Holts 1849 (Bottle) 4.53/12/2002Rate 2.923241102
Holts 1849 (Cask) 4.511/8/2006Rate 2.695
Holts Albert’s Best Bitter (alias) 4.25/7/2015
Holts Bah Humbrew 4.212/12/2013Rate 3.022
Holts Bitter 48/19/2002Rate 2.92314159
Holts Black 3.44/15/2009Rate 2.8225129
Holts Brown Stout (retired) 3.68/19/2002Rate 2.833
Holts Crystal Gold Lager 4.58/31/2013Rate 2.722
Holts Crystal Lager 3.84/15/2009Rate 2.37108311
Holts Diamond Premium Lager 58/19/2002Rate 2.59149313
Holts Fifth Sense (Bottle 4.3% version) 4.34/30/2010Rate 2.88333743
Holts Fifth Sense (Bottle 5.5% version) 5.54/1/2006Rate 3.05504727
Holts Fifth Sense (Cask) 512/18/2006Rate 2.84
Holts Golden Boot 4.26/26/2006Rate 2.752
Holts Hat Trick 3.910/3/2015Rate 2.853
Holts Humdinger (Bottle 4.1%Version) 4.15/4/2014Rate 2.973
Holts Humdinger (Bottle) 3.59/11/2004Rate 2.68181781
Holts Humdinger (Cask) 47/12/2005Rate 2.85293726
Holts IPA 3.85/23/2011Rate 2.77241928
Holts Joeys Bitter 3.510/28/2004Rate 2.647
Holts Lightning Holt 4.32/7/2009Rate 2.881
Holts Manchester Brown Ale 3.86/26/2008Rate 2.92403624
Holts Maple Gold 4.33/8/2013Rate 2.84272815
Holts Maplemoon (Bottle) 4.82/5/2007Rate 33839122
Holts Maplemoon (Cask) 4.31/4/2012Rate 3.0341399
Holts Mild 3.28/19/2002Rate 2.98403446
Holts Nuts and Holts 4.110/29/2004Rate 2.818
Holts Pioneer IPA 510/1/2007Rate 2.868
Holts Sixex Strong Ale 68/19/2002Rate 3.33738374
Holts Smooth 3.84/15/2009Rate 2.777
Holts Summertime Shine 4.26/16/2009Rate 2.791
Holts Thunder Holt (Bottle) 510/25/2004Rate 2.96413537
Holts Thunder Holt (Cask) 4.56/5/2005Rate 2.731
Holts Touchwood 4.212/10/2005Rate 2.79272221
Holts Two Hoots (Bottle) 4.29/8/2011Rate 2.73192069
Holts Two Hoots (Cask) 4.23/15/2012Rate 2.94334427
Holts Upright 4.41/18/2005Rate 2.673

.Places associated: Golden Lion (Holts), Red Lion (Holts), Ellesmere Inn (Holts), Claremont Hotel (Holts), Morning Star (Holts), Cricketers Arms (Holts), Broadway (Holts), Park Inn (Holts), Red Lion (Holts), Ape and Apple (Holts), Waggon & Horses (Holts), Wellington (Holts), White Swan (Holts), Railway Hotel (Holts), New Grove Inn (Holts), Stanley Arms (Holts), Forresters Arms (Holts), Royal Oak Hotel (Holts), Blue Bell Hotel (Holts), Edgerton Arms (Holts), Gardeners Arms (Holts), Bridgewater (Holts), Bird in Hand (Holts), Griffin Hotel (Holts), Ashley Brook (Holts), Lord Nelson (Holts), Ostrich (Holts), Welcome Inn (Holts), Cock O’Budworth (Holts), Lamb Hotel (Holts), Old Bull’s Head (Holts), Bradford Inn (Holts), Norfolk Arms Hotel (Holts), Sun & Castle (Holts), Grove Inn (Holts), Crown & Anchor (Holts), Millstone (Holts), Bridgewater (Holts), Park Hotel (Holts), Winter’s (Holts), Grapes Hotel (Holts), White Lion (Holts), Starkey Arms (Holts), Coach & Horses (Holts), Bay Horse Hotel (Holts), Old Monkey (Holts), Derby Brewery Arms (Holts), Union Tavern (Holts), Church Inn (Holts).
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