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Associated place: Bull Inn

Founded 1830. Ceased brewing in 1999 but continues as a pub company. Maclay beers were brewed until 2001 at Forth and then at Belhaven. Some beers for the Canadian market were brewed by Sleeman. In 2007 Maclay bought Clockwork brewpub and Maclay badged beers brewed there may ahow up; some are new, others are revivals of old Maclay beers. Contract brewing of cask beers at Belhaven had ceased by 2012. Supply of Maclay branded beers to the pub chain has largely been phased out. Maclay Pale Ale sold in Canada is licensed to Sleeman Maritime and is effectively "their" brand.
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Maclay 80/- Ale (alias) (retired) 4.01/3/2001
Maclay Export Ale 80/- (retired) 4.012/23/2000Rate 2.79302328
Maclay Gold Scotch Ale (retired) 5.012/23/2000Rate 3.01444430
Maclay Thistle (retired) 4.012/31/2004Rate 2.123
Maclay Honey Weizen (retired) 5.06/25/2002Rate 2.833

.Associated place: Bull Inn.
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