Moon Dog / Beer DeLuxe Splice of Heaven 6.97/4/2015Rate 3.42826423
Moon Dog / Beer Here Freaks And Geeks 7.66/4/2012Rate 3.48889625
Moon Dog / Frankie’s Pizza The Toxic Motherfucker 9.310/26/2015Rate 2.981
Moon Dog / Garage Project Chocolate Salty Balls 8.210/28/2014Rate 3.64959635
Moon Dog / Kissmeyer Nordic Saddle Buffer Barrelly Wine 14.65/1/2013Rate 3.74989235
Moon Dog / Nøgne Ø Selvmordstokt 7.66/24/2013Rate 3.13523438
Moon Dog / Rogue The Beard Downunder 91/10/2015Rate 3.48885015
Moon Dog / Slowbeer Salted Choc Caramel Porter 7.510/30/2013Rate 2.91
Moon Dog / Yeastie Boys Peter Piper’s Pickled Pepper Purple Peated Pale Ale 8/17/2012Rate 3.08496010
Moon Dog Artisan Pouseuré 7.511/26/2012Rate 3.23698114
Moon Dog Bad Boy Bubbly 13.12/13/2015Rate 3.26622420
Moon Dog Bjorn to Boogie Watermelon Weizen 5.31/17/2014Rate 3.16508327
Moon Dog Black Lung (retired) 7.75/17/2011Rate 3.17664116
Moon Dog Black Lung II (retired) 8.18/6/2012Rate 3.52929018
Moon Dog Black Lung III (retired) 8.78/15/2013Rate 3.59944552
Moon Dog Black Lung IV 8.77/20/2014Rate 3.68965825
Moon Dog Black Lung IV - Draught 95/22/2014Rate 3.193
Moon Dog Black Lung V 8.87/9/2015Rate 3.53893414
Moon Dog Black Lung VI 97/9/2016Rate 3.262
Moon Dog Bock Naked 7.78/29/2013Rate 3.41889417
Moon Dog Bosco’s Grapefruit & Cucumber IPA 6.74/10/2016Rate 3.04401411
Moon Dog Breakfast of Champions 7.64/15/2015Rate 3.24587518
Moon Dog Cock-sockin’ Ball-knockin’ Chipotle Stout (retired) 5/17/2011Rate 2.981
Moon Dog Cold Drip War 6.47/17/2014Rate 3.53919120
Moon Dog Coughlin’s Diet Old Fashioned Part 1: The Sweet Orangey Bourbon-y Part 7.66/14/2015Rate 3.2663729
Moon Dog Coughlin’s Diet Old Fashioned Part 2: Cherry-ish Herbally Part 7.66/14/2015Rate 2.968
Moon Dog Dasher’s Envy 8.112/25/2012Rate 3.16593713
Moon Dog Gingerbread Brown (retired) 7.512/24/2011Rate 2.811
Moon Dog Great American Challenge (retired) 8.911/20/2012Rate 3.3765114
Moon Dog Great Scott! Burgerbier 2/18/2016Rate 3.021
Moon Dog Haunted Sword Dark Ale 512/4/2015Rate 3.022
Moon Dog Henry Ford’s Girthsome Fjord 8.112/4/2011Rate 3.65958761
Moon Dog Herbie Goes to Caliente Town 6.55/17/2016Rate 32
Moon Dog Holdin’ Hay Time 6.58/14/2015Rate 3.3688913
Moon Dog Imperial Pale Ale 10.54/13/2011Rate 2.91
Moon Dog Jukebox Hero IPA 73/16/2014Rate 3.5887837
Moon Dog Jumping The Shark 2013 (retired) 15.49/26/2013Rate 3.85998625
Moon Dog Jumping The Shark 2014 (retired) 14.19/29/2014Rate 3.22552324
Moon Dog Jumping The Shark 2015 18.41/8/2016Rate 3.93999215
Moon Dog Lando Kardashian Tripel IPA 11.54/3/2013Rate 3.24704714
Moon Dog Love Tap (retired) 7.111/30/2012Rate 3.42839337
Moon Dog Love Tap (2015 -) 52/24/2016Rate 3.25
Moon Dog Love Tap 2013+ (retired) 5.97/27/2013Rate 3.3699535
Moon Dog Mack Daddy 52/9/2016Rate 3.14474923
Moon Dog Magnificent Mullet Billy Ray Citrus 5.65/25/2012Rate 3.01452712
Moon Dog Magnificent Mullet Macguava 5.64/18/2012Rate 2.83305812
Moon Dog Magnificent Mullet Melon Gibson 5.63/26/2012Rate 2.8535629
Moon Dog Marmajuke Marmalade Double IPA 8.412/3/2014Rate 3.39813625
Moon Dog Mr Mistoffelees 6.25/15/2012Rate 3.51904729
Moon Dog Mummy Have A Bite 8.29/18/2013Rate 3.38824515
Moon Dog Mustafa’s Dancing Helmet Apricot IPA 9.211/8/2012Rate 3.51904924
Moon Dog Ogden Nash’s Pash Rash 8.86/12/2015Rate 3.49893415
Moon Dog Old Mate 52/12/2016Rate 2.98362217
Moon Dog Pass the Courvoisier 9.25/21/2016Rate 3.061
Moon Dog Perverse Sexual Amalgam 6.912/4/2011Rate 3.27632133
Moon Dog Pumpkin Porter 711/12/2011Rate 3.021
Moon Dog Puns ’n’ Roses 6.511/29/2015Rate 3.041
Moon Dog Raindrops on Roses, and Hairs on Chests 115/17/2011Rate 0
Moon Dog Rantallion’s Restorative 10.65/10/2016Rate 3.212
Moon Dog Saison Du Punt 6.73/17/2016Rate 3.124
Moon Dog Sideshow Mel 6.55/21/2016Rate 2.891
Moon Dog Skunkworks Cognac Barrel Aged Double IPA 9.110/15/2011Rate 3.42884547
Moon Dog Splice Of Heaven (alias) 6.58/20/2015
Moon Dog Spotted Dick With Custard 9.16/11/2015Rate 3.398
Moon Dog Symbiotic Solipsism 7.112/27/2011Rate 2.95427610
Moon Dog The Artisan Poser (retired) 7.15/17/2011Rate 2.912
Moon Dog The George Freeth Memorial Tropical Brown Ale 6.75/17/2011Rate 2.671
Moon Dog Wet Nurse Tonic Milk Stout 7.39/8/2012Rate 3.39866919
Moon Dog What’s Up Doc? 6.55/17/2016Rate 3.042
Moon Dog Wild Blonde 1/10/2013Rate 2.861
Mountain Goat / Moon Dog / Matilda Bay Abbey Collaby V - Wet Hopped Ale 10.36/10/2015Rate 3.2541315

.Associated place: Moon Dog Brewery Bar.
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