77 India Pale Ale (alias) 5.67/27/2010
77 Pilsner (alias) 5.27/27/2010
Lakefront / Leinenkugel’s Bog House 5.36/20/2015Rate 3.111
Lakefront / Leinenkugels Oaty Goat Doppelbock (retired) 6.13/17/2011Rate 2.924
Lakefront 25th Anniversary Series #01: Imperial Stout (retired) 1012/2/2012Rate 3.69976182
Lakefront 25th Anniversary Series #01: Imperial Stout Roaring Dan Rum Barrel (retired) 8/6/2014Rate 0
Lakefront 25th Anniversary Series #02: Belgian Style Apricot Wheat Ale (retired) 65/27/2013Rate 3.36759237
Lakefront 25th Anniversary Series #03: Imperial Pumpkin (2013) (retired) 86/24/2013Rate 3.71979958
Lakefront Anniversary Ale (retired) 912/17/2007Rate 3.06481061
Lakefront Art Kumbaleks Focktoberfest (retired) 5.71/18/2007Rate 3.38889935
Lakefront Barrel Aged Imperial Pumpkin Ale 10.51/1/2016Rate 3.182
Lakefront Bay View Brown (retired) 59/15/2012Rate 2.81
Lakefront Beer Hall Wheat 5/24/2014Rate 2.794
Lakefront Beer Line Barley Wine (1997-2005) (retired) 105/19/2000Rate 2.87343121
Lakefront Beer Line Barley Wine (2014-) 12.51/16/2014Rate 3.38784037
Lakefront Beer Line Barley Wine - Whisky Oak Barrel Aged 143/31/2015Rate 3.69978812
Lakefront Beer Line Barleywine (2014) - Rye Barrel Aged 11/17/2013Rate 3.475
Lakefront Big Easy Imperial Maibock (alias) 62/25/2009
Lakefront Big Easy Lager 7.68/17/2002Rate 3.034047208
Lakefront Black Friday - Imperial Black IPA (2012 - 2013) (retired) 1011/16/2012Rate 3.66969032
Lakefront Black Friday - Russian Imperial Stout (2014) 11.411/16/2014Rate 3.66965310
Lakefront Bock Beer 5.73/11/2002Rate 3.237188144
Lakefront Bock Beer - Bourbon Aged (retired) 4/1/2005Rate 3.46959910
Lakefront Bridge Burner Imperial Amber - Bacon Barrel Aged 8.58/6/2014Rate 0
Lakefront Bridge Burner Strong Ale 8.55/19/2008Rate 3.599377357
Lakefront Bridge Burner Strong Ale - Dry Hopped with Chinook 2/16/2013Rate 2.941
Lakefront Bridge Burner Strong Ale - Oak Aged 83/11/2009Rate 2.626
Lakefront Cattail Ale (retired) 4.53/27/2003Rate 2.68207199
Lakefront Cherry Lager 5.428/29/2000Rate 2.953655234
Lakefront Cherry Lager - Bourbon Barrel Aged (retired) 8/15/2005Rate 2.312
Lakefront Cream City Pale Ale 5.68/6/2001Rate 3.26350297
Lakefront Dirty Uncle Jim’s Chocolate Pumpkin Pie 68/6/2014Rate 0
Lakefront Dirty Uncle Jim’s Pumpkin Pie 63/19/2014Rate 3.052
Lakefront Eastside Dark 55/21/2000Rate 3.215390403
Lakefront Extended Play India Session Ale 4.22/9/2014Rate 3.36765685
Lakefront Fat Abbey Strong Ale (retired) 66/18/2005Rate 3.35866020
Lakefront Fernet Branca Stout 8/7/2012Rate 3.053
Lakefront Fixed Gear 6.53/4/2010Rate 3.428296397
Lakefront Fixed Gear with Ginger 6.83/2/2014Rate 0
Lakefront Fuel Cafe 6.412/12/2001Rate 3.114523753
Lakefront Fuel Cafe - Great Lakes Whiskey Barrel Aged 8/17/2011Rate 3.013
Lakefront Fuel Cafe - Madagascar Vanilla Bean 6/9/2012Rate 2.91
Lakefront Fuel Cafe - with pumpkin 9/16/2012Rate 2.931
Lakefront Get Weird Imperial Stout w/Absinthe 118/6/2014Rate 2.931
Lakefront Grand Terroir Lambic 8/7/2013Rate 0
Lakefront Growing Power 6.75/5/2015Rate 3.2516437
Lakefront Holiday Spice - Bourbon Barrel Aged 9.51/16/2011Rate 2.81
Lakefront Holiday Spice 2015 Lager Beer (alias) 9.612/25/2015
Lakefront Holiday Spice Lager Beer 9.54/25/2000Rate 3.488795277
Lakefront Hop Jockey Double IPA 8.22/6/2016Rate 3.49884725
Lakefront Hop Trial 16 5/24/2014Rate 2.941
Lakefront Hop Trial 17 7/20/2014Rate 3.044
Lakefront IBA (India-Style Black Ale) 6.51/15/2011Rate 3.438346173
Lakefront IBA with Sorachi Ace 6.88/7/2013Rate 0
Lakefront Imperial Pumpkin (2014-) 9.59/12/2014Rate 3.73979947
Lakefront Imperial Stout - Chipotle Chiles 10.58/4/2015Rate 0
Lakefront IPA 6.67/29/2005Rate 3.418162605
Lakefront IPA - Belma Single Hop 76/13/2014Rate 2.912
Lakefront Klisch Pilsner 5.425/22/2000Rate 2.953367326
Lakefront Local Acre Wisconsin Lager 711/10/2009Rate 3.23688755
Lakefront Local Acre Wisconsin Lager - Wet Hop 712/31/2010Rate 3.36768944
Lakefront Maibock 6.82/20/2016Rate 3.11466613
Lakefront Mangey Rabbit IPA (alias) 12/15/2006
Lakefront Mondo Brothers (alias) 4.58/20/2003
Lakefront Morini Fernet Stout 2/5/2013Rate 2.92
Lakefront My Turn #001: Dan (Baltic Porter) 8.59/12/2011Rate 3.54948146
Lakefront My Turn #002: Brad (Scottish Ale - Rum Barrel) 8.56/5/2012Rate 2.993
Lakefront My Turn #002: Brad (Scottish Ale) 8.53/3/2012Rate 3.31729031
Lakefront My Turn #003: Luther (Helles Rauchbier Lager) 4.57/10/2012Rate 3.41837739
Lakefront My Turn #004: Chad (Barley Wine - Kinnickinnic Whiskey Barrel) 11/5/2013Rate 2.972
Lakefront My Turn #004: Chad (Barley Wine) 12.52/21/2013Rate 3.65968450
Lakefront My Turn #005: Chris (Maple Vanilla Doppelbock Lager) 8.85/27/2013Rate 3.43848438
Lakefront My Turn #006: Terrance (Kölsch) 4.28/31/2013Rate 3.14488425
Lakefront My Turn #007: John (Dark Lager with Cherries) 5.812/27/2013Rate 3.38789319
Lakefront My Turn #008: Johnson (Double India Pale Ale) 85/2/2014Rate 3.66968226
Lakefront My Turn #009: Pilo (Imperial Pilsner) 86/13/2014Rate 3.31718719
Lakefront My Turn #010: Andy (Pub Ale) 7/24/2014Rate 3.18519218
Lakefront My Turn #011: Colin (Dunkelweizen) 5.110/25/2014Rate 3.1487110
Lakefront My Turn #012: David (Weihnachtsbockbier) 7.711/27/2014Rate 3.3178729
Lakefront My Turn #013: Matt (Oak Aged Farmhouse Red Ale) 8.62/1/2015Rate 3.28664015
Lakefront My Turn #014: Kyle (Abbey Tripel) 8.54/8/2015Rate 3.18544312
Lakefront My Turn #015: Tom (Citra-Hopped IPA) 66/21/2015Rate 3.44856919
Lakefront My Turn #016: Todd (Quad) 10.511/17/2015Rate 3.37773515
Lakefront My Turn #017: Josh (Black IPA) 9.71/13/2016Rate 3.51896214
Lakefront My Turn #018: Evan (Mexican Style Dark Lager) 4.54/29/2016Rate 3.25
Lakefront My Turn #019: Howard (Helles Lager) 4.57/6/2016Rate 3.131
Lakefront Mystery Beer (Black Cherry) (retired) 9/9/2008Rate 2.874
Lakefront Mystery Beer (Hefeweizen) 55/5/2012Rate 2.81
Lakefront Mystery Beer (Imperial White) (retired) 94/15/2009Rate 2.791
Lakefront Mystery Beer (Spiced Stout) 8/10/2012Rate 2.922
Lakefront New Grist Ginger 4.46/19/2015Rate 2.95343322
Lakefront New Grist Pilsner 510/3/2005Rate 2.156444
Lakefront New Grist Sorghum Beer (alias) 5.758/27/2015
Lakefront New Grist Sorghum Beer with Lavender 5.33/2/2014Rate 0
Lakefront Oktoberfest 5.77/31/2002Rate 2.892939260
Lakefront Organic ESB 5.55/25/2000Rate 2.842513456
Lakefront Peach Lambic (2012) 11/17/2012Rate 3.113
Lakefront Poison Arrow IPA (alias) 6/30/2010
Lakefront Pumpkin - Bourbon Barrel & Vanilla Aged 8/7/2012Rate 2.993
Lakefront Pumpkin Lager 5.422/21/2001Rate 3.164863412
Lakefront Pumpkin Lager - Vanilla Beans 69/16/2012Rate 3.092
Lakefront Rendezvous - Brandy Barrel Aged 3/29/2015Rate 2.962
Lakefront Rendezvous Ale 7.211/15/2004Rate 3.195064149
Lakefront Riverwest Stein 5.64/25/2000Rate 3.357499549
Lakefront Rosie Kriek 911/28/2008Rate 3.43904481
Lakefront Saison de la Canneberge 3/29/2015Rate 2.892
Lakefront Saison with Hibiscus & Chamomile 5.23/12/2015Rate 2.51
Lakefront SMaSH Ale 5.25/27/2016Rate 3.076
Lakefront Smoked Pumpkin 8/7/2012Rate 0
Lakefront Snake Chaser Irish Stout 4.58/30/2003Rate 3.14534233
Lakefront Symphony Diamond Ale (alias) 5.254/26/2008
Lakefront The Nomad (retired) 9/14/2001Rate 3.03529312
Lakefront Titanic Pilsner (retired) 5.412/5/2008Rate 3.1568915
Lakefront Trocadero White (alias) 5.252/10/2005
Lakefront True Evel Ale 7.27/1/2010Rate 2.7118128
Lakefront Wheat Monkey 4.25/18/2009Rate 2.611416161
Lakefront White Beer 5.258/14/2001Rate 3.154867304
Lakefront Wisco/Rosie Sour Blend 8/9/2012Rate 3.128
Lakefront Wisconsinite and Rosie (alias) 8/12/2012
Lakefront Wisconsinite Summer Weiss 4.25/5/2012Rate 3.235690118
Lakefront Wolskis 100th Anniversary Lager (retired) 5.49/19/2008Rate 3.3829815
Lakefront Your Turn #001 Grandma Latka (Polish Lager) 9.15/17/2015Rate 2.941
New Grist Ginger Style Ale (alias) 5.15/17/2015
Nick and Andi 5.27/12/2014Rate 2.791
Outpost Mr. Grain Jeans Organic Amber Ale 5.59/11/2010Rate 2.57
Passport Brewhaus IPA (alias) (retired) 75/27/2009
Passport Brewhaus New Berlin Ale (alias) (retired) 11/5/2009
Passport Brewhaus New Berlin Dark (alias) (retired) 55/27/2009
Passport Brewhaus New Berlin Pale Ale (alias) (retired) 5.611/2/2009
Passport Brewhaus Working Visa Amber (alias) (retired) 65/27/2009

.Associated place: Lakefront Brewery.
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