Karhupanimo (Sinebrychoff)

(Out Of Business)
Brew Pub

the site and equipment sold to Panimoravintola Beer Hunter’s in 2012
Karhupanimo Altbier 5.38/29/2010Rate 2.798
Karhupanimo Cascade Weizen 5.44/7/2011Rate 3.04476610
Karhupanimo Colorado Amber 5.04/30/2011Rate 2.682
Karhupanimo Colorado Lager (alias) 5.06/9/2011
Karhupanimo Corsto Maltainen 5.010/10/2010Rate 2.794
Karhupanimo D.P.P.A. (DelifoxPacificaPaleAle) 5.29/18/2011Rate 3.228
Karhupanimo Dry Stout 5.54/9/2011Rate 3.1503511
Karhupanimo Erikoinen 5.012/4/2009Rate 2.556
Karhupanimo Jouluolut 6.511/20/2008Rate 3.066
Karhupanimo Juhlaolut 4.86/24/2009Rate 2.854
Karhupanimo Kesäpils 4.86/12/2010Rate 2.823
Karhupanimo Kesäyö 5.25/7/2009Rate 3.11607914
Karhupanimo Kirjurin Vaalea 4.57/11/2008Rate 2.32117914
Karhupanimo Mesikämmen Extra Pils 5.55/29/2010Rate 2.876
Karhupanimo Musta Karhu 5.07/17/2008Rate 2.78281926
Karhupanimo Oktoberfest 5.29/24/2008Rate 2.65201312
Karhupanimo Pääsiäisolut 5.93/14/2009Rate 2.977
Karhupanimo Porin Pale Ale 5.97/24/2012Rate 2.964
Karhupanimo Pyhän Urhon Stout 4.32/16/2011Rate 346194
Karhupanimo Ruisrock -7/23/2010Rate 2.592
Karhupanimo Talviportteri 6.512/3/2010Rate 3.12502212
Karhupanimo Talviuni 5.52/21/2010Rate 2.866
Karhupanimo Tumma Münchener 5.010/13/2009Rate 2.8734739

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