(Out Of Business)

Commenced brewing October 2009. The brewery is also known as Cuckoo Hall Brewery and located at Unit 8, Aldbotough Hall Farm. Closed in 2014.
Ha’penny 78 Is This A Record? (retired) 5.012/6/2010Rate 2.641
Ha’penny Corineus (retired) 4.211/19/2010Rate 2.665
Ha’penny Gog Magog (retired) 5.63/10/2010Rate 2.98
Ha’penny London Particular Ruby Ale (retired) 4.04/12/2010Rate 2.92364411
Ha’penny London Stone (retired) 4.53/10/2010Rate 2.78282113
Ha’penny Mrs Lovett’s Most Efficacious Stout Porter (retired) 5.03/10/2010Rate 2.913
Ha’penny Palatine (retired) 4.212/7/2010Rate 2.513
Ha’penny Sixteen-String Jack (retired) 3.82/21/2010Rate 2.95425011
Ha’penny Spring-Heeled Jack (retired) 4.012/8/2009Rate 3.03472222
Hewitt’s John Company IPA (retired)
Brewed by/for Hewitt’s
6.512/2/2012Rate 2.741
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