Magic Rock


Associated place: Magic Rock Tap

Commenced Brewing in 2011. In 2015 Brewery moved from Quarmby to Birkby in Huddersfield.
Magic Rock / Against The Grain Rhubarbarella 7.011/3/2015Rate 3.34738720
Magic Rock / Arizona Wilderness Cross Pollination 7.410/10/2015Rate 3.56928850
Magic Rock / Brewfist Ryperbole 6.02/12/2015Rate 3.33748314
Magic Rock / Brodies The Great Alphonso 5.612/10/2012Rate 3.52909338
Magic Rock / Brodies The Great Alphonso (BA Brett) 5.49/25/2014Rate 3.55925124
Magic Rock / Cigar City Cigarro Roja Magica 6.59/16/2015Rate 3.6949268
Magic Rock / Evil Twin Pogonophobia 7.09/12/2014Rate 3.45854475
Magic Rock / Lervig Aktiebryggeri (alias) 6.03/25/2014
Magic Rock / Marble Warea 5.05/3/2015Rate 3.44869917
Magic Rock / Siren Ginspired 6.47/11/2015Rate 3.4805963
Magic Rock / Stillwater Artisanal Piña Collision 7.04/24/2015Rate 3.57925566
Magic Rock / To Øl The Juggler 7.06/27/2013Rate 3.44897538
Magic Rock / Toccalmatto Custard Pie 6.712/26/2013Rate 3.55919950
Magic Rock Acrobat 6.28/24/2014Rate 3.48897858
Magic Rock Bearded Lady 10.511/17/2011Rate 3.839985171
Magic Rock Bearded Lady Bourbon Barrel (2013) (alias) 10.57/12/2013
Magic Rock Bearded Lady Chocolate Orange (alias) 10.55/3/2015
Magic Rock Bearded Lady Pedro Ximénez BA 115/5/2014Rate 3.869988108
Magic Rock Beauregarde 6.010/1/2013Rate 3.14552830
Magic Rock Bourbon Barrel Bearded Lady 10.54/17/2012Rate 3.949993163
Magic Rock Bourbon Barrel Bearded Lady Dessert Edition 10.54/24/2015Rate 4.0710098110
Magic Rock Bourbon Barrel Bearded Lady Hazelnut Dessert Edition 10.55/14/2016Rate 3.898819
Magic Rock Bourbon Bretted Bearded Lady 113/5/2015Rate 3.73976940
Magic Rock Caffeineball IPA 7.04/24/2015Rate 3.47877534
Magic Rock Cannonball 7.45/18/2011Rate 3.699696373
Magic Rock Cannonball NZ 7.41/24/2015Rate 3.6949221
Magic Rock Carnival 4.34/17/2012Rate 3.498999107
Magic Rock Chipotle Punchline (alias) 5.41/26/2015
Magic Rock Circus of Sour 3.510/10/2013Rate 3.43835564
Magic Rock Circus of Sour Chardonnay (alias) 4.05/15/2014
Magic Rock Circus of Sour Cherry 3.54/1/2014Rate 3.18522924
Magic Rock Circus of Sour Lychee White Wine 4.05/2/2014Rate 3.49887142
Magic Rock Circus of Sour White Wine 3.56/22/2014Rate 3.56928351
Magic Rock Circus of Sour White Wine Plum 3.27/9/2014Rate 32
Magic Rock Clown Juice 7.06/26/2012Rate 3.569299142
Magic Rock Common Grounds 5.412/5/2015Rate 3.63959764
Magic Rock Contortionist 5.012/5/2015Rate 3.46866544
Magic Rock Craft Magic 3.29/19/2012Rate 3.36846837
Magic Rock Craftwerk 5.05/17/2013Rate 3.38858533
Magic Rock Curious (alias) 3.95/18/2011
Magic Rock Curious NZ (alias) 3.911/16/2011
Magic Rock Dancing Bear (4.5%) 4.57/17/2015Rate 3.1458522
Magic Rock Dancing Bear (6.2%) (retired) 6.23/11/2013Rate 3.38799713
Magic Rock Dark Arts 6.05/18/2011Rate 3.79798310
Magic Rock Dark Arts Barrel Aged (Bramble Sherry) (retired) 6.010/31/2012Rate 3.54949414
Magic Rock Dark Arts Barrel Aged (Red Wine) 6.010/13/2012Rate 3.57959531
Magic Rock Dark Arts Barrel Aged With Raspberries (Ole Smoky) 6.011/18/2014Rate 3.55949415
Magic Rock Dark Arts Soured in Bruichladdich with Raspberries 6.010/14/2013Rate 3.48919011
Magic Rock Dark Arts with Cocoa Nibs 6.011/11/2014Rate 3.6395969
Magic Rock Dark Arts with Cocoa Nibs (Bourbon Barrel) 6.012/21/2015Rate 3.182
Magic Rock Dark Arts with Rosehips 6.03/25/2014Rate 3.148
Magic Rock Grand Marnier Bearded Lady 10.53/5/2015Rate 3.87998889
Magic Rock High Wire 5.55/18/2011Rate 3.69497343
Magic Rock High Wire Citra 5.58/27/2014Rate 3.62959836
Magic Rock High Wire Grapefruit 5.56/21/2015Rate 3.639598224
Magic Rock High Wire Mosaic 5.511/10/2014Rate 3.5889217
Magic Rock High Wire NZ 5.59/19/2012Rate 3.55949660
Magic Rock High Wire OZ 5.56/23/2013Rate 3.226
Magic Rock Human Cannonball 9.27/22/2011Rate 3.829996165
Magic Rock Inhaler 4.53/11/2016Rate 3.65959846
Magic Rock Louche Cerise 6.05/16/2016Rate 3.326
Magic Rock Magic 8 Ball 7.01/11/2012Rate 3.779897193
Magic Rock Magic 8 Ball Barrel Aged (Chardonnay Brett) (retired) 7.010/31/2012Rate 3.53937612
Magic Rock Old Cherry Bearded Lady (alias) 10.54/24/2015
Magic Rock OT Rocks (alias) 5.05/24/2013
Magic Rock Pith Head 4.59/29/2014Rate 3.24669243
Magic Rock Punchline 5.412/6/2013Rate 3.64959767
Magic Rock Punchline (Tequila Barrel) 5.05/3/2014Rate 3.57929443
Magic Rock Rapture 4.65/18/2011Rate 3.559199255
Magic Rock Redolent Rye 6.01/17/2016Rate 3.48879319
Magic Rock Retrospect 4.82/23/2015Rate 3.19588113
Magic Rock Rhubarb Ginger Saison 5.99/27/2015Rate 3.25623725
Magic Rock Ringmaster 3.96/29/2011Rate 3.418298181
Magic Rock Ringmaster NZ 3.911/18/2011Rate 3.45879938
Magic Rock Rock Star 7.011/17/2011Rate 3.62969928
Magic Rock Roselare Rosehip Ale 7.05/2/2014Rate 3.35773640
Magic Rock Salty Kiss 4.13/11/2013Rate 3.438371282
Magic Rock Salty Kiss Lime 5.08/23/2013Rate 3.48919026
Magic Rock Shredder 4.57/19/2016Rate 2.928
Magic Rock Simpleton 2.62/26/2013Rate 3.397965100
Magic Rock Slapstick 5.03/3/2014Rate 3.39859728
Magic Rock Slapstick Tequila Barrel Aged 5.03/10/2014Rate 3.42829641
Magic Rock Strongman 128/14/2013Rate 3.54926455
Magic Rock Tequila Barrel Aged Cannonball (retired) 7.48/21/2012Rate 3.41897213
Magic Rock Tequila Barrel Clown Juice 7.010/31/2012Rate 3.51939914
Magic Rock Tequila Salty Kiss 4.14/16/2015Rate 3.38785839
Magic Rock The Big Top 8.08/22/2012Rate 3.7979774
Magic Rock The Magic Spanner 3.98/29/2013Rate 3.48879943
Magic Rock The Stooge 4.02/24/2014Rate 3.48889570
Magic Rock Tropical Cannonball 7.47/7/2016Rate 3.162
Magic Rock Un-Human Cannonball 115/16/2013Rate 3.99998167
Magic Rock Vanilla Dark Arts 6.07/1/2013Rate 3.237
Magic Rock Vanilla Dark Arts (Bourbon Barrel) 6.09/13/2015Rate 31
Magic Rock Vaudeville 5.98/15/2015Rate 3.27643910
Magic Rock Villainous Vienna IPA 6.53/10/2014Rate 3.64959495
Magic Rock Vinification 6.15/25/2016Rate 3.29668914
.Associated place: Magic Rock Tap.
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