Hellefors Bryggeri (Spendrups)

Commercial Brewery

Note: Some or all cider-like products from this producer has been determined to not fullfill the criteria to be listed as a cider on this site. If adding a new cider, please verify that it fulfill the criteria. Also be cautioned that it may be unlisted without notice.
Brewed by/for Cavaletta Wines
5.25/17/2015Rate 2.154819
Hellefors Ångbrygd Lager 2.18/20/2010Rate 1.8623519
Hellefors Charles Original Apple Cider (retired) 4.56/9/2008 U  2.076521
Hellefors Charles Original Pear Cider (retired) 4.56/9/2008 U  2.1793120
Hofsteiner 2.84/19/2011Rate 255226
Raggar ÖL 4.76/24/2014Rate 1.9433524
Tingsryd Pilsner 2.8% 2.85/11/2009Rate 1.8623543
Tingsryd Pilsner 3.5% 3.55/11/2009Rate 1.9533638
Solsidan Low Carb Premium Dry
Brewed by/for Solsidans Bryggeri
5.07/20/2012Rate 2.0854647

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