Maribo Bryghus (Royal Unibrew)

(Out Of Business)
Commercial Brewery

Bought up and closed by Royal Unibrew February 26th 2008. Some brands are now made elsewhere.
København V-Classic (retired) 4.612/1/2002Rate 2.894
Maribo Classic 4.66/29/2002Rate 2.2871355
Maribo en 6er (retired) 7.59/11/2001Rate 2.392
Maribo Guld Export (retired) 5.611/26/2001Rate 1.9864037
Maribo Herkules (retired) 8.07/17/2002Rate 1.895827
Maribo Julebryg (retired) 5.711/10/2002Rate 2.5117299
Maribo Juleøl (retired) 2.611/14/2002Rate 2.49149221
Maribo Let Pilsner (retired) 2.65/31/2001Rate 1.7433825
Maribo Lys Frokostøl (retired) 2.611/16/2002Rate 1.564
Maribo Mørk Hvidtøl (retired) 1.812/1/2002Rate 2.31108525
Maribo Munkeøl (retired) 4.711/26/2001Rate 2.45152726
Maribo Påske Hvidtøl (retired) 1.84/11/2003Rate 2.1398212
Maribo Påskebryg (retired) 5.73/21/2003Rate 2.31121818
Maribo Pinsebryg (retired) 5.75/21/2002Rate 2.315
Maribo Slots 24-12 Julebryg (retired) 5.612/1/2003Rate 2.28101031
Maribo Slots Påskebryg (retired) 5.73/26/2002Rate 2.254
Maribo Slots Pilsner 2.8% (retired) 2.82/25/2007Rate 2.266
Maribo Slots Pilsner 3.5% (retired) 3.59/5/2006Rate 2.236
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