Aldi All 4 One
Brewed by/for Aldi (UK)
4.55/1/2016Rate 3.035
Aldi Sunny Dayz Golden Ale
Brewed by/for Aldi (UK)
3.84/29/2016Rate 2.754
Hogs Back A Over T (Aromas Over Tongham) 9.07/27/2002Rate 3.357537117
Hogs Back Advent Ale 4.412/10/2004Rate 3.12505920
Hogs Back Advent Ale (Bottle) 4.49/23/2013Rate 3.23598021
Hogs Back Autumn Ale 4.89/27/2006Rate 2.735
Hogs Back Blackwater Porter (retired) 4.42/4/2002Rate 2.811
Hogs Back Bojangles (retired) 4.510/16/2010Rate 2.841
Hogs Back British Endeavour 4.58/10/2014Rate 3.015
Hogs Back Brooklands Gold Star (Bottle) 4.64/15/2012Rate 2.96364710
Hogs Back Brooklands Gold Star (Cask) (retired) 4.56/25/2007Rate 2.9643558
Hogs Back BSA (Burma Star Ale) 4.510/28/2000Rate 3.07478484
Hogs Back Charley Brewster’s Bundle (retired) 7.410/28/2000Rate 3.15484658
Hogs Back Collaboration Tawny Ale 5.08/12/2014Rate 2.99404711
Hogs Back Damson in Distress 5.010/21/2014Rate 2.994
Hogs Back Dark Mild (retired) 3.45/13/2004Rate 2.377
Hogs Back Easter Teaser 4.24/1/2006Rate 2.822
Hogs Back Englands Glory 4.37/1/2006Rate 2.9323919
Hogs Back English Summer Ale 3.98/20/2012Rate 2.876
Hogs Back Farnham White 4.01/14/2016Rate 3.227
Hogs Back Fresh Spring Ale 4.03/7/2006Rate 2.93374613
Hogs Back Friday 13th (retired) 4.24/26/2007Rate 2.893
Hogs Back Gardeners Tipple (Bottle) 4.02/24/2012Rate 2.95344650
Hogs Back Gardeners Tipple (Unfiltered) (retired) 4.29/27/2005Rate 2.93334327
Hogs Back Golden Boot 4.47/22/2014Rate 2.791
Hogs Back Hair Of The Hog 3.55/22/2000Rate 2.73281814
Hogs Back Hazy Hog 5.09/17/2013Rate 3.18497532
Hogs Back HBB 3.74/17/2007Rate 2.97364831
Hogs Back Hogstar 4.57/10/2013Rate 2.84254957
Hogs Back Hogstar Trial Brew #2 4.711/4/2013Rate 2.913
Hogs Back HOP Hop Garden Gold (Bottle) 4.62/25/2012Rate 2.9293685
Hogs Back HOP Hop Garden Gold (Cask) 4.67/8/2002Rate 3.02416568
Hogs Back Hopping Hog IPA 5.46/2/2015Rate 3.14476437
Hogs Back Legend 4.08/4/2005Rate 2.527
Hogs Back London’s Outback 4.57/2/2016Rate 2.92
Hogs Back MajesT.E.A. 5.25/3/2012Rate 3.04474712
Hogs Back Mistletoe And Swine 5.212/29/2014Rate 2.972
Hogs Back Montezuma’s Chocolate Lager 4.55/24/2014Rate 2.88299873
Hogs Back OTT (Old Tongham Tasty) 6.07/30/2002Rate 3.48290103
Hogs Back Red Ember 4.611/25/2011Rate 2.841
Hogs Back Rip Snorter 5.011/20/2004Rate 3.08444927
Hogs Back Rip Snorter (Bottle) 5.09/23/2013Rate 2.99383720
Hogs Back Royal T.E.A. (retired) 5.24/1/2012Rate 2.872
Hogs Back Santas Wobble (Wobble in a Bottle) 7.57/12/2002Rate 3.34728373
Hogs Back Smokeless Jacks 3.53/29/2006Rate 2.921
Hogs Back Snout 3.83/16/2013Rate 2.9341111
Hogs Back Spring Ale. (alias) 4.07/6/2009
Hogs Back St Georges Day Ale 4.810/18/2005Rate 2.471
Hogs Back Still Wobbling (alias) 7.510/28/2000
Hogs Back Summer Ale 4.28/19/2009Rate 2.96415413
Hogs Back Summer This (retired) 4.29/4/2003Rate 2.93384418
Hogs Back Surrey Nirvana 4.08/1/2014Rate 3.12467629
Hogs Back TEA 4.21/12/2002Rate 2.963547334
Hogs Back TEA (Green Hopped) 4.210/24/2014Rate 32
Hogs Back Three Hogs 4.06/15/2016Rate 3.054
Hogs Back Utopia 4.93/20/2009Rate 2.883
Hogs Back Vintage Ale (retired) 6.510/28/2000Rate 3.071
Hogs Back Winter Ale 4.41/14/2008Rate 3.163
Hogs Back Wobble In A Bottle (alias) 7.512/27/2004
Hogs Back Yakima Blonde 4.25/29/2016Rate 0
Lidl Hatherwood The Winter Warmer
Brewed by/for Lidl UK
5.512/2/2015Rate 3.12462524
Marks & Spencer Five Hop Lager
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
4.54/16/2015Rate 3.07438647
.Places associated: Surrey Arms , Hogs Back Brewery & Beer Shop.
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