Loch Ness

(Out Of Business)

Commenced in 2011 at Benleva Hotel, Drumnadrochit, moved in 2013. Went into liquidation in 2016.
Loch Ness 7 (retired) 7.06/13/2013Rate 34
Loch Ness 80/- (alias) 4.410/16/2014
Loch Ness Berry Ness (retired) 3.99/17/2012Rate 2.844
Loch Ness Caith Ness (retired) 4.08/23/2013Rate 3.08434422
Loch Ness Cask Lager (retired) 4.01/30/2014Rate 3.092
Loch Ness Dark Ness (retired) 4.51/12/2012Rate 3.51908957
Loch Ness Festive Ness (retired) 3.81/26/2012Rate 3.35758811
Loch Ness Freeburn (retired) 7.04/13/2016Rate 3.224
Loch Ness Ghost of Tranquility (retired) 4.55/19/2015Rate 3.283
Loch Ness Golden Ness (retired) 3.06/1/2015Rate 3.296
Loch Ness Hoppy Ness (retired) 5.01/19/2012Rate 3.27635578
Loch Ness Inndiginess (retired) 4.07/2/2013Rate 2.841
Loch Ness Inver Ness (retired) 4.510/12/2014Rate 3.036
Loch Ness Lager (retired) 4.02/24/2016Rate 2.913
Loch Ness Light Ness (retired) 3.91/26/2012Rate 3.25605033
Loch Ness Loch Ness (retired) 4.412/29/2011Rate 3.2526949
Loch Ness Loch Ness (Blackberry Special Edition) (retired) 4.46/26/2015Rate 35
Loch Ness Mad Ness (One Hop Beyond) (retired) 4.47/11/2013Rate 3.21578114
Loch Ness Mild Ness (retired) 3.51/26/2012Rate 3.28708913
Loch Ness Ness Express (retired) 4.07/3/2013Rate 2.932
Loch Ness Ness IPA (alias) 5.05/12/2015
Loch Ness Ness Minister (retired) 4.51/27/2012Rate 3.053
Loch Ness Ness Un Korma (retired) 4.56/19/2012Rate 2.94394425
Loch Ness Nessiah (retired) 6.6610/16/2014Rate 3.286
Loch Ness Nesster Piggott (retired) 6.010/7/2012Rate 2.811
Loch Ness Nesstonia (retired) 6.45/2/2014Rate 2.853
Loch Ness Nesstrovia (retired) 8.53/16/2014Rate 3.557
Loch Ness Peated Cask Seven (retired) 7.12/6/2014Rate 2.84291420
Loch Ness Prince of DarkNESS (retired) 109/17/2012Rate 3.52903630
Loch Ness Prince of DarkNESS (Islay Cask) (retired) 10.12/6/2014Rate 3.1961815
Loch Ness Prince of Tranquility (retired) 10.15/19/2015Rate 3.58944410
Loch Ness Red Ness (retired) 4.21/23/2012Rate 3.26619736
Loch Ness Royal High Ness (retired) 6.07/20/2012Rate 2.935
Loch Ness Saazi Ness (retired) 4.07/10/2014Rate 3.14478015
Loch Ness Sherry Cask Seven (retired) 7.11/7/2014Rate 3.03443720
Loch Ness Sleekit Ness (retired) 4.01/26/2012Rate 2.813
Loch Ness Smokie Ness (retired) 5.02/22/2016Rate 3.07435210
Loch Ness Spooky Ness (retired) 4.310/16/2014Rate 3.4829211
Loch Ness Strong Ness (retired) 5.58/27/2012Rate 0
Loch Ness The Pict (retired) 4.45/19/2015Rate 3.35
Loch Ness Wilder Ness (retired) 3.91/16/2012Rate 3.29679841

.Associated place: Benleva Hotel (Loch Ness Brewery).
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