Peelander Bieren

Contract Brewer

Brewer Fre Buijze sold his recipes to Spennekot, who now owns Peelander beers. Buijze continued brewing a couple recipes under the name of Zeeuws Boerenland Bier from 2012-2013, which is now out of business.
Peelander Bonifacius Dubbel Abdijbier (alias) 6.51/30/2010
Peelander Bonifacius Tripel Abdijbier (alias) 8.08/5/2011
Peelander Dubbel 6.58/12/2007Rate 3.11473839
Peelander Five Star Farm Beer (retired) 8.04/22/2008Rate 2.771
Peelander Framboos Rose 4.010/9/2010Rate 3.0243689
Peelander Korenschoof (retired) 7.52/13/2010Rate 2.92373410
Peelander Kriek 4.04/30/2011Rate 2.92334914
Peelander Pilsener 5.08/12/2007Rate 2.63154313
Peelander Poorter 6.08/26/2014Rate 2.841
Peelander Rooie Kze (retired) 5.08/12/2007Rate 2.86356311
Peelander Rose Witbier 5.010/27/2012Rate 2.642
Peelander Tripel 8.02/13/2010Rate 3.11463141
Peelander Wit 5.09/9/2011Rate 2.65171113
Peelander Zeeuws Goud 8.09/6/2011Rate 2.86313912
De Peelander Blonde Pater (retired) 7.59/23/2008Rate 2.921
De Peelander Peebok (retired) 5.82/13/2010Rate 0
De Peelander Winter (retired) 9.01/26/2009Rate 2.642
De Peelander Witte Jan (retired) 5.08/12/2007Rate 2.738
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