Gwada (Les Brasseurs de Guadeloupe)


The brewery at 291 A, Route de la Grippière, Petit-Bourg was closed in 2009. The brand was acquired and relaunched in 2015 with new recipes and a new plant.
Gwada Ambrée (-2009) (retired) 5.05/9/2004Rate 2.881
Gwada Bière Blonde 5.04/26/2016Rate 2.622
Gwada Chabine (-2009) (retired) 5.04/6/2007Rate 2.263
Gwada Gold (-2009) (retired) 5.03/4/2004Rate 2.4811710
Gwada Rhum (-2009) (retired) 7.05/10/2004Rate 2.661

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