Old Dominion Brewing Company (Coastal Brewing Co.)


Acme Ale (alias) -5/14/2004
Aviator Amber Lager 5.510/13/2002Rate 2.8255929
Brewers Art House Pale Ale (retired) 5.012/3/2001Rate 3474229
Broken Leg Lager House Draft 5.512/16/2014Rate 3.213
Dominion 29,035 Ft. Double IPA (retired) 9.55/6/2006Rate 3.296
Dominion 6-4-3 (retired) -10/10/2002Rate 3.112
Dominion A.M. (retired) -5/12/2008Rate 3.44
Dominion Abbey Ale 7.54/5/2014Rate 2.92341819
Dominion Ale 4.710/29/2000Rate 3.064558240
Dominion Amen Black IPA 6.25/20/2011Rate 2.772
Dominion Bad Ass Brew (retired) -6/14/2005Rate 2.841
Dominion Beach House Golden Pilsner 5.25/2/2008Rate 3.14687123
Dominion Belgian Brown (retired) 5.811/15/2003Rate 3.24697017
Dominion Big Thaw Bock 7.51/22/2011Rate 3.06476049
Dominion Black & Tan (retired) 4.710/29/2000Rate 2.91371344
Dominion Blonde (Light) (retired) 3.52/3/2003Rate 2.178214
Dominion Brewers Art Pale Ale (alias) -1/15/2004
Dominion Brown Ale (retired) 5.56/24/2003Rate 3.494
Dominion California Double Brown Ale (retired) 8.01/29/2005Rate 3.63894816
Dominion Candi 1011/5/2013Rate 3.16483875
Dominion Carlyle Lager -10/4/2015Rate 3.052
Dominion Carlyle Pale Ale -10/4/2015Rate 3.142
Dominion Cherry Blossom Lager 5.24/14/2012Rate 2.76213865
Dominion Cherry Wheat (retired) -11/21/2004Rate 3.288
Dominion Coffee Stout (retired) -1/12/2007Rate 2.841
Dominion Dortmunder Lager (alias) -7/14/2009
Dominion Double D Double IPA 9.04/10/2011Rate 3.478645241
Dominion Double Red Ale (retired) 9.06/2/2006Rate 3.23641414
Dominion ESB (retired) -11/21/2004Rate 3.254
Dominion Framboise (retired) -6/24/2006Rate 2.83
Dominion Gigi’s Farmhouse Ale 7.23/21/2012Rate 3.16502553
Dominion Golden Lager 5.72/2/2003Rate 2.7253620
Dominion Harrys Tap Room Ale (alias) -7/26/2012
Dominion Herrschaft Alt (retired) -2/13/2007Rate 3.153
Dominion Herrschaft Kolsch (retired) -6/25/2006Rate 2.938
Dominion Hop Harvest Ale (retired) -10/19/2006Rate 3.076
Dominion Hop Lips IPA 6.05/31/2015Rate 3.24583734
Dominion Hop Mountain Pale Ale 5.67/29/2009Rate 3.276355256
Dominion Irish Cream Ale (retired) -3/14/2005Rate 2.846
Dominion Irish Red Ale (retired) -7/30/2005Rate 3.07516117
Dominion Irish Stout (retired) 3.92/27/2003Rate 3.22735817
Dominion J. Pauls 1889 Amber Ale (alias) 5.259/20/2003
Dominion Lager 5.46/11/2000Rate 3.175196279
Dominion Maniacs (retired) 9.08/3/2002Rate 3.413
Dominion Millennium 11.46/7/2001Rate 3.689788409
Dominion Millennium Oak Aged 11.41/15/2004Rate 3.899998268
Dominion Millennium Oak Aged with Brett (retired) 11.43/12/2009Rate 3.53946514
Dominion Monk Czech 5.27/5/2012Rate 2.88332614
Dominion Morning Glory Espresso Stout 9.011/20/2012Rate 3.518935204
Dominion Oak Barrel Stout 6.13/10/2004Rate 3.579293978
Dominion Oak Barrel Stout (Brewpub Version) (retired) 5.28/3/2002Rate 3.819999107
Dominion Octoberfest 6.49/24/2001Rate 3.225891207
Dominion Pale Ale 5.66/7/2001Rate 3.438687165
Dominion Porter (retired) 4.59/20/2003Rate 3.12523310
Dominion Raspberry Wheat (retired) -7/23/2006Rate 2.772
Dominion Real Ale (retired) 6.56/7/2001Rate 3.38747020
Dominion Saison (retired) -8/30/2006Rate 3.237
Dominion Scottish Ale (retired) 7.01/16/2006Rate 3.236
Dominion Second Runnings Bitter (retired) -4/29/2004Rate 3.043
Dominion Smell the Glove Porter (retired) -5/26/2008Rate 2.881
Dominion Sour Project: Mother Pucker 7.510/31/2012Rate 3.016
Dominion Spring Brew (Belgian Style Golden Ale) (retired) 7.01/26/2007Rate 2.96433733
Dominion Spring Brew (Bock) (retired) -4/29/2002Rate 3.11556029
Dominion Spring Brew (Imperial Pilsener) (retired) 8.53/7/2004Rate 3.69097125
Dominion Spring Buck Blonde Ale 7.81/29/2008Rate 2.94393457
Dominion Stout (retired) 4.79/7/2000Rate 3.14593552
Dominion Summer Wheat (Dunkelweizen) (retired) 5.54/20/2005Rate 3.1525550
Dominion Summer Wheat (Hefeweizen) (retired) 5.43/20/2002Rate 3.35869712
Dominion Summer Wheat (Kristall Weizen) (retired) 5.46/2/2005Rate 3.08558034
Dominion Summer Wheat (Wit) (retired) -8/30/2001Rate 3.24687846
Dominion Sweetwater Pale Ale (retired) 5.26/7/2001Rate 3.165
Dominion The Chief’s Imperial Elixir (retired) 7.56/4/2006Rate 3.34869916
Dominion The Chief’s Spezial Rauschbier (retired) 5.210/26/2005Rate 3.555
Dominion The Dream: 25th Anniversary 7.510/1/2014Rate 3.226
Dominion Tip & Kerry’s Doppelbock (retired) 7.13/25/2006Rate 31
Dominion Triple (retired) -11/21/2004Rate 3.368
Dominion Victory Ale -1/22/2004Rate 2.82323312
Dominion Vienna (retired) -1/12/2007Rate 2.785
Dominion Winter Brew (Baltic Porter) 6.810/29/2008Rate 3.397946228
Dominion Winter Brew (Biere de Noel) (retired) 7.310/19/2006Rate 3.01474443
Dominion Winter Brew (Imperial Stout) (retired) 8.06/7/2001Rate 3.51934083
Dominion Winter Brew (IPA) (retired) 6.811/9/2005Rate 3.6907965
Dominion Winter Brew (Polish Porter) (retired) 5.811/1/2003Rate 3.64947560
Dominion Winter Brew (Scottish Ale) (retired) 6.74/14/2002Rate 3.25673925
Dominion Winter Brew 2007 (IPA) (retired) 6.612/12/2007Rate 3.36754417
Dominion Wit-tail Wheat (retired) -5/12/2008Rate 2.834
Dubliner Irish Lager -9/6/2005Rate 2.85
Hamlets Premium Amber Ale (alias) 4.75/13/2004
Hard Times Select (Old Dominion) (retired) 5.51/28/2003Rate 2.85366514
J. Pauls 1889 Amber Ale 4.79/24/2001Rate 2.89313423
Lost Dog Cafe Ale (alias) -5/20/2008
Mobjack Blueberry Wheat (retired) 5.08/16/2001Rate 2.74234217
Mobjack Olde Coot Stout (retired) -9/5/2000Rate 3.42786311
Mobjack Pale Ale (retired) 5.22/7/2001Rate 3.08544459
Mobjack Red Ale (retired) 5.43/19/2001Rate 2.95444833
Mooney’s Irish Stout (retired) -6/11/2006Rate 2.692
Old (Auld) Dubliner Amber Ale 4.66/7/2001Rate 2.8282821
Old Dominion (Coastal Brewing) Aviator Amber Lager (alias) 5.510/19/2012
Old Dominion (Coastal Brewing) Double D Double IPA -5/16/2016Rate 0
Old Dominion Oktoberfest 5.710/19/2015Rate 2.993
Raleigh Tavern VIRGA Wheat Beer (retired) -3/4/2001Rate 2.921
Raleigh Tavern Williamsburg Pale Ale -2/26/2001Rate 2.82243328
Shuckers Brew (retired) -3/7/2002Rate 2.642
Siam (retired) 5.76/6/2001Rate 2.474
Siné Irish-Style Red Ale 4.89/20/2003Rate 2.94363416
Victory Amber Lager 5.22/27/2003Rate 2.95418928

.Associated place: Old Dominion Brewing Company.
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