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Back Street’s beers are unique by *name*. So the Rita Red or Hepkat you had in Vista is the same beer that’s served in Ladera or Irvine, but may have been brewed in any of the locations. If you think you should add a new beer to Back Street, make sure it isn’t already listed under one of their other brewery locations. They brew in Ladera Ranch, Irvine and Vista.
Back Street Bactoberfest 5.610/10/2010Rate 2.872
Back Street Balliet Belgian Ale 7.08/16/2010Rate 2.832
Back Street Blackberry Porter 5.54/4/2012Rate 0
Back Street Cal Azul-Mexico Cerveza Agria (retired) 4.57/29/2008Rate 3.223
Back Street Cellar Rat Rye Porter 6.04/16/2013Rate 2.811
Back Street Combo Swell 9.611/26/2012Rate 2.841
Back Street Delphic Bee -10/10/2010Rate 2.822
Back Street Desert Wheat (retired) -6/6/2009Rate 2.871
Back Street Dolman’s Dark Star 7.011/26/2012Rate 2.811
Back Street Dos en la Rosa 6.64/4/2012Rate 0
Back Street ER IPA 7.08/16/2010Rate 3.08502510
Back Street ESB 6.61/26/2003Rate 2.94443111
Back Street Eura Dort Xport Lager (retired) -6/6/2009Rate 2.841
Back Street Eye for an IPA (retired) 6.74/22/2008Rate 3.384
Back Street Hacienda Hefe (retired) 4.88/16/2010Rate 2.652
Back Street Happy Hoppy Hippie -11/26/2012Rate 2.841
Back Street Heaven on Earth (retired) 8.55/4/2009Rate 2.91
Back Street Hepkat Pale Ale (alias) -5/9/2011
Back Street Hoot n Holler India Pale Lager (retired) 4.86/15/2008Rate 3.236
Back Street La Costa Rasta (retired) -5/17/2009Rate 2.912
Back Street Maracuya Light Ale - Passion Fruit (retired) -11/26/2012Rate 2.761
Back Street Mollys Request Baltic Porter (retired) 9.35/30/2008Rate 3.597
Back Street Murder By Death 10.810/10/2010Rate 3.055
Back Street Pacific Pale Ale -1/26/2003Rate 2.95392211
Back Street Rossi Pilsner 5.24/4/2012Rate 0
Back Street Rydin’ Dirty IPA 6.88/1/2010Rate 3.046
Back Street Sage On Saison (retired) 5.65/30/2008Rate 3.47835513
Back Street Santas Little Fella (retired) 1012/19/2008Rate 3.464
Back Street Schoenwald 1012/7/2009Rate 3.023
Back Street Schooner Porter 5.54/4/2012Rate 0
Back Street Skunk Spray IPA (retired) 7.011/27/2008Rate 3.332
Back Street Slow Ride (retired) -6/6/2009Rate 2.912
Back Street Southern Nut (retired) 6.79/24/2008Rate 3.272
Back Street The Dirty German (retired) 5.411/20/2008Rate 3.162
Back Street The Pink Noise (retired) 6.89/24/2008Rate 3.462
Back Street The Skipper Session IPA -12/10/2013Rate 2.731
Back Street Tomahawk DIPA 9.011/26/2012Rate 3.097
Back Street Turla Rye Brown 6.59/18/2010Rate 2.923
Back Street Wild Bill Session IPA 5.010/10/2010Rate 3.022
Back Street Wutizit Experimental Ale (retired) 9.07/16/2008Rate 3.31748211
.Associated place: Lamppost Pizza/Back Street Brewing - Vista.
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