Betjeman Imperial Christmas Stout
Brewed by/for Betjeman
103/20/2013Rate 2.951
Betjeman One Legged Rabbit
Brewed by/for Betjeman
4.53/7/2014Rate 2.911
Betjeman Sump
Brewed by/for Betjeman
7.01/5/2014Rate 2.881
Betjeman The Imp
Brewed by/for Betjeman
108/3/2013Rate 3.112
Betjeman Wantage Bells
Brewed by/for Betjeman
5.06/25/2012Rate 2.871
Gravesend Shrimpers Bitter 4.13/6/2002Rate 2.964832
Loddon 1-4-Yourself 4.210/13/2004Rate 2.961
Loddon Allied Arms Festival Ale 4.45/13/2012Rate 2.833
Loddon Bamboozle 4.810/6/2003Rate 34956
Loddon BGorrah 4.74/7/2005Rate 2.921
Loddon Birthday Brew 4.45/20/2009Rate 2.741
Loddon Bloomin Eck 4.03/3/2005Rate 2.72
Loddon Boozy Floozy 4.511/11/2006Rate 3.036
Loddon Braumeister 4.611/1/2005Rate 2.911
Loddon Cadogan Gold 4.42/1/2010Rate 2.811
Loddon Chantry Cheer 4.21/14/2006Rate 2.944
Loddon Charon 4.54/23/2011Rate 2.792
Loddon Check Mate 4.810/6/2004Rate 2.94629
Loddon Chocs Away 4.411/9/2004Rate 2.957
Loddon Credit Cruncher 4.32/19/2009Rate 2.852
Loddon Crown Rivers Exclusive Ale 3.98/11/2008Rate 2.934716
Loddon Downland 4.05/9/2007Rate 3.15
Loddon Dragonfly 4.03/24/2006Rate 3.138617
Loddon Dunsden Broon 4.84/30/2006Rate 3.117
Loddon Ferrymans Gold 4.43/18/2004Rate 3.188662
Loddon Ferrymans Gold (Filtered) (alias) 4.86/15/2012
Loddon Ferrymans Gold Extra 4.89/30/2005Rate 3.237
Loddon Festival Special 4.67/5/2008Rate 2.881
Loddon Finns Premium Stout 4.26/15/2004Rate 2.592
Loddon Firsty the Snowman 4.21/25/2010Rate 2.874
Loddon Flight of Fancy 4.25/12/2004Rate 2.863835
Loddon Forbury Lion IPA 5.54/30/2005Rate 3.187558
Loddon Golden Bullet 4.64/22/2009Rate 2.963
Loddon Gorgeous George 4.34/15/2010Rate 3.036511
Loddon Green Bullet 4.66/13/2007Rate 3.067515
Loddon Hare Brained 4.03/7/2010Rate 3.018
Loddon Hocus Pocus 4.61/17/2005Rate 3.112441
Loddon Hocus Pocus (Bottled) 5.06/21/2010Rate 3.173618
Loddon Hoppit 3.55/12/2004Rate 3.199458
Loddon Hornets Nest 4.34/30/2005Rate 2.75319
Loddon Hullabaloo 4.25/12/2004Rate 2.974954
Loddon Hullabaloo (Bottled) 4.66/21/2010Rate 2.965222
Loddon In Yer’ Face! 6.08/23/2011Rate 3.112512
Loddon Jingle Juice 4.612/16/2006Rate 2.881
Loddon Jolly Angry 4.15/12/2010Rate 2.791
Loddon Kerfuffle 4.79/20/2005Rate 3.052
Loddon Kite Mild 3.210/19/2003Rate 2.852312
Loddon Life of Riley 4.53/26/2007Rate 2.836
Loddon Maiwand Lion 5.54/25/2011Rate 2.812
Loddon Muddle Head 4.54/19/2006Rate 31
Loddon Mumbojumbo 4.310/4/2006Rate 2.837
Loddon Night of the Stag 4.19/26/2015Rate 2.941
Loddon Oarsome 4.410/31/2007Rate 3.11639
Loddon Peace 4.211/13/2011Rate 2.861
Loddon Penny Pond Porter 5.52/15/2010Rate 3.14
Loddon Premier Gold 4.85/25/2007Rate 2.712620
Loddon Razzle Dazzle 4.312/27/2006Rate 3.076812
Loddon Reading Best 4.01/17/2015Rate 3.085
Loddon Reading Dark 4.25/7/2015Rate 3.133
Loddon Rin Tin Tin 4.11/16/2008Rate 2.884015
Loddon Russet 4.59/29/2004Rate 3.239532
Loddon Scramble! 4.41/31/2015Rate 2.862
Loddon Screaming Monk 5.55/13/2012Rate 2.92
Loddon Shrimpers 4.111/19/2010Rate 2.916
Loddon Sorry Not Available 4.25/14/2006Rate 2.754
Loddon Stormy Weather 4.85/2/2007Rate 2.771
Loddon Summer Snowflake 4.16/10/2010Rate 2.968
Loddon That 4.54/10/2008Rate 3.031
Loddon The Berkshire Royal 4.65/1/2006Rate 2.961
Loddon The Nth Degree 4.411/10/2007Rate 2.881
Loddon Timtastic 4.610/13/2004Rate 2.921
Loddon Whirlwind 4.47/10/2005Rate 2.966
Loddon Whitemans Dirty Habit 5.45/10/2007Rate 2.811
Loddon Wilfreds Mild 3.64/30/2010Rate 33910
Loddon Wolf-Bine 4.19/30/2006Rate 2.811
Loddon Wowzer 4.26/4/2008Rate 2.811
York Beer & Wine Shop XXV Silver Jubilee Porter 4.512/31/2011Rate 3.084

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