NoDa / Heist / Birdsong / Free Range / New Belgium Mine & Yours 8.011/16/2015Rate 3.145
NoDa / Legion Girls GOSE Wild – Cucumber Gose -4/9/2016Rate 3.163
NoDa / Mother Earth Word to your MoDa 5.95/1/2013Rate 2.984
NoDa / New Belgium Funkaversary 6.46/20/2013Rate 3.242210
NoDa 10 Blocks South Xtra Pale Ale 5.54/14/2012Rate 3.236
NoDa 26th Street Wit 4.610/9/2011Rate 0
NoDa 366 Wit 6.05/8/2016Rate 3.162
NoDa A Knights Ale 5.94/15/2014Rate 2.955
NoDa Aprinox 6.27/22/2016Rate 3.171
NoDa Between the Berries and Me 9.42/15/2015Rate 3.083
NoDa Bourbon Barrel Aged NoDaRyeZ’d 8.81/31/2013Rate 2.994
NoDa Bourbon Barrel and Vanilla Bean Aged Olde Voyager 1010/25/2015Rate 3.191
NoDa Breast Friends 3.711/14/2014Rate 2.892
NoDa Captain Peanut Butter’s Chocolate Revenge 8.411/25/2014Rate 3.214
NoDa CAVU 4.64/9/2014Rate 3.28825
NoDa Coco Loco Porter 6.210/9/2011Rate 3.6798113
NoDa Cold Crash 6.312/30/2012Rate 3.2779
NoDa Conroy’s English IPA 5.111/25/2014Rate 2.934
NoDa Czech Mate 5.04/28/2015Rate 3.041
NoDa Drop Dead Gordgeous 9.22/5/2014Rate 3.144
NoDa Ella Good 3.88/20/2014Rate 2.861
NoDa Experimental 7 5.06/23/2015Rate 0
NoDa Framble on Red 5.26/23/2015Rate 0
NoDa Ghost Hop 5.94/14/2012Rate 3.183513
NoDa Good Will Hopping 7.46/25/2016Rate 3.041
NoDa Gordgeous 6.48/21/2013Rate 3.348812
NoDa Guildy as Sin 6.59/26/2015Rate 3.041
NoDa Haulin’ Oats 5.94/30/2014Rate 3.023
NoDa Here GOSE Nothin’ 4.511/16/2014Rate 2.761
NoDa HooDoo’s Revenge 6.011/16/2014Rate 2.91
NoDa Hop Cakes 103/5/2013Rate 3.32019
NoDa Hop Havoc 6.611/25/2014Rate 2.861
NoDa Hop, Drop ’n Roll IPA 7.210/9/2011Rate 3.8599246
NoDa Hope’s Stout 4.010/18/2012Rate 2.974
NoDa Hoppy Holidays 6.512/23/2014Rate 3.43
NoDa Hot Pistol 7.08/29/2013Rate 3.498711
NoDa Imperial Hop, Drop ’n Roll IPA 10.252/5/2014Rate 3.023
NoDa Jam Session 5.13/7/2013Rate 3.59178
NoDa Memory Lane Porter 6.05/14/2015Rate 3.041
NoDa Midnight Madness 6.754/14/2012Rate 3.171615
NoDa Mild Child 3.86/3/2014Rate 2.831
NoDa Monk’s Trunks Belgian Pale Ale 5.210/15/2011Rate 3.177
NoDa Monstro 11.210/31/2014Rate 3.238
NoDa Mother Shucker 6.74/30/2014Rate 33
NoDa Mutha Shuck Yo Mouth 8.23/5/2016Rate 0
NoDa NoDajito Witbier 4.87/13/2012Rate 3.27111
NoDa Olde Voyager 9.611/10/2014Rate 3.27
NoDa Olde Voyager (Bourbon Barrel & Vanilla Bean Aged ) 1012/13/2015Rate 3.333
NoDa Pacific Reign 9.812/1/2012Rate 3.12912
NoDa Par 4 4.010/17/2015Rate 3.147
NoDa PIPA Long Hoppings 6.49/22/2013Rate 3.115
NoDa Pragmatic Disposition 7.02/8/2016Rate 3.042
NoDa Premium Roast Coffee Stout 5.53/17/2016Rate 3.163
NoDa Pretty Girl Pale Ale 5.210/9/2011Rate 0
NoDa Ramble on Red 5.210/15/2011Rate 3.177229
NoDa Rob’s Salted Caramel Stout 8.04/28/2015Rate 3.021
NoDa Rye So Serious??? 8.02/12/2012Rate 2.972
NoDa RyeZ’d Double Rye Indian Pale Ale 8.910/15/2011Rate 3.32717
NoDa Saison de Maison 5.36/25/2016Rate 3.021
NoDa Santa Baby 4.512/30/2012Rate 2.866
NoDa Sensory Overload 3.0 6.84/20/2016Rate 31
NoDa Southern Brunch Stout 6.78/24/2014Rate 2.881
NoDa Sucette à l’abricot 3.24/21/2015Rate 3.041
NoDa Sucette a la Peche 3.27/20/2015Rate 0
NoDa Tart Attack (alias) 4.311/26/2013
NoDa Top Shelf Series Imperial Coco Loco 9.32/22/2013Rate 3.565328
NoDa Top Shelf Series Tart Attack 4.310/12/2013Rate 3.112439
NoDa TriUmphant 9.74/14/2012Rate 3.48118
NoDa Weizen Up 4.99/1/2013Rate 3.053
NoDa What Gose Round 3.97/18/2014Rate 3.223613
NoDa Woody & Wilcox (2012-2014) 6.07/13/2012Rate 3.132716
NoDa Woody & Wilcox (2014-) 6.28/24/2014Rate 3.375519
NoDa Xcessive 5.92/5/2014Rate 2.552

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