Malmö "Cask" 9.08/9/2015Rate 3.151
Malmö / Brekeriet / Remmarlöv / Brewski Bøsk 7.04/1/2016Rate 3.2763389
Malmö / Flying Couch A Thousand Liters of Wit 6.55/25/2015Rate 3.24628414
Malmö / Heretic Honey Buzz IPA 7.24/21/2016Rate 3.518
Malmö / Nerdbrewing Else If (retired) 8.82/2/2013Rate 3.5593429
Malmö / Nerdbrewing Public Static Lemongrass IPA (retired) 6.03/24/2014Rate 3.178
Malmö / Thiriez Saison Daniel & Thomas 7.03/7/2016Rate 3.588
Malmö \ Stillwater Freq A Naut 6.86/16/2016Rate 3.254
Malmö 100% Lactobacillus 3.59/7/2013Rate 3.12523317
Malmö 3 8.59/28/2013Rate 3.44895334
Malmö 4 119/25/2014Rate 3.49894123
Malmö A Beer Named Sue 7.24/2/2015Rate 3.135
Malmö Acoustic Porter 14.28/9/2015Rate 3.88999554
Malmö AjBacon 9.712/14/2015Rate 3.232
Malmö Alpha Beach 6.311/3/2014Rate 3.41836428
Malmö Alpha Bloody Grapefruit 6.37/1/2016Rate 3.151
Malmö Alpha Bravo 6.57/26/2016Rate 3.061
Malmö Alpha Lime Squeeser 6.35/31/2015Rate 3.162
Malmö Altbier (retired) 5.12/6/2011Rate 2.828
Malmö Amber Ale 5.29/22/2012Rate 3.13557815
Malmö Amerikansk Pale Ale 5.69/4/2010Rate 3.08483845
Malmö Arbetsnamn Untappable 4.52/22/2014Rate 3.23682115
Malmö Ardennes 4.811/3/2014Rate 3.09481811
Malmö Around The Horn 9.19/14/2015Rate 3.18503727
Malmö Automatic Pale Ale 5.23/8/2014Rate 3.178
Malmö B Weir 7.94/9/2015Rate 3.52904826
Malmö Barrique Sauvage 6.011/1/2013Rate 3.41864127
Malmö Beer Ditch 2 Años Fiesta 5.05/31/2016Rate 2.831
Malmö Beersons Festival Amber Ale (alias) 5.29/22/2012
Malmö Belly Up Belgo 6.711/15/2014Rate 3.17593015
Malmö Biertje 5.88/21/2015Rate 3.14488212
Malmö Big Janky 6.22/16/2016Rate 3.396
Malmö Bischo 7.311/22/2014Rate 3.263
Malmö Blend 129/25/2015Rate 3.32
Malmö Blond 5.03/27/2013Rate 3.1146499
Malmö Born Cross Eyed 5.32/21/2015Rate 2.922
Malmö Brewed For Today DIPA 8.71/9/2016Rate 3.498
Malmö Brewed For Today IPA (retired) 7.32/21/2015Rate 3.255
Malmö Brown Ale (alias) 5.81/19/2013
Malmö Brown Out 6.05/31/2013Rate 3.12525410
Malmö Brown Snow 6.012/21/2015Rate 3.092
Malmö Brygghus / MankerBeer ...och Smakar en bit egenodlad pumpa 6.410/23/2015Rate 3.125
Malmö Brygghus / MankerBeer Tunnan och Moroten 5.410/23/2015Rate 3.087
Malmö Brygghus/MankerBeer <3 A Spicy Fart in the Dark 8.06/16/2014Rate 2.91
Malmö BSA 5.110/26/2015Rate 3.147
Malmö Burger Bunny Brown 5.55/3/2015Rate 3.167
Malmö Burnt Daylight 4.05/25/2015Rate 3.18521615
Malmö Burro Bravo 6.56/19/2016Rate 3.223
Malmö C Is For Classic 6.82/8/2016Rate 3.142
Malmö C45 5.14/29/2015Rate 3.25
Malmö Cacao X 8.05/10/2015Rate 3.3679678
Malmö Cacao X Vanilla 8.08/9/2015Rate 3.495
Malmö Cacao-Porter (Criollo) 8.09/4/2010Rate 3.296615110
Malmö Cacao-Porter Lagrad på Bourbon Ekfat (retired) 8.04/3/2011Rate 2.773
Malmö Cacaoic 1 104/1/2016Rate 3.65956511
Malmö Canned Wheat 7.04/13/2013Rate 3.62959377
Malmö Canned Wheat & Lychee Habanero 7.012/13/2015Rate 3.232
Malmö Canned Wheat Beer Ditch Edition 7.08/9/2015Rate 3.151
Malmö Canned Wheat Mango 7.012/10/2015Rate 3.322
Malmö Canned Wheat Secret Hop (retired) 7.01/14/2015Rate 2.881
Malmö Canned Wheat XL 9.06/11/2015Rate 3.52915016
Malmö Cerveza Poco 5.56/10/2016Rate 34
Malmö Cilantro & Habanero 7.81/22/2016Rate 3.256
Malmö Citra Centennial IPA 6.82/25/2016Rate 3.438
Malmö Co Sand Dollar DIPA 8.05/11/2016Rate 3.496
Malmö Coast Garde 5.411/9/2015Rate 3.164
Malmö Coconutters 7.06/12/2016Rate 3.375
Malmö Continental Wheat 5.01/23/2016Rate 3.016
Malmö Cut in Half (2.7%) 2.712/13/2015Rate 3.297
Malmö Cut in Half Equinox 3.22/22/2016Rate 3.174
Malmö Dark Chocolate Brown Ale (retired) 6.311/22/2013Rate 2.91
Malmö Daylight SIPA 4.57/7/2015Rate 3.3714613
Malmö Demanding Dance Partner 6.14/16/2016Rate 3.283
Malmö Deuxma 5.25/4/2013Rate 2.968
Malmö Devil’s Lemonade 8.64/2/2016Rate 3.185
Malmö Disposable Thumbs 6.511/22/2015Rate 3.165
Malmö Dora 5.03/1/2016Rate 3.065
Malmö Double Brown Ale 9.15/10/2015Rate 3.287
Malmö Dude’l Doo 5.14/19/2015Rate 2.952
Malmö Duriaipah 6.512/14/2015Rate 2.632
Malmö Easy Gwap 5.04/23/2016Rate 3385010
Malmö Engelsk Torrhumlad I.P.A. 6.69/4/2010Rate 2.99431252
Malmö Extra Pale Amber 6.77/1/2015Rate 3.092
Malmö Fader Franssons American Burley Wayne 10.711/21/2013Rate 3.35773719
Malmö Fader Franssons Belgo Burley Wayne 12.95/4/2013Rate 3.51905533
Malmö False Dmitriy 9.38/28/2012Rate 3.48893473
Malmö False Dmitriy Bourbon Ek (alias) (retired) 9.311/22/2013
Malmö False Dmitriy Ekfatslagrad 9.311/17/2012Rate 3.41873014
Malmö False Dmitriy Julspecial 9.311/17/2012Rate 3.286
Malmö Farmhouse Ale 6.31/19/2013Rate 3.19632916
Malmö Fatlagrad I.P.A. (retired) 6.92/6/2011Rate 3.086
Malmö Feathers & Canoes 4.25/16/2014Rate 3.1476712
Malmö Fennel John Taylor Collaboration 5.511/9/2015Rate 3.052
Malmö Fire Drill Smoked Porter 6.01/12/2016Rate 3.336
Malmö Flip Flop 6.17/10/2014Rate 3.42858622
Malmö Foldback 5.05/20/2016Rate 3.13
Malmö Framboise 4.89/24/2014Rate 3.363
Malmö Frost Beard Lager (Vinter Lager) 5.511/16/2013Rate 3.04468911
Malmö Fruit Break 4.811/15/2014Rate 3.31722622
Malmö Fruit Freak! (alias) 4.811/15/2014
Malmö Ginger Lee 4.811/2/2015Rate 3.278
Malmö Gissart Rosserp-Mok 7.49/7/2013Rate 3.178
Malmö Golden Ale 4.28/9/2015Rate 2.941
Malmö Gouranga 5.14/9/2015Rate 3.394
Malmö Grand Crew 6.29/22/2012Rate 3.53915057
Malmö Great Red Berry Blueuyw 5.512/14/2015Rate 3.122
Malmö Gub_ster DIPA 9.58/15/2013Rate 3.43884632
Malmö Haight Ashbury Kölschener 4.95/31/2013Rate 2.82283812
Malmö Half Tempo 3.56/28/2016Rate 3.234
Malmö Halkrits 8.01/14/2015Rate 2.871
Malmö Halloween Pumpkin Wheat 7.011/2/2015Rate 3.041
Malmö Hamnmästaren (retired) 4.24/20/2013Rate 3.14484021
Malmö Hamnmästaren Ljus 5.06/11/2015Rate 3.133
Malmö Head Dip 4.59/8/2014Rate 3.37838315
Malmö Hefner American Wheat 5.09/7/2013Rate 3.16508411
Malmö Hefner American Wheat - Apricot 5.04/2/2015Rate 3.296
Malmö Hefner American Wheat - Blood Grapefruit 5.08/21/2015Rate 3.29668938
Malmö Hefner American Wheat - Mosaic and Blueberries 5.03/2/2015Rate 3.17
Malmö Hefner American Wheat - Raspberry 5.02/21/2016Rate 3.078
Malmö Hefner American Wheat - Raspberry Laktos 5.03/9/2016Rate 3.191
Malmö Hefner Raspberry Cardamom 5.03/16/2016Rate 3.052
Malmö Hibiscus Witbier 5.13/9/2013Rate 3.035
Malmö High Breed Golden Pivo 4.93/2/2015Rate 2.895
Malmö Hollowhearted 8.51/14/2015Rate 3.16493914
Malmö Holy Herbert Trippel 9.37/19/2013Rate 3.12566917
Malmö Holy Herbert Wild 9.311/2/2013Rate 3.12475814
Malmö Hop Shaker IPA 6.75/10/2015Rate 3.163
Malmö Hopman IPA 7.42/28/2013Rate 3.55928852
Malmö Hops on C60 5.43/17/2015Rate 3.2864569
Malmö Hops On Habanero 7.81/14/2016Rate 3.072
Malmö Hoser Toque 5.61/17/2014Rate 3.028
Malmö Höst Lager 5.511/2/2013Rate 2.867
Malmö Hot Coffee 7.81/26/2016Rate 3.171
Malmö Imp. Stouter 106/11/2015Rate 3.474
Malmö Imperial Kaffe-Porter (retired) 10.211/5/2011Rate 3.35832617
Malmö Irish Coffee Stout 8.04/13/2016Rate 3.151
Malmö IT-IPA (retired) 6.63/12/2012Rate 2.985
Malmö Janet’s Brown Ale 6.37/27/2014Rate 3.38
Malmö Janky Coffee 6.22/22/2016Rate 3.252
Malmö Janky Doing The Polka 6.24/7/2016Rate 3.232
Malmö Janky in Coconut 6.24/4/2016Rate 3.162
Malmö Janky Stout 5.84/20/2014Rate 3.38817227
Malmö Johnsbach Lager 5.02/28/2013Rate 2.955
Malmö Juice Less IPA 6.75/2/2016Rate 3.596
Malmö Juice Less IPA - Apricot 6.75/2/2016Rate 3.32
Malmö Julöl (retired) 6.92/6/2011Rate 2.558
Malmö Julöl 2011 (retired) 6.911/22/2013Rate 2.871
Malmö Julöl 2012 5.811/17/2012Rate 3.08494810
Malmö Keykikane 7.47/28/2014Rate 3.34796616
Malmö Kingsnake 6.07/25/2015Rate 3.074
Malmö Kuckus Cacao-porter Delyx 8.011/22/2013Rate 3.092
Malmö LalalalalalalaLi 5.512/14/2015Rate 3.052
Malmö Lame Ass Substitutional IPA 7.04/19/2015Rate 3.245
Malmö Lava Lump 5.210/23/2015Rate 3.213
Malmö Lazy Ass 5.65/31/2015Rate 3.31726718
Malmö Lemmy Cold Brew 5.07/17/2016Rate 3.162
Malmö Lemmy Nitro Porter 5.05/31/2016Rate 3.325
Malmö Liger In Trance 5.41/28/2016Rate 3.3878779
Malmö Liger In Trance WLP001 5.43/1/2016Rate 3.142
Malmö Limpic Stout 12.24/2/2015Rate 3.92999251
Malmö Lion In Trance 5.83/24/2016Rate 3.294
Malmö Little Coffee Stout 4.53/14/2016Rate 3.041
Malmö Lopsided 5.811/3/2014Rate 3.28743413
Malmö Lord of Myrcene 7.011/27/2014Rate 3.26713210
Malmö Lupulin Junkie 7.33/2/2015Rate 3.165
Malmö Maaalmööööl (retired) 4.811/5/2013Rate 2.743
Malmö Malmö Ölet (alias) (retired) 5.211/22/2013
Malmö Mango In Trance 5.43/7/2016Rate 3.252
Malmö Matanic Stout 9.711/21/2015Rate 3.59948110
Malmö Matans Muddy Maria 7.111/8/2015Rate 2.814
Malmö meKellerpils (retired) 5.011/22/2013Rate 2.812
Malmö Mellow Fellow 5.44/29/2015Rate 3.197
Malmö Mexican Wiener Fest 5.59/14/2015Rate 3.14489314
Malmö Mila 6.66/15/2016Rate 3.125
Malmö Milk Chocolate Brown Ale (retired) 6.311/22/2013Rate 2.91
Malmö Mole Stout 8.05/4/2014Rate 3.15
Malmö Moley Limited Cask Edition 6.49/21/2015Rate 3.171
Malmö Moley Stout 6.49/21/2015Rate 3.33745915
Malmö Möllebongen 6.01/29/2013Rate 3.34756130
Malmö Mössa & Vantar 6.411/21/2013Rate 3.158
Malmö Nameless Imperial Brown 9.08/21/2015Rate 3.396
Malmö New Pale Ale 5.67/19/2013Rate 3.36838231
Malmö Nonic Brown Porter 4.311/13/2015Rate 3.165
Malmö Nonic Mild 4.39/7/2013Rate 2.94394910
Malmö Nonic Oyster Stout 3.910/26/2013Rate 3.1493616
Malmö Nonic Special Bitter 4.39/8/2014Rate 3.05464911
Malmö Nonic Stout 4.53/9/2016Rate 3.388
Malmö Nordtysk Pilsner 5.09/4/2010Rate 2.83295439
Malmö Number 5 9.65/24/2016Rate 3.211
Malmö Octopusher 6.812/13/2014Rate 3.128
Malmö Oktoberfest 5.29/28/2011Rate 2.926
Malmö Old School Pale Ale 5.612/22/2013Rate 2.872
Malmö Pale Ale Amarillo (retired) 5.610/20/2012Rate 3.146
Malmö Pale Ale Cascade Centennial 5.62/28/2013Rate 3.137
Malmö Pale Ale Centennial 5.65/31/2013Rate 2.973
Malmö Pale Ale Galaxy 5.611/25/2012Rate 3.257
Malmö Pale Ale Simcoe 5.61/19/2013Rate 3.013
Malmö Party Pilsner 5.33/27/2014Rate 3.06468820
Malmö Pedro Pils 5.05/12/2016Rate 3.033
Malmö Pedros Piñata Pils Habanero 5.05/31/2016Rate 2.972
Malmö Pedros Piñata Pils Jalapeño 5.05/31/2016Rate 3.142
Malmö Peggy O 5.21/23/2016Rate 3.185
Malmö Peggy O Rosé 5.21/23/2016Rate 3.276
Malmö Petite Framboise 5.09/26/2015Rate 3.46864228
Malmö Petite Souris 4.69/17/2014Rate 3.48884540
Malmö Pitching A Tent 4.312/14/2015Rate 3.092
Malmö Point Reyes Amber 4.911/3/2014Rate 3.09486811
Malmö Propagation 5.28/27/2015Rate 3.073
Malmö Reared Red Ale 6.011/3/2015Rate 3.346
Malmö Ribban Summer Ale (retired) 4.87/2/2011Rate 2.95404518
Malmö Right On Point American Bitter 4.99/14/2015Rate 3.15
Malmö Rocky Mountain ESB 6.55/17/2015Rate 3.26
Malmö Rookie IPA 6.96/11/2014Rate 3.27
Malmö Rose Petal John Taylor Collaboration 5.511/9/2015Rate 3.111
Malmö Round Another 5.511/22/2015Rate 3.224
Malmö Ruby Soho Oak Tannin 5.66/27/2015Rate 3.125
Malmö Ruby Soho Red Ale 4.62/28/2013Rate 3.28749233
Malmö Så Som En Direktör 7.011/7/2015Rate 3.194
Malmö Saint of Happenstance 7.59/14/2015Rate 3.14474334
Malmö Saint Of Strawberry 7.512/14/2015Rate 3.092
Malmö Saison D’Office! 5.48/27/2015Rate 3.29684215
Malmö Saison La Charrue 5.03/27/2014Rate 3.24663822
Malmö Saison La Charrue Houblon 6.38/17/2014Rate 3.24633614
Malmö Saison Manivelle 5.13/30/2015Rate 3.145
Malmö Sans Culottes 6.73/8/2014Rate 3.014
Malmö Singel/Singel (retired) 5.39/3/2011Rate 3.088
Malmö Slide Tromboner 7.71/14/2015Rate 2.861
Malmö Snuff Club 6.24/1/2016Rate 3.274
Malmö Soft Explosion 6.55/2/2016Rate 3.396
Malmö Southpaw 5.85/12/2016Rate 3.153
Malmö Sprinter Chicken 3.54/15/2016Rate 3.138
Malmö Stourter (retired) 4.76/16/2012Rate 2.837
Malmö Summer Pale Ale 5.61/19/2013Rate 3.136
Malmö Summertwist Cacao-Porter Med Kaffe (retired) 8.17/2/2011Rate 3.157
Malmö Sunkfarter (alias) 4.72/19/2014
Malmö Surrender Mönkeys 8.13/20/2014Rate 3.28743316
Malmö Svart Vin Hefner 5.04/15/2016Rate 3.091
Malmö Tart Citra 5.06/16/2016Rate 3.223
Malmö Tart Me Kraut 5.512/14/2015Rate 3.042
Malmö Tart Timut 5.511/13/2015Rate 3.262
Malmö Tart To Lemons 5.512/14/2015Rate 3.112
Malmö Tart To Me Baby 5.511/21/2015Rate 3.3272459
Malmö Tender Foot Wheat IPL 6.49/21/2015Rate 3.35769320
Malmö That Four Letter Acronym DIPA 9.23/16/2015Rate 3.43844117
Malmö The Daekel 8.63/24/2016Rate 3.394
Malmö The Older 9.61/23/2016Rate 3.326
Malmö The Oldest Juvenile 10.98/21/2015Rate 3.497
Malmö Thinly Disguised 7.711/22/2014Rate 3.14523511
Malmö Thomas & Anders Suröl (retired) 4.011/22/2013Rate 2.841
Malmö Three Letter Acronym IPA 7.54/2/2015Rate 3.286
Malmö Tie Dye 5.012/22/2013Rate 2.9741479
Malmö Tiger In Trance 5.49/12/2015Rate 3.4808111
Malmö Timut Coast 5.411/13/2015Rate 3.092
Malmö Tortue 7.68/31/2014Rate 3.1496117
Malmö Transilient 4.812/13/2014Rate 3.126
Malmö Tromboner Stout 5.28/9/2015Rate 31
Malmö Veneta 6.79/17/2014Rate 3.3724311
Malmö Vinterbrygd (alias) 5.62/11/2011
Malmö Viola Lee 5.49/21/2015Rate 3.2527031
Malmö Waldos Sticky 6.212/10/2015Rate 3.268
Malmö Way Past Bedtime 9.712/14/2015Rate 3.32
Malmö Weed Wacker 6.56/11/2015Rate 3.325
Malmö Who’s Your Pater 7.02/7/2014Rate 3.15523612
Malmö Winter Galactic 5.711/6/2014Rate 3.23687219
Malmö Witbier Belgisk Vete-Öl 5.19/4/2010Rate 2.98414749
Malmö Womba Womba 7.02/15/2016Rate 3.182
Malmö Wonky Milk Stout Green Curry 6.28/9/2015Rate 3.021
Malmö Wonky Stout 6.22/10/2015Rate 3.2459449
Malmö Work Bell IPA 4.510/25/2013Rate 3.36775624
Malmö Yorky Stout 5.23/17/2015Rate 3.31715513
Malmö Zwarte Bessen 139/24/2014Rate 3.215
Möllan Porter (retired) 6.53/24/2012Rate 3.196
Malmö Beerssons DIPA (retired) 7.94/23/2012Rate 3.26641834
Malmö Beerssons IPA (retired) 6.33/10/2012Rate 3.02421353
Malmö Beerssons Tok-IPA (retired) 10.35/1/2011Rate 3.188
Malmö Beerssons XPA (retired) 5.02/26/2011Rate 3.21564748

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