Negev Beer

Client Brewer

Brewing facilities in Kiryat Gat closed down during 2015. Beers are now contract-brewed at Alexander Brewery and the brand is owned by HaCarem, an alcohol import and distribution company.
Goldot Beera Orginal (alias) 4.77/24/2015
Goldot Beera Orginal (Batch #1) (retired) 4.77/1/2015Rate 2.954
Negev Blazer (retired) 6.93/19/2015Rate 2.91323615
Negev Bourbon Porter (retired) 6.07/1/2010Rate 32
Negev Brown Ale (retired) 6.912/29/2014Rate 2.834
Negev Chariton Abbey Ale (retired) 8.03/25/2013Rate 3.16533716
Negev Omer Bock (retired) 6.06/6/2013Rate 2.78252011
Negev Passiflora (retired) 4.95/7/2010Rate 2.99385830
Negev Amber Ale 4.92/20/2010Rate 2.97364345
Negev Beresheet Desert Beer 4.72/6/2014Rate 2.718
Negev Oak Porter (alias) 5.02/23/2014
Negev Oasis 4.78/9/2013Rate 2.91314016
Negev Porter Alon 5.02/19/2010Rate 3.39796997

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