Little Valley


Set up by Wim van der Spek and Sue Cooper, commencing production in June 2005. All beers are certified organic and most are available on cask and bottle conditioned. Outlets for the beers are listed on the brewery website.
Ampleforth Abbey - Abbey Dubbel
Brewed by/for Ampleforth Abbey
7.04/22/2012Rate 3.23575675
Heritage Scarecrow Wheat (retired) 4.210/20/2008Rate 2.921
Heritage Victorian Porter (retired) 4.63/17/2012Rate 2.771
Little Valley Cragg Vale Bitter 4.29/20/2005Rate 2.76201684
Little Valley Double Dutch 6.02/19/2012Rate 3.042
Little Valley Dutch Courage 4.38/18/2008Rate 2.8536349
Little Valley Fairtrade Ginger Pale Ale 4.09/6/2008Rate 2.681717109
Little Valley Ginger Pale Ale (alias) 4.04/1/2013
Little Valley Gustibus 5.212/14/2007Rate 2.87302510
Little Valley Hebden’s Wheat 4.55/25/2006Rate 2.963542127
Little Valley LVB X 1011/12/2015Rate 3.117
Little Valley Mellow Yellow 3.61/20/2008Rate 2.835
Little Valley Midgley Mild 3.84/12/2008Rate 3.28
Little Valley Moor Ale 5.53/5/2006Rate 2.94342743
Little Valley Oktoberfest 4.610/14/2007Rate 2.777
Little Valley Pontus Hebdanus 4.04/2/2012Rate 2.852
Little Valley Python IPA 6.02/24/2009Rate 3.044014142
Little Valley Queen Bee 4.56/3/2009Rate 2.872
Little Valley Red Dyke 3.92/15/2008Rate 2.811
Little Valley Sixpence Bitter 3.77/22/2009Rate 2.622299
Little Valley Stage Winner 3.55/7/2014Rate 2.86273515
Little Valley Stoodley Stout 4.82/22/2006Rate 3.154834206
Little Valley Tod’s Blonde 5.09/29/2006Rate 2.73192173
Little Valley Two Lads 3.58/15/2010Rate 2.731
Little Valley Vanilla Porter 4.510/24/2013Rate 2.9232956
Little Valley Vote IDK 4.55/18/2016Rate 0
Little Valley Vote In 4.55/18/2016Rate 2.871
Little Valley Vote Out 4.55/18/2016Rate 2.921
Little Valley Withens IPA (alias) 3.910/19/2005
Little Valley Withens Pale Ale 3.910/19/2005Rate 2.983748156
Little Valley Yorkshire Hemp 4.09/28/2007Rate 2.682
Suma Elphin Brook (alias) 4.29/12/2008
Suma Long Wall Mouse (alias) 5.012/18/2006
Suma Mytholm Mist (alias) 4.58/11/2010
Suma Penumbra (alias) 4.810/5/2008

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