Kent / Craft Brighton Rock 7.51/31/2015Rate 2.811
Kent / Craft Clerkenwell Pale 3.86/29/2011Rate 3.198749
Kent / Craft Common Sense 5.012/16/2015Rate 3.286
Kent / Gipsy Hill Yuzu Pale 5.04/2/2015Rate 3.194422
Kent Abandon Hope 3.73/20/2014Rate 3.32
Kent Altered States 4.72/22/2013Rate 3.37829
Kent American Pale Ale 4.53/19/2016Rate 2.832
Kent Beating Bronze 4.48/26/2012Rate 2.871
Kent Berry Mild Porter 4.93/28/2013Rate 2.953
Kent Beyond The Pale 5.41/17/2012Rate 3.188618
Kent Black Gold 4.13/9/2011Rate 3.219429
Kent Bramling Cross 4.56/24/2013Rate 2.986
Kent Brewers Reserve 5.012/9/2012Rate 3.387821
Kent Cascade 4.54/23/2014Rate 3.025
Kent Chili Ginger 4.112/13/2011Rate 2.731
Kent Chilli Pale 4.08/23/2011Rate 2.761
Kent Citra 4.58/13/2015Rate 3.133
Kent Club Cascade 4.08/23/2011Rate 2.861
Kent Cobnut 4.16/4/2011Rate 3.318027
Kent Coffee Cream Porter 5.512/10/2011Rate 2.982
Kent Dead of Night 5.511/9/2013Rate 2.923
Kent Dragonís Breath 4.711/18/2012Rate 3.023
Kent Egham Session 3.74/5/2012Rate 2.982
Kent Elderflower Saison 4.59/20/2013Rate 3.162512
Kent Enigma 5.53/5/2012Rate 3.33019
Kent Firestarter 4.91/31/2014Rate 3.168
Kent Georgeís Gorgeous Gold 4.04/23/2011Rate 33
Kent Going for Gold 4.47/27/2012Rate 3.035
Kent Gold Fountain 4.410/13/2012Rate 33
Kent Green Giant 6.010/13/2012Rate 3.294811
Kent Harvest Moon 4.610/22/2011Rate 3.024
Kent Honey & Lemon 5.09/18/2014Rate 2.783
Kent Hop Dog 4.511/8/2014Rate 2.926
Kent KGB (Kent Golding Bitter) 4.15/19/2011Rate 3.199320
Kent Mad Cow Imperial Milk Stout 7.45/7/2015Rate 3.287
Kent Magic Bullet 5.58/7/2014Rate 3.093
Kent Maple Wheat IPA 5.810/2/2015Rate 3.238
Kent Mauri 4.54/27/2013Rate 3.155
Kent New World Brown 6.54/22/2013Rate 2.933
Kent Pale 4.012/1/2010Rate 3.49826
Kent Porter 5.512/1/2010Rate 3.447919
Kent Prohibition APA 4.84/4/2015Rate 3.336719
Kent Pumpkin Saison 4.59/18/2014Rate 2.994
Kent Revolution 9.27/5/2014Rate 2.99311
Kent Sacred Grounds 5.14/24/2016Rate 3.194
Kent Saison 4.95/20/2016Rate 2.943
Kent Session Pale 3.73/28/2013Rate 3.239014
Kent Simcoe 4.53/11/2014Rate 3.36415
Kent Simcoe Cascade 4.54/13/2014Rate 33
Kent Special Pale Ale 4.02/14/2012Rate 2.843
Kent Spring Wheat 4.84/5/2012Rate 3.016
Kent Summer 3.78/10/2014Rate 2.994
Kent Summit 4.511/28/2015Rate 3.076
Kent TrIPA 108/7/2014Rate 2.823
Kent Twelfth Night 7.43/18/2012Rate 3.191710
Kent Twelfth Night Squared 9.43/22/2016Rate 3.158
Kent Zingiber 4.112/1/2010Rate 3.166722
Three Friends Amber
Brewed by/for Three Friends
5.012/8/2013Rate 3.197
Three Friends Centennial Rye Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Three Friends
4.77/2/2013Rate 3.127
Three Friends Pale (Motueka)
Brewed by/for Three Friends
3.92/26/2014Rate 3.057112
Three Friends Pale (Motueka, Columbus, Cascade)
Brewed by/for Three Friends
3.94/3/2014Rate 2.871

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