Malthouse Real Ale 5.810/12/2001Rate 2.482
Matilda Bay (CUB) The Duck’s 4.211/7/2014Rate 2.237124
Matilda Bay 1947 (retired) 6.62/27/2014Rate 0
Matilda Bay 30th Anniversary Ale (retired) 69/2/2014Rate 2.831
Matilda Bay Alpha Pale Ale 5.23/14/2004Rate 3.367776123
Matilda Bay Barking Duck 5.53/24/2006Rate 2.9333519
Matilda Bay Barking Flamingo Framboise (retired) 4.54/22/2009Rate 2.49143110
Matilda Bay Beez Neez 4.712/2/2003Rate 2.387133
Matilda Bay Big Helga 10/3/2009Rate 2.75203852
Matilda Bay Bitter Beer 3.54/27/2002Rate 2.163
Matilda Bay Black Boris (retired) 7.56/7/2013Rate 2.742
Matilda Bay Bohemian Pilsner 4.712/2/2003Rate 2.621627104
Matilda Bay Crema (retired) 4.510/28/2006Rate 2.5172110
Matilda Bay Dirty Granny Cider 5.510/1/2011Rate 3.03415115
Matilda Bay Dogbolter 5.28/9/2001Rate 3.246193106
Matilda Bay Duke Bramling the Third (retired) 6.38/1/2013Rate 0
Matilda Bay Fat Yak Pale Ale 512/23/2008Rate 2.913015178
Matilda Bay Grayston Reserve (retired) 66/29/2007Rate 3.097
Matilda Bay Heat Wave 4.72/27/2014Rate 2.663
Matilda Bay I.G.P. (Itchy Green Pants) 4.73/6/2012Rate 2.83261024
Matilda Bay Lazy Yak Australian Pale Ale 4.27/12/2015Rate 1.842030
Matilda Bay Little Ripper Sparkling Lager 4.78/24/2013Rate 2.715
Matilda Bay Longshot 67/4/2010Rate 3.3808822
Matilda Bay MB21 (retired) 6.66/10/2005Rate 3.187
Matilda Bay Minimum Chips Golden Lager 4.711/21/2012Rate 2.3492337
Matilda Bay Moose On The Loose 61/29/2013Rate 2.932
Matilda Bay Pebbles 7.44/25/2013Rate 0
Matilda Bay Premier Lager 3.41/15/2001Rate 2.35147510
Matilda Bay Premium Pils 4.98/9/2001Rate 2.89357024
Matilda Bay Red Revolution 5.22/24/2013Rate 0
Matilda Bay Redback (alias) 4.78/9/2001
Matilda Bay Redback Cristal 4.511/16/2006Rate 1.862116
Matilda Bay Redback Mild 3.412/19/2000Rate 2.3310516
Matilda Bay Redback Original 4.75/14/2001Rate 2.862732151
Matilda Bay Redback Pale (retired) 4.78/9/2005Rate 2.84
Matilda Bay Rooftop Red Lager (retired) 4.611/8/2004Rate 2.78255749
Matilda Bay Ruby Tuesday Amber Ale 4.78/23/2013Rate 2.71181530
Matilda Bay Sebastian Dunkelweizen 69/27/2008Rate 2.84342417
Matilda Bay Sticklers Best Bitter (retired) 4.411/14/2004Rate 2.97425512
Mountain Goat / Moon Dog / Matilda Bay Abbey Collaby 2013 (retired) 7.16/15/2013Rate 3.248
Mountain Goat / Moon Dog / Matilda Bay Abbey Collaby 2014 (retired) 10.67/24/2014Rate 3.378
Saltram of Barossa Pepperjack Hand Crafted Ale 4.79/25/2007Rate 3.25709279
Big Ugly Dog
Brewed by/for Naked for Satan
2/28/2011Rate 2.552
Naked for Satan Ale
Brewed by/for Naked for Satan
12/5/2010Rate 2.94
Women of Beer Hildegarde
Brewed by/for Women of Beer
6.711/13/2012Rate 2.926
Young & Jackson Chocolate Stout
Brewed by/for Young & Jackson
7.48/7/2010Rate 31
Young & Jackson Naked Ale
Brewed by/for Young & Jackson
4.98/21/2009Rate 2.96385512

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