McMullen AK XXX (Bottle) 4.15/17/2011Rate 2.93404816
McMullen Boot Warmer 5.21/14/2009Rate 2.815
McMullen Cask Ale 3.85/23/2007Rate 2.99385246
McMullen Castle Special (retired) 5.08/5/2000Rate 2.282
McMullen Charter Ale 3.56/11/2015Rate 3.022
McMullen Country Bitter 4.312/7/2000Rate 2.99375290
McMullen Country Golden Hoppy Ale 4.112/6/2013Rate 2.842
McMullen Dragons Brew (retired) 4.24/17/2009Rate 2.863
McMullen Festive Stout (retired) 6.012/12/2006Rate 2.961
McMullen Fishery Reel Ale 3.75/8/2016Rate 2.941
McMullen Gladstone (retired) 4.38/5/2000Rate 2.772
McMullen Harvest Moon 4.08/7/2006Rate 2.87333510
McMullen Hedge Hopper 4.09/17/2013Rate 2.731
McMullen Hertford Castle 5.010/17/2004Rate 2.97363344
McMullen Hertford Castle (4.3%) SPA (retired) 4.36/9/2004Rate 2.881
McMullen Hop on a Mo 4.411/3/2012Rate 2.81
McMullen IPA 4.810/1/2006Rate 2.92312444
McMullen Jubilation (retired) 3.85/30/2012Rate 2.81
McMullen Lions Roar (retired) 4.88/6/2009Rate 2.878
McMullen Mac’s Brown (retired) 3.010/22/2009Rate 2.691
McMullen Maypole (retired) 3.85/14/2006Rate 2.833
McMullen Midsummer Madness (retired) 4.08/29/2007Rate 2.743
McMullen Nags Head Bitter (alias) 3.811/10/2013
McMullen No.1 Pale Ale 3.89/7/2007Rate 2.69191111
McMullen Oatmeal Ale (retired) 5.010/24/2000Rate 2.763
McMullen Original AK (Cask) 3.78/5/2000Rate 2.75201587
McMullen Pale Ale 4.19/16/2014Rate 2.736
McMullen Pride of Lions (retired) 4.07/30/2006Rate 2.811
McMullen Rocket (retired) 5.012/6/2009Rate 2.892
McMullen Rockhopper Kiwi Pale Ale 4.28/21/2015Rate 3.072
McMullen Russet (retired) 4.510/2/2004Rate 3.14
McMullen Saracen 4.88/5/2000Rate 3.153
McMullen Screaming Reels 4.25/24/2013Rate 2.791
McMullen Slipstream (retired) 3.87/20/2014Rate 2.82
McMullen Special Reserve Anniversary Porter (retired) 5.08/5/2000Rate 2.881
McMullen Stronghart 7.012/23/2002Rate 3.39869240
McMullen Throat Quencher 3.87/28/2011Rate 2.918
McMullen Tooty Frooty (retired) 3.89/1/2010Rate 2.752
McMullen V-1805 (retired) 4.010/2/2005Rate 2.833
McMullen Winter Ale (retired) 4.59/27/2009Rate 2.831
The Whole Hop Flying Frog 4.03/24/2014Rate 2.741
The Whole Hop Fool Hardy 3.84/15/2014Rate 2.932
The Whole Hop Googly (retired) 3.83/17/2010Rate 2.761
The Whole Hop Hop and Glory 4.111/20/2015Rate 2.762
The Whole Hop Hop, Skip & Jump (retired) 3.88/1/2012Rate 2.872
The Whole Hop Maypole 3.55/28/2014Rate 2.71
The Whole Hop Nag’s Head 5.21/3/2015Rate 2.873
The Whole Hop Rockhopper 4.28/12/2015Rate 2.843
The Whole Hop Spring Zing (retired) 4.212/21/2009Rate 2.831
The Whole Hop Stag Bitter (retired) 4.510/28/2008Rate 2.822
The Whole Hop Super Cooper 4.03/14/2013Rate 2.811

.Places associated: Old Beams (McMullens), Nags Head (McMullen), Fishery (McMullen), Mops & Brooms (McMullen), Spice of Life (McMullens), Woolpack (McMullens), Steamer (McMullen’s).
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