Heavyweight B.O.R.I.S. (retired) 9.06/28/2004Rate 3.95987464
Heavyweight Baltus O.V.S. (retired) 8.211/30/2000Rate 3.418774243
Heavyweight Barrel Aged Old Salty (retired) 111/16/2005Rate 4.0110099269
Heavyweight Biere d´Art (retired) 7.77/26/2002Rate 3.659799290
Heavyweight Bizzaro (retired) 1011/13/2003Rate 3.73917513
Heavyweight Black Ocean (retired) 4.95/1/2004Rate 3.32758882
Heavyweight Bock-Bock (retired) 8.011/17/2005Rate 3.53949436
Heavyweight Broth Scotch Ale (retired) 7.511/13/2003Rate 3.616
Heavyweight Browne Mild (retired) 3.19/10/2005Rate 3.015
Heavyweight Catherine the Great Imperial Stout (retired) 10.512/16/2004Rate 3.558
Heavyweight Ch-Chuck (retired) 6.411/23/2005Rate 3.449144110
Heavyweight Chuck (retired) 6.011/7/2004Rate 3.33849140
Heavyweight Cinderbock Lager (retired) 7.012/29/2001Rate 3.519487230
Heavyweight Cinderbrrr (retired) 8.82/19/2006Rate 3.575
Heavyweight Cinged Hammer (retired) -5/5/2005Rate 3.153
Heavyweight Cold Salty (retired) 134/1/2002Rate 3.083
Heavyweight Dougs Colonial Ale (retired) 5.56/3/2006Rate 3.6959982
Heavyweight Garnet (retired) 5.89/10/2005Rate 3.336
Heavyweight Golden Idol (retired) 6.24/15/2004Rate 3.57889141
Heavyweight Hammered Monk (retired) -10/25/2003Rate 3.254
Heavyweight Ivy League Pils (retired) 7.32/18/2006Rate 3.53869460
Heavyweight Jåkeldrickå (retired) 7.56/17/2006Rate 3.42889080
Heavyweight Juhlia (retired) 4.48/14/2004Rate 3.51939648
Heavyweight Lun-icy (retired) 10.311/9/2004Rate 3.65
Heavyweight Lunacy (retired) 7.78/22/2000Rate 3.398793338
Heavyweight Lunacy Grand Cru (retired) 9.52/9/2004Rate 3.57917716
Heavyweight Nay Trouse Mild (retired) 3.89/10/2005Rate 3.35889911
Heavyweight Old Salty (retired) 112/1/2001Rate 3.679787363
Heavyweight Ordinary Bitter (retired) 3.88/26/2005Rate 3.494
Heavyweight Pegalina Pale Ale (retired) 8.05/1/2004Rate 3.51796013
Heavyweight Perkunos Hammer Imperial Porter (retired) 8.011/28/2000Rate 3.89895548
Heavyweight Regal Pale Ale (retired) 8.05/1/2004Rate 3.451
Heavyweight Russian imperial Stout (alias) 105/13/2004
Heavyweight Saison de la Soeur Black (retired) 6.23/21/2005Rate 3.629694212
Heavyweight Saison de la Soeur Golden (retired) 5.83/21/2005Rate 3.689795133
Heavyweight Saison de la Soeur Hoppy (retired) 6.26/22/2005Rate 3.499282126
Heavyweight Saison de la Soeur Spicy (retired) 6.28/7/2005Rate 3.449171112
Heavyweight Slice of Bread (retired) 4.56/29/2006Rate 3.31837455
Heavyweight Ste-ve (retired) 7.44/12/2006Rate 3.7799100138
Heavyweight Stickenjab Alt Bier (retired) 6.49/20/2002Rate 3.398694238
Heavyweight Triticum Bock (retired) 8.09/18/2003Rate 3.698
Heavyweight Two Druids Gruit Ale (retired) 6.74/3/2001Rate 3.38079195
Heavyweight Two-Legged Cow (retired) 11.24/12/2006Rate 3.35
Heavyweight Uncle Bobs Bog Weiss (retired) 7.012/5/2005Rate 3.34849748
Heavyweight Wee Whale (retired) 8.84/6/2006Rate 3.739898122
Heavyweight Zizzy (retired) 4.47/31/2006Rate 3.299
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