Half Pints $ellout $tout (retired) 8.41/8/2010Rate 3.9999167
Half Pints Amanda’s Gingerbread Stout (retired) 12/15/2014Rate 2.871
Half Pints American Brown (retired) 4.61/27/2016Rate 0
Half Pints Aurora Pale (retired) 4.87/21/2015Rate 0
Half Pints Bikey McBikeface 4.56/18/2016Rate 3.223
Half Pints Black Galaxy 61/31/2012Rate 3.83999857
Half Pints Black Scrapper IPA (retired) 66/27/2010Rate 3.42904215
Half Pints Breakfast Stout (retired) 7.812/7/2014Rate 3.053
Half Pints British Bulldog (retired) 5.811/6/2010Rate 2.715
Half Pints Bulldog Amber Ale 5.48/18/2006Rate 3.15517688
Half Pints Bulldog Amber Ale - Cascade Hops (alias) 5/8/2015
Half Pints Burlywine 10.512/9/2006Rate 3.679685148
Half Pints Burlywine - Bourbon (retired) 10.512/2/2009Rate 3.38854421
Half Pints Chamomile Gold (retired) 5.110/30/2015Rate 3.092
Half Pints CKUbreW (2011 Version) (retired) 52/12/2011Rate 2.836
Half Pints CKUbreW (2012 Version) (retired) 51/31/2012Rate 2.817
Half Pints Dark Punk’n (retired) 5.210/30/2014Rate 2.841
Half Pints Dead Ringer (retired) 5.910/26/2014Rate 3.375
Half Pints Demeter’s Harvest (retired) 1112/3/2011Rate 3.3763446
Half Pints Dog’s Breakfast Amber (retired) 5.410/11/2013Rate 0
Half Pints Dr. Emmett Brown (retired) 4.71/10/2015Rate 2.913
Half Pints Dr. FrankenStein’s Alt 5.82/4/2015Rate 3.417
Half Pints Drunken Bunny (retired) 10/16/2013Rate 2.965
Half Pints Earl of Greydog (retired) 5/22/2014Rate 2.81
Half Pints Eastmount ESB (retired) 5.86/20/2014Rate 3.348
Half Pints Encyclopedia Brown (retired) 4.52/12/2016Rate 3.255
Half Pints Fingy Pudding (retired) 111/12/2016Rate 3.091
Half Pints First Fruit (retired) 4.71/21/2015Rate 3.36
Half Pints Five-Al IPA (retired) 5.59/1/2011Rate 3.21713915
Half Pints Flatlanders Black (retired) 66/6/2015Rate 2.812
Half Pints Ginger Shandy (retired) 4.88/2/2015Rate 0
Half Pints Gloves Off Scrapper (alias) (retired) 66/11/2014
Half Pints Grand Slam 71/13/2015Rate 3.62959614
Half Pints Grand Slam - Maple Whiskey (retired) 7.31/31/2015Rate 2.871
Half Pints Grewsome Scotch Ale (retired) 88/8/2008Rate 3.34825610
Half Pints Heimer Thyme (retired) 6/11/2014Rate 2.811
Half Pints Heiđrún’s Sweet Mead 10.53/23/2015Rate 3.548
Half Pints Hibiscus St. James (retired) 10/25/2012Rate 2.844
Half Pints HoppenHeimer 4.86/26/2013Rate 3.47889730
Half Pints Humulus Ludicrous 87/7/2007Rate 3.819995137
Half Pints Imperial Breakfast Stout (retired) 96/11/2014Rate 3.112
Half Pints improvi-saison 5.56/19/2016Rate 3.243
Half Pints Irish Stout (retired) 4.81/27/2016Rate 0
Half Pints Isolator (retired) 8.69/2/2012Rate 3.2634816
Half Pints Jeff Stacey’s White IPA (retired) 5.74/21/2015Rate 2.981
Half Pints Joshua Bercheid’s Smoked Wheat 6.58/25/2015Rate 0
Half Pints King James (retired) 5.612/28/2014Rate 2.922
Half Pints Le Temps Noir (retired) 11.37/6/2012Rate 3.9810095103
Half Pints Le Temps Noir Batch Two 9.63/9/2016Rate 3.714
Half Pints Little Scrapper IPA 68/18/2006Rate 3.458774161
Half Pints Little Scrapper IPA - Mosaic Hops (alias) (retired) 65/30/2014
Half Pints Maple Mighty Red (retired) 4.912/14/2014Rate 2.871
Half Pints Mocha Valentine Stout (retired) 5.62/12/2016Rate 3.224
Half Pints Mochaccino Stout (retired) 610/11/2013Rate 3.022
Half Pints Mole Stout (retired) 10/25/2012Rate 2.965
Half Pints Mother in Law 12/13/2014Rate 3.214
Half Pints Mr. Peanut Butter’s Revenge (retired) 5.29/21/2015Rate 0
Half Pints Mr. Peanut Butter’s Stout (retired) 5.68/4/2015Rate 3.041
Half Pints Noche De Los Alebrijes 57/6/2012Rate 3.46909929
Half Pints Oktoberfest Lager 6.29/25/2006Rate 3.38859945
Half Pints Ol’ Glory 12/5/2015Rate 3.435
Half Pints Old Red Barn 5.73/6/2013Rate 3.56925535
Half Pints Phils Pils 5.25/16/2007Rate 3.46869971
Half Pints Pina Colada IPA (retired) 5.54/18/2015Rate 0
Half Pints Pińa Colada Porter (retired) 12/13/2014Rate 2.982
Half Pints Pistachio Mustachio Brown Ale (retired) 4.911/28/2010Rate 2.861
Half Pints Pothole Porter 7.93/6/2008Rate 3.77989474
Half Pints Punk N’ Fest 6.211/1/2009Rate 3.35829121
Half Pints Queer Beer 4.85/11/2012Rate 2.91347511
Half Pints Queer Beer (2011) (retired) 4.85/20/2011Rate 2.791
Half Pints Rigamarole Rye (retired) 9.58/6/2010Rate 3.27738124
Half Pints SaazAmatazz (retired) 5.28/16/2015Rate 3.234
Half Pints Saison De La Ceinture Fléchée 5.51/31/2012Rate 3.58938943
Half Pints Saison Du Provencher (retired) 5.43/10/2015Rate 2.871
Half Pints Simcoe Spruce (retired) 59/18/2014Rate 3.59949814
Half Pints Smoktoberfest (retired) 6.29/16/2011Rate 3.34826516
Half Pints Spring Wheat (retired) 5.33/26/2015Rate 33
Half Pints St. Bernard Winter Ale (retired) 5.42/26/2014Rate 3.042
Half Pints St. James Pale Ale 4.83/5/2009Rate 3385567
Half Pints St. James Pale Ale - Raspberry (retired) 4.85/13/2011Rate 2.964
Half Pints Stir Stick Stout 5.68/18/2006Rate 3.438784144
Half Pints Stout of Heart (retired) 4.73/11/2016Rate 3.243
Half Pints Strawberry Rhubarb Pie (retired) 10/16/2013Rate 2.685
Half Pints Sweet Nikki Brown (retired) 4.910/27/2006Rate 3.34819060
Half Pints Texas Grapefruit Massacre 64/14/2016Rate 3.041
Half Pints The Father (retired) 7.21/25/2007Rate 3.37828540
Half Pints The Golden Brett (retired) 6/6/2015Rate 3.236
Half Pints The Holy Spirit (retired) 4.82/8/2007Rate 3.4859637
Half Pints The Mighty Red (retired) 5.212/1/2014Rate 2.811
Half Pints The Son (retired) 5.22/1/2007Rate 3.33778839
Half Pints Ursa Minor (retired) 512/1/2014Rate 3.254
Half Pints Vanilla Stout (retired) 5.69/7/2007Rate 3.114
Half Pints Voodoo Child Dark Mild (retired) 2.97/10/2015Rate 3.033
Half Pints Waimea Pale Ale (retired) 5.57/21/2015Rate 0
Half Pints Weizen Heimer 54/18/2007Rate 3.33729659
Half Pints Weizenbock (retired) 6.23/19/2007Rate 3.32775427
Half Pints Wry Wit (retired) 4.811/18/2014Rate 2.861
Half Pints X Black Bridge Interprovincial SMaSH (retired) 5.26/21/2015Rate 3.274
.Associated place: Half Pints Brewing Company.
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