Hylands Hard Cider (retired) 5.010/12/2003Rate 2.894
Hylands Octoberfest (retired) -9/7/2003Rate 3.055
Hylands Sturbridge Amber Ale (retired) 5.251/1/2002Rate 2.95414621
Hylands Sturbridge American Pale Ale (retired) 6.012/25/2001Rate 3.1504024
Hylands Sturbridge Dark Harvest ESB (retired) 9.911/27/2006Rate 2.953
Hylands Sturbridge Farmhand Ale (retired) 4.011/11/2004Rate 3.25769817
Hylands Sturbridge Industrial Pale Ale (retired) -7/7/2007Rate 3.116
Hylands Sturbridge Stout (retired) 5.012/22/2001Rate 3.01462429
Pioneer American Brown Ale (retired) 5.758/21/2010Rate 2.791
Pioneer American IPA 6.56/26/2006Rate 3.12462210
Pioneer American Red Ale 6.010/26/2007Rate 2.826
Pioneer American Session IPA 3.94/6/2015Rate 0
Pioneer Bavarian Wheat (retired) -6/26/2006Rate 3.082
Pioneer Double Bock (retired) 8.57/12/2005Rate 3.29694610
Pioneer Extra Foreign Stout (retired) 6.88/11/2010Rate 3.4189649
Pioneer Fools Gold (retired) 4.59/24/2009Rate 2.92
Pioneer Frontier Ale (retired) 6.09/24/2009Rate 2.892
Pioneer Hop Whammy 6.09/24/2009Rate 2.922
Pioneer into the Woods - Double Vienna Lager 9.05/22/2012Rate 2.912
Pioneer Path of the Unknown - Double American Brown Ale 105/22/2012Rate 3.194
Pioneer the New Frontier - Double California Style IPA 115/22/2012Rate 3.694689
Pioneer Trail Blazer 8.04/30/2016Rate 3.313
.Associated place: Pioneer Beer Company.
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