Cheeseheads A-Rod Amber #12 (alias) -4/16/2012
Cheeseheads C-Wood Honey Wheat #21 (alias) -4/16/2012
Cheeseheads Claymaker Light Lager #52 (alias) -4/16/2012
Cheeseheads Double-D Dunkel #80 (alias) -4/16/2012
Cheeseheads IPA (alias) -4/16/2012
Legends Acme Amber Ale 5.04/16/2007Rate 2.587
Legends Anniversary Ale (retired) -7/23/2007Rate 0
Legends Blonde Belgian Ale -5/27/2013Rate 0
Legends Celtic Golden Lager -7/23/2007Rate 2.692
Legends Claude Alloueze Indian Pale Ale -8/30/2004Rate 3.022
Legends Crocodile Lager -7/23/2007Rate 2.982
Legends Duck Creek Dunkel -8/30/2004Rate 2.5719910
Legends Founders Honey Weiss 4.924/16/2007Rate 2.535
Legends Half Moon Brick Belgian Triple -7/23/2007Rate 2.966
Legends Harvest Moon Octoberfest -7/23/2007Rate 3.043
Legends Honey Wheat -9/9/2007Rate 2.872
Legends Ixtapa Blond 4.744/16/2007Rate 2.443
Legends Jack Rabbit Red Ale -7/23/2007Rate 3.071
Legends Longtail Light Lager 4.14/16/2007Rate 2.495
Legends Nicolet Nut Brown Ale 4.924/17/2007Rate 2.762
Legends Pamperin Park Porter -7/23/2007Rate 0
Legends Royal Czech Pilsner 5.65/24/2010Rate 2.871
Legends Rudolphs Red Nose Ale -7/23/2007Rate 3.111
Legends Scrays Hill Scottish Ale -7/23/2007Rate 2.743
Legends Velvet Hammer Irish Stout -4/2/2008Rate 2.772
Legends Winterland Weizen Bock -7/23/2007Rate 0
.Places associated: Legends Eatery and Brewhouse - Green Bay, Legends Eatery and Brewhouse - De Pere.
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