Wiedemann Bohemian Special (retired) 42/25/2002Rate 2.1565532
American Beer 510/27/2001Rate 1.480463
American Ice 3/23/2004Rate 1.736
American Light 3/31/2003Rate 1.490419
Block House Brewing India Pale Lager 64/28/2015Rate 3.033
Block House Brewing Summer Break 55/11/2015Rate 2.98365418
Block House Double Chocolate Bock 6.511/2/2014Rate 2.98394328
Block House Imperial Red Ale 6.210/27/2015Rate 2.956
Block House Pumpkin Ale 8/19/2014Rate 2.99384311
Brigade Ice 4/14/2003Rate 1.632
Brigade Light 2/25/2004Rate 1.85
Brigade Premium 11/24/2004Rate 2.243
Cooks Goldblume Light 5/18/2006Rate 2.092
Drummond Brothers 4.42/15/2002Rate 2.3117713
Drummond Brothers Light 4.152/8/2004Rate 2.091
Dutch Club Dark 1/12/2014Rate 2.91
Esquire Premium Beer (retired) 11/2/2002Rate 2.241
Falls City Beer (retired) 41/31/2002Rate 2.397733
Gerst Amber Lager (Iron City) (retired) 5/27/2003Rate 2.9239729
Hogs Breath Lager (alias) 9/24/2003
Hop n Gator (retired) 4/27/2006Rate 1.522
I.C. Light (alias) 4.154/14/2000
Iron City Amber Classic Lager 12/5/2011Rate 2.83306618
Iron City Beer 4.56/30/2000Rate 1.83223547
Iron City Light 4.154/25/2001Rate 1.6719249
Iron City Light Berry 3.87/30/2012Rate 2.624
Iron City Light Mango 4.157/5/2011Rate 2.2471035
Iron City Oktoberfest 9/14/2002Rate 2.431
J.J. Wainwrights Evil Eye Ale 5/29/2002Rate 2.554
J.J. Wainwrights Evil Eye Honey Brown 5/24/2003Rate 1.885610
J.J. Wainwrights First Brewing Light Lager Beer 2/24/2004Rate 2.152
J.J. Wainwrights First Brewing Select Lager Beer 5/30/2002Rate 2.437
J.J. Wainwrights Hogs Breath 9/17/2001Rate 2.35138214
Night Flight Malt Liquor 9/25/2003Rate 1.93
Night Flight Special Reserve Lager 7/30/2006Rate 2.012
Old German Festival Lager 4.510/4/2015Rate 2.874
Old German Premium Lager 4.29/6/2002Rate 1.8622557
Olde Frothingslosh (alias) 5/20/2007
Penns Best NA 0.55/11/2004Rate 1.6811937
Pittsburgh Augustiner Dark 4.31/6/2002Rate 2.72224942
Pittsburgh Augustiner Lager 4.35/12/2001Rate 2.47169070
Pittsburgh Brigade Premium (alias) 11/24/2004
Pittsburgh Gold Crown Premium Beer 5.311/13/2001Rate 2.493
Pittsburgh Sterling (retired) 12/26/2001Rate 1.8753620
Pittsburgh Sterling Light 8/19/2005Rate 2.765
Primanti Bros. Dark Lager (alias) 58/20/2003
Red Hot Iron 7.212/28/2014Rate 2.59
Stoneys Beer 4.52/19/2001Rate 2.2476865
Stoneys Black and Tan 4.510/25/2001Rate 2.893
Stoneys Light 4.13/6/2003Rate 2.486
The Eagle 12/19/2002Rate 2.525
Tornado Pounder Malt Liquor (retired) 11/4/2001Rate 1.932
Totally Dirt Cheap Premium Beer 4/7/2003Rate 2.0664512
Totally Dirt Cheap Premium Light Beer 4/7/2003Rate 2.343
Viper HG (retired) 8.28/26/2004Rate 2.541
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