Hart of Preston


Associated place: Hart of Preston

Commenced 1995 in Little Eccleston. Moved to Preston in 2010 and changed its name from Hart Brewery to Hart of Preston.
Hart 20th Anniversary Ruby Red 4.74/17/2015Rate 2.871
Hart Ambassador (retired) 4.26/14/2004Rate 2.921
Hart Bat Out Of Hell 3.811/5/2014Rate 2.731
Hart Best Mild (retired) 4.06/30/2004Rate 2.921
Hart Cait-Lin Gold (retired) 4.26/29/2007Rate 2.874
Hart Cartford Gold (retired) 4.34/20/2007Rate 2.961
Hart Cartford Special (retired) 4.11/24/2006Rate 3.071
Hart Cobblestone Oyster Stout (retired) 5.011/7/2006Rate 2.693
Hart Dishy Debbie 4.05/4/2004Rate 2.78262019
Hart Emotion Ale 3.86/26/2014Rate 2.741
Hart Excalibur (retired) 5.011/14/2006Rate 2.772
Hart Exceptional Pale Ale 4.53/1/2015Rate 0
Hart Experimental Ale 3.85/2/2014Rate 2.771
Hart Festive Pale Ale 3.812/6/2014Rate 2.731
Hart Fylde Ale (retired) 4.02/11/2004Rate 2.811
Hart Gold Beach 3.89/21/2007Rate 2.972
Hart Indian Pale Ale (retired) 4.28/9/2004Rate 2.913
Hart Jade (retired) 4.08/31/2008Rate 2.51
Hart Katwalk Keely (retired) 3.81/6/2005Rate 2.832
Hart Lord Of The Glen 4.05/3/2014Rate 2.791
Hart Mayson Premier (retired) 4.01/24/2006Rate 31
Hart Nemesis 4.56/24/2007Rate 2.9640509
Hart New Rose (retired) 3.84/26/2008Rate 2.832
Hart of Preston Autumn Squirrels 4.312/14/2013Rate 2.761
Hart of Preston Fleeced 3.510/13/2014Rate 2.771
Hart of Preston Golden Guild 3.72/25/2012Rate 2.811
Hart of Preston Guild 2012 S.S.A 5.012/20/2013Rate 2.925
Hart of Preston Harvest Moon 3.911/20/2013Rate 2.972
Hart of Preston Ice Maiden 4.07/20/2007Rate 2.9324119
Hart of Preston Lancashire Best 3.96/25/2012Rate 2.843
Hart of Preston Melano Bronze 3.94/13/2016Rate 2.851
Hart of Preston Oyster Stout 5.512/20/2013Rate 2.94381310
Hart of Preston Pale Ale 3.82/21/2014Rate 2.862
Hart of Preston PNE 1880 3.712/13/2013Rate 2.973
Hart of Preston Spring Gold 3.94/19/2014Rate 2.731
Hart of Preston Val(addiction) 4.82/28/2004Rate 3.287
Hart Oyster Porter (retired) 5.02/3/2007Rate 3.151
Hart Pinch’s IPA (retired) 4.34/8/2010Rate 2.761
Hart Raunchy Rachel (retired) 4.69/17/2004Rate 3.022
Hart Snowella (retired) 4.312/18/2007Rate 2.771
Hart Squirrels Hoard (retired) 4.07/19/2007Rate 2.8322513
Hart Summer Breeze (retired) 3.77/10/2007Rate 3.031
Hart Temptress (retired) 3.97/5/2007Rate 2.862
Hart Two Beauties (retired) 4.55/14/2003Rate 2.832
.Associated place: Hart of Preston.
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