McLaughlins Horseshoe (Camden Town)

(Out Of Business)
Brew Pub

Associated place: Horseshoe

Commenced in 2006 as a brewpub at the Horseshoe in Hampstead under the name McLaughlins. In 2009, a new, much larger, brew plant was installed at a different location under the name Camden Town Brewery. The equipment at the Horseshoe is still in place but only used for short run and experimental beers. Most Camden Town beers at the Horseshoe, and elsewhere, are brewed at the new location. Please do not add new beers to the McLaughlins Horseshoe listing unless you are 100% certain they are brewed there.
McLaughlins Best Bitter (retired) 4.19/29/2006Rate 3.018
McLaughlins Hampstead Spring (retired) 4.27/27/2008Rate 2.943
McLaughlins Hampstead Summer (retired) 3.211/8/2006Rate 3.0951749

.Associated place: Horseshoe.
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