Jarrow Brewing

(Out Of Business)
Commercial Brewery

Previously Jarrow Westoe. Commenced in 2002 at Robin Hood Inn, Jarrow. In 2006 a second Brewplant opened at The Maltinf Brewer Tap, South Shields. Brewing ceased at The Robin Hood in 2008 and South Shields in 2014 and moved to Jarrow. Closed in 2015.
Jarrow Amazing Grace (retired) 4.61/22/2013Rate 2.762
Jarrow American IPA (retired) 5.512/27/2013Rate 2.933
Jarrow Benedict Biscop (retired) 4.25/6/2012Rate 2.761
Jarrow Bitter (retired) 3.83/7/2005Rate 3.07478333
Jarrow Bonny Blaydon Belle (retired) 5.06/10/2012Rate 2.881
Jarrow Caulker (retired) 4.06/21/2008Rate 2.96394914
Jarrow Isis (retired) 5.010/15/2011Rate 3.18619125
Jarrow Joblings Swinging Gibbet (retired) 4.12/17/2003Rate 3.02416740
Jarrow Lost Ship (retired) 5.03/26/2014Rate 2.841
Jarrow McConnells Irish Red (retired) 4.63/30/2015Rate 2.771
Jarrow McConnells Irish Stout (retired) 4.68/5/2005Rate 3.35828744
Jarrow Old Cornelius (retired) 4.81/13/2004Rate 3.07475117
Jarrow Red Ellen (retired) 4.411/9/2004Rate 3.19619232
Jarrow Rivet Catcher (retired) 4.01/20/2006Rate 3.2579069
Jarrow Slake (retired) 4.110/2/2009Rate 2.834
Jarrow Venerable Bede (retired) 4.58/16/2006Rate 3.07478313
Jarrow Westoe Crown (retired) 4.27/21/2007Rate 38
Jarrow Westoe IPA (retired) 4.63/14/2007Rate 2.94373028
Jarrow Westoe Netty Special (retired) 4.21/13/2008Rate 2.982
.Places associated: Isis (Jarrow), Robin Hood (Jarrow).
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