Montgomery Brewing Company (AL)

(Out Of Business)
Brew Pub

Operated 1995 to 2010
Montgomery Big 3 Bailout IPA (retired) -3/3/2009Rate 3.111
Montgomery Blueberry Ale (retired) -8/29/2003Rate 2.961
Montgomery Downtown Brown Ale (retired) -4/21/2006Rate 3.13
Montgomery Dunkelweizen (retired) -11/22/2007Rate 2.841
Montgomery Goat Hill Pale Ale (retired) -8/29/2003Rate 3453221
Montgomery IPA (retired) -6/23/2007Rate 3.193
Montgomery Jubelator Doppelbock (retired) 6.04/21/2006Rate 2.862
Montgomery Jubilee Mai Bock (retired) -8/29/2003Rate 2.763
Montgomery Lightening Route Light Lager (retired) -12/7/2008Rate 2.795
Montgomery Oktoberfest (retired) -11/22/2007Rate 2.612
Montgomery Old Montgomery Blonde (retired) -8/29/2003Rate 2.88384717
Montgomery Old World Porter (retired) -8/29/2003Rate 3.111
Montgomery Riverboat Red Ale (retired) -8/29/2003Rate 2.8282819
Montgomery Riverwalk Rye (retired) -10/30/2008Rate 3.124
Montgomery Roggenbier (retired) -10/4/2005Rate 2.917
Montgomery Schwarzbier (retired) -3/29/2005Rate 2.43
Montgomery Seeing Double IPA (retired) 7.87/2/2009Rate 2.952
Montgomery Summerfest Lager (retired) -10/4/2005Rate 2.921
Montgomery Superfly Rye Lager (retired) -12/7/2007Rate 2.771
Montgomery Taj Mahal Indian Brown Ale (retired) 4.06/29/2012 U  0
Montgomery the Razz Kisser (retired) -4/11/2009Rate 2.661
Montgomery Velvet Elvis (retired) -3/3/2009Rate 2.881
Montgomery Wild Horses IPA (retired) -1/26/2008Rate 3.178
Montgomery Wipe Out Stout (retired) -8/29/2003Rate 2.92401519
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