Jahns-Bräu (Christoph Jahn Erben Brauerei)

(Out Of Business)
Commercial Brewery

Declared insolvent in 2010, it was acquired by Neunspringe Brauerei and renamed to Frankenwald Brauerei, but closed in September 2011 anyway.
Braumeister Export 5.012/19/2008Rate 2.349413
Braumeister Hefeweißbier 5.110/24/2009Rate 2.917
Braumeister Pilsener 4.87/3/2008Rate 2.39102012
Braumeister Radler 2.55/20/2008Rate 2.532
Braumeister Schwarzbier 4.81/27/2009Rate 2.82
Burgbräu Premium Pilsener 4.812/15/2009Rate 2.5618179
Burgbräu Unser Hell 4.83/29/2010Rate 0
Christophs Classic Premium Schwarzbier 5.24/1/2010Rate 2.741
Christophs Keller Gold 5.26/6/2002Rate 2.88333813
Christophs Landbier 4.810/11/2004Rate 2.6622818
Christophs Premium Pils 4.86/16/2003Rate 2.72214413
Christophs Zwickl-Bier 4.811/20/2003Rate 2.8312422
Exclusiv Pils 4.91/20/2010Rate 2.565
Falkensteiner Cola Weizen 3.71/17/2009Rate 2.321
Falkensteiner Dunkel 5.23/29/2010Rate 2.764
Falkensteiner Gold 5.23/29/2010Rate 2.842
Fränky Landbier Hell 4.811/16/2008Rate 2.668
Fränky Premium Pils 4.98/2/2009Rate 2.658
Jahns Bräu Prostel alkoholfrei 0.013/29/2010Rate 0
Jahns Export 5.23/29/2010Rate 2.811
Jahns Festbier 5.43/29/2010Rate 0
Jahns Löwen Bock 5.83/29/2010Rate 0
Jahns Nortwald 4.83/29/2010Rate 2.871
Jahns Öko Landbier 5.04/30/2008Rate 2.81312514
Jahns Öko-Pilsener 4.91/17/2009Rate 2.74254714
Jahns Pilsener 4.87/20/2010Rate 2.844
Jahns-Bräu Schützenbier 5.07/23/2009Rate 2.655
Lehestener Premium Pilsener 4.98/1/2010Rate 0
Niemann Export 5.01/13/2009Rate 2.471
Niemann Vollbier Hell 4.61/27/2009Rate 2.921
Original Bayrische Radler Halbe 2.45/2/2010Rate 2.473
Uriges Landbier Hell 4.85/11/2008Rate 2.733
Uriges Premium Pils 4.95/3/2008Rate 2.273

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