Loddon Brewery


Based in South Oxfordshire, Loddon first brewed in 2003 and has gone on to win more than 50 national and regional awards.
Betjeman Imperial Christmas Stout (retired)
Brewed by/for Betjeman
103/20/2013Rate 2.951
Betjeman One Legged Rabbit (retired)
Brewed by/for Betjeman
4.53/7/2014Rate 2.911
Betjeman Sump (retired)
Brewed by/for Betjeman
7.01/5/2014Rate 2.881
Betjeman The Imp (retired)
Brewed by/for Betjeman
108/3/2013Rate 3.112
Betjeman Wantage Bells (retired)
Brewed by/for Betjeman
5.06/25/2012Rate 2.871
Gravesend Shrimpers Bitter 4.13/6/2002Rate 2.96374832
Loddon 1-4-Yourself 4.210/13/2004Rate 2.961
Loddon Allied Arms Festival Ale 4.45/13/2012Rate 2.833
Loddon Bamboozle 4.810/6/2003Rate 2.98364854
Loddon BGorrah 4.74/7/2005Rate 2.921
Loddon Birthday Brew (retired) 4.45/20/2009Rate 2.741
Loddon Bloomin Eck 4.03/3/2005Rate 2.72
Loddon Boozy Floozy 4.511/11/2006Rate 3.036
Loddon Braumeister 4.611/1/2005Rate 2.911
Loddon Cadogan Gold 4.42/1/2010Rate 2.811
Loddon Chantry Cheer 4.21/14/2006Rate 2.944
Loddon Charon 4.54/23/2011Rate 2.792
Loddon Check Mate 4.810/6/2004Rate 2.9444629
Loddon Chocs Away 4.411/9/2004Rate 2.957
Loddon Credit Cruncher 4.32/19/2009Rate 2.852
Loddon Crown Rivers Exclusive Ale 3.98/11/2008Rate 2.93404716
Loddon Downland 4.05/9/2007Rate 3.15
Loddon Dragonfly 4.03/24/2006Rate 3.13528617
Loddon Dunsden Broon 4.84/30/2006Rate 3.117
Loddon Ferrymans Gold 4.43/18/2004Rate 3.18508662
Loddon Ferrymans Gold (Filtered) (alias) 4.86/15/2012
Loddon Ferrymans Gold Extra 4.89/30/2005Rate 3.237
Loddon Festival Special 4.67/5/2008Rate 2.881
Loddon Finns Premium Stout 4.26/15/2004Rate 2.592
Loddon Firsty the Snowman 4.21/25/2010Rate 2.874
Loddon Flight of Fancy 4.25/12/2004Rate 2.82313835
Loddon Forbury Lion IPA 5.54/30/2005Rate 3.18537857
Loddon Golden Bullet 4.64/22/2009Rate 2.762
Loddon Gorgeous George 4.34/15/2010Rate 3.03406511
Loddon Green Bullet 4.66/13/2007Rate 3.06437515
Loddon Hare Brained 4.03/7/2010Rate 3.018
Loddon Hocus Pocus 4.61/17/2005Rate 3.11462441
Loddon Hocus Pocus (Bottled) 5.06/21/2010Rate 3.17613618
Loddon Hoppit 3.55/12/2004Rate 3.19559458
Loddon Hornets Nest 4.34/30/2005Rate 2.7525319
Loddon Hullabaloo 4.25/12/2004Rate 2.97364954
Loddon Hullabaloo (Bottled) 4.66/21/2010Rate 2.96415222
Loddon In Yer’ Face! 6.08/23/2011Rate 3.11502512
Loddon Jingle Juice 4.612/16/2006Rate 2.881
Loddon Jolly Angry 4.15/12/2010Rate 2.791
Loddon Kerfuffle 4.79/20/2005Rate 3.052
Loddon Kite Mild (retired) 3.210/19/2003Rate 2.85322312
Loddon Life of Riley 4.53/26/2007Rate 2.836
Loddon Maiwand Lion 5.54/25/2011Rate 2.812
Loddon Muddle Head 4.54/19/2006Rate 31
Loddon Mumbojumbo 4.310/4/2006Rate 2.837
Loddon Night of the Stag 4.19/26/2015Rate 2.941
Loddon Oarsome 4.410/31/2007Rate 3.1156639
Loddon Peace 4.211/13/2011Rate 2.861
Loddon Penny Pond Porter 5.52/15/2010Rate 3.14
Loddon Premier Gold 4.85/25/2007Rate 2.71252620
Loddon Razzle Dazzle 4.312/27/2006Rate 3.07446812
Loddon Reading Best 4.01/17/2015Rate 3.085
Loddon Reading Dark 4.25/7/2015Rate 3.133
Loddon Rin Tin Tin 4.11/16/2008Rate 2.88394015
Loddon Russet 4.59/29/2004Rate 3.23609532
Loddon Scramble! 4.41/31/2015Rate 2.862
Loddon Screaming Monk 5.55/13/2012Rate 2.92
Loddon Shrimpers 4.111/19/2010Rate 2.916
Loddon Sorry Not Available 4.25/14/2006Rate 2.754
Loddon Stormy Weather 4.85/2/2007Rate 2.771
Loddon Summer Snowflake 4.16/10/2010Rate 2.968
Loddon That 4.54/10/2008Rate 3.031
Loddon The Berkshire Royal 4.65/1/2006Rate 2.961
Loddon The Nth Degree 4.411/10/2007Rate 2.881
Loddon Timtastic 4.610/13/2004Rate 2.921
Loddon Whirlwind 4.47/10/2005Rate 2.966
Loddon Whitemans Dirty Habit 5.45/10/2007Rate 2.811
Loddon Wilfreds Mild 3.64/30/2010Rate 3463910
Loddon Wolf-Bine 4.19/30/2006Rate 2.811
Loddon Wowzer 4.26/4/2008Rate 2.811
York Beer & Wine Shop XXV Silver Jubilee Porter 4.512/31/2011Rate 3.084

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