyer 4.24/26/2013Rate 3.137
Funk Estate Super Afro-Disiac 8.57/26/2013Rate 3.483116
The Twisted Hop + Funk Estate Funkintwisted Black Saison
Brewed at The Twisted Hop
7.54/1/2013Rate 3.022

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