King Brewery

(Out Of Business)

Associated place: King Brewery

King was purchased by Thornbury Beverages
King Bock (retired) 6.53/25/2013Rate 3.14527413
King Dark Lager (alias) 4.811/8/2003
King Kellerbier (retired) 4.85/13/2013Rate 3.2868949
King Old German Style Ale (retired) 5.311/4/2011Rate 38
King PilsBock (retired) 6.53/2/2006Rate 3.03465029
King Pilsner (Canada) (alias) 4.89/14/2002
King Tombstone India Pale Lager (alias) 5.25/18/2014
King Unfiltered Hopped-Up Pilsner (retired) 4.810/3/2008Rate 3.01476912
King Vienna Lager (alias) 4.87/31/2010
Claymore Amber (retired)
Brewed by/for The Highlander Pub
-12/27/2011Rate 2.743
.Associated place: King Brewery.
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