Iron Hill Ahtanum IPA 7.21/3/2014Rate 3.062
Iron Hill Amarillo IPA 6.29/12/2013Rate 3.256
Iron Hill Attack of the Hefe Ooze! 7/13/2013Rate 2.71
Iron Hill Basil Tripel 8/2/2009Rate 2.962
Iron Hill Big Trellis IPA 6.28/8/2014Rate 3.083
Iron Hill Black Friday 9.112/19/2011Rate 2.941
Iron Hill Blob Beer (Strawberry Ginger) 7/13/2013Rate 2.862
Iron Hill Bourbon Dubbel 7.411/15/2008Rate 3.225
Iron Hill Bourbon Sugar Shack 89/5/2012Rate 3.062
Iron Hill Bourbon Tripel 10.27/20/2008Rate 3.35827421
Iron Hill Boysenberry Dubbel 7.64/12/2011Rate 2.91
Iron Hill Bridge Street Bock 7.912/19/2011Rate 3.043
Iron Hill Cabernet Boysenberry Dubbel 7.510/13/2012Rate 2.931
Iron Hill Cabernet Dubbel 7.510/13/2012Rate 2.91
Iron Hill Caraway Roggenbier 6/14/2010Rate 3.233
Iron Hill Chardonnay Honey Saison 8.210/13/2012Rate 2.951
Iron Hill Cherry Tripel 7/21/2008Rate 2.981
Iron Hill Chinook IPA 6.51/24/2013Rate 2.941
Iron Hill Chocolate Wit 410/7/2011Rate 2.831
Iron Hill Cinnamon Tripel 103/7/2010Rate 3.022
Iron Hill Coffee Porter 510/7/2011Rate 2.941
Iron Hill Coffee Russian Imperial Stout 9.87/27/2009Rate 3.154
Iron Hill Columbus IPA 6.34/16/2013Rate 3.073
Iron Hill Cookie Monster 1/26/2016Rate 3.022
Iron Hill Dirty Weisse 47/13/2013 U  0
Iron Hill Double Chocolate Stout 811/5/2007Rate 3.317
Iron Hill Dubbel Trubbel 7.311/15/2008Rate 3.457
Iron Hill English Session Ale 3.711/17/2008Rate 3446810
Iron Hill Forbidden Fruit 9.59/3/2007Rate 3.265
Iron Hill Galena Bomb 6.52/25/2012Rate 3.073
Iron Hill Grapefruit Hoppopotamus 7.95/31/2015Rate 3.171
Iron Hill Grapefruit IPA 6.55/31/2015Rate 3.261
Iron Hill Grapefruit Ore House IPA 6.56/11/2016Rate 3.211
Iron Hill Helles Bock 6.93/1/2015Rate 2.881
Iron Hill Hertog Jan 7.39/29/2012Rate 3.082
Iron Hill Honey Leaf 12/2/2011Rate 2.931
Iron Hill Honey Saison 6.512/13/2008Rate 3.137
Iron Hill Hop-anonymous 6.52/17/2013Rate 3.246
Iron Hill Hoparazzi 96/8/2014Rate 3.143
Iron Hill Hoplomachus 7.67/13/2015Rate 3.392
Iron Hill Hopocalypse 7.98/28/2015Rate 3.191
Iron Hill Hoppopotamus (alias) 7.99/15/2008
Iron Hill Huell Pils 5.54/23/2016Rate 3.192
Iron Hill Imperial Brown 82/23/2008Rate 3.274
Iron Hill Imperial Wit (alias) 77/14/2013
Iron Hill Intergalactic IPA 5.84/23/2016Rate 3.192
Iron Hill Lemon Lime Wheat 46/8/2014Rate 2.762
Iron Hill Mahalo, Hina! 6.91/26/2016Rate 3.335
Iron Hill Mocha Porter 5.46/8/2014Rate 32
Iron Hill Monster Barleywine 9.67/13/2013Rate 3.133
Iron Hill OíSullivanís Stout (alias) 3.23/17/2014
Iron Hill Oak Aged Anvil Ale 4.57/25/2010Rate 3.143
Iron Hill Peach Belgian Pale Ale 10/5/2010Rate 3.093
Iron Hill Peach Hefeweizen 10/27/2009Rate 2.812
Iron Hill Peach Wheat 11/13/2009Rate 2.754
Iron Hill Peach Wit 9/11/2009Rate 2.892
Iron Hill Pelon 8.21/26/2016Rate 3.223
Iron Hill Picnic Basket IPA 6.56/11/2016Rate 3.151
Iron Hill Poseidon 9.37/31/2015Rate 3.092
Iron Hill Pounder IPA 4.54/5/2015Rate 3.282
Iron Hill Pumpkin Ale - Honey & Vanilla 5.510/5/2015Rate 3.061
Iron Hill Rauch íN Rye 66/11/2016Rate 3.212
Iron Hill Rauch Weizenbock 7.58/11/2012Rate 2.791
Iron Hill Red Cherry Blob 97/13/2013Rate 3.042
Iron Hill Roggenbier 6.42/23/2008Rate 3.23576418
Iron Hill Roggenbock 7.49/21/2007Rate 3.466
Iron Hill Rose Tripel 9.52/16/2016Rate 3.164
Iron Hill Rye IPA 6.25/6/2008Rate 3.46908025
Iron Hill Saison Poivre 6.46/14/2014Rate 2.971
Iron Hill St. Timothy Hellesbock 7.61/26/2016Rate 3.041
Iron Hill Sticke Altbier 7.211/15/2008Rate 3.25738511
Iron Hill Strawberry Hefeweizen 6/14/2010Rate 2.811
Iron Hill Strawberry Wit 9/28/2009Rate 2.743
Iron Hill Sugar Shack Brown Ale 85/18/2012Rate 3.15
Iron Hill The Shredder 9.55/31/2015Rate 3.171
Iron Hill Tower 61 3.77/13/2015Rate 2.952
Iron Hill Tower 71 5/26/2015Rate 31
Iron Hill Trellis IPA 6.28/1/2014Rate 31
Iron Hill Tripel Sec 10.112/11/2009Rate 2.695
Iron Hill Triple Bock (retired) 13.211/15/2008Rate 3.81999955
Iron Hill Val díOr 8.64/12/2011Rate 2.982
Iron Hill Watermelon Wit 4.76/11/2016Rate 3.022
Iron Hill West Coast Wheat 5.211/5/2006Rate 3.14578914
Iron Hill Wild Ale (retired) 610/13/2012Rate 2.951
Iron Hill Witches Brew 6.86/6/2012Rate 2.841
.Associated place: Iron Hill Phoenixville.
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