Omnipollo Aurora 7.27/11/2016Rate 3.587
Omnipollo Blend 2 Mango Beetroot Saison 4.59/29/2015Rate 3.24643919
Omnipollo Fruit Tap 4: Mango Pilsner (alias) 5.26/28/2016
Omnipollo House Blend #Nook 4.46/16/2016 U  0
Omnipollo / Evil Twin Russian Roulette (retired)
Brewed at Amager Bryghus
7.13/1/2012Rate 3.669695112
Omnipollo / Stillwater Schiuma Party (retired) 6.83/5/2014Rate 3.619491102
Omnipollo Hypnopompa Bourbon 111/8/2014Rate 3.91999194
Omnipollo Hypnopompa Grönstedts Cognac 114/10/2014Rate 3.76987574
Omnipollo Hypnopompa Marshmallow Stout 118/6/2013Rate 3.729765267
Omnipollo Noa Pecan Mud Cake - Bourbon 1210/31/2015Rate 4.081009863
Omnipollo Noa Pecan Mud Cake - Double Barrel 114/9/2016Rate 4.110098152
Omnipollo Hadit
Brewed at Browar Wąsosz
4.611/27/2015Rate 3.31699619
Omnipollo / Buxton Cloudberry Ice Cream IPA
Brewed at Buxton
7.21/26/2016Rate 3.53908547
Omnipollo / Buxton Ice Cream Pale
Brewed at Buxton
5.69/21/2015Rate 3.57929597
Omnipollo / Buxton Stolen Fruit Grapefruit and Key Lime Sour Wheat
Brewed at Buxton
4.67/11/2014Rate 3.579384121
Omnipollo / Buxton Yellow Belly Peanut Butter Biscuit Stout
Brewed at Buxton
118/9/2014Rate 4.0210096303
Omnipollo Bianca Blueberry Lassi Gose
Brewed at Buxton
3.54/8/2016Rate 3.7979784
Omnipollo Bianca Mango Lassi Gose
Brewed at Buxton
6.012/26/2014Rate 3.669696251
Omnipollo Bianca Raspberry Lassi Gose
Brewed at Buxton
4.211/7/2015Rate 3.7979789
Omnipollo Mango Smoothie IPA
Brewed at Buxton
7.04/8/2016Rate 3.61949248
Omnipollo Viktor IPA
Brewed at Buxton
7.54/8/2016Rate 3.63949347
Omnipollo / Nómada En el Bosque Red (retired) 7.09/13/2012Rate 3.378195113
Omnipollo Abrahadabra 6.012/24/2015Rate 3.68969639
Omnipollo Aniara 6.03/21/2016Rate 3.47868929
Omnipollo Brett Bianca Mango Lassi Gose (alias) 6.012/10/2015
Omnipollo Nautilus 4.51/13/2016Rate 3.69968045
Omnipollo Symzonia 132/17/2016Rate 3.83998551
Omnipollo / Evil Twin Free Beer IPA (retired) 6.210/9/2012Rate 3.5928517
Omnipollo / Prairie Artisan Ales Potlatch Farmhouse Ale 7.011/6/2013Rate 3.649592150
Omnipollo / Tired Hands Shilkmake IPA 7.011/17/2015Rate 3.49887992
Omnipollo Arzachel 3.56/14/2016Rate 3.58939629
Omnipollo Astral Fresh Keg IIPA - Amarillo/Simcoe (retired) 9.84/2/2014Rate 3.68968529
Omnipollo Astral Fresh Keg IPA - Citra/Nelson 6.910/14/2015Rate 3.67969526
Omnipollo Astral Fresh Keg IPA - European Challenger 6.92/19/2016Rate 3.01391219
Omnipollo Astral Fresh Keg IPA - Merkur (retired) 6.72/19/2014Rate 3.55949123
Omnipollo Astral Fresh Keg IPA - Nelson/Galaxy 6.010/3/2014Rate 3.52918421
Omnipollo Astral Fresh Keg IPA - Polaris 4.54/11/2015Rate 3.39816427
Omnipollo Bacchanale Saison 6.08/16/2013Rate 3.49887766
Omnipollo Brygd Imperial Stout (retired) 104/24/2013Rate 3.79988082
Omnipollo Ellis Mango Pils 5.212/18/2015Rate 3.24578534
Omnipollo Erzulie Barley Wine (retired) 138/14/2013Rate 3.24572288
Omnipollo Esperanto 6.06/14/2016Rate 3.38785319
Omnipollo Fruit Tap 1 Orange Juice 5.53/16/2015Rate 3.21548363
Omnipollo Fruit Tap 2 Lemonade 6.04/13/2015Rate 3.47869693
Omnipollo Fruit Tap 3 Sour Apricot 3.812/18/2015Rate 3.42839546
Omnipollo GONE IPA (retired) 6.51/24/2014Rate 3.42887414
Omnipollo Leon Belgian-style Pale Ale 6.52/28/2011Rate 3.549197445
Omnipollo Magic #3 - Protein Shake IIPA 8.03/16/2015Rate 3.35753099
Omnipollo Magic #3,14 - Wildflower Honey Saison 6.56/13/2014Rate 3.32714532
Omnipollo Magic #3.5 - Pineapple Gose 3.512/3/2015Rate 3.448473137
Omnipollo Magic #4,21 - Double Raspberry/Vanilla Smoothie IPA 6.07/24/2015Rate 3.63959991
Omnipollo Magic #4:20 Vanilla Waffle Wheat 5.28/26/2015Rate 3.45859790
Omnipollo Magic #411 - Wild Strawberry/Rhubarb/Vanilla Smoothie IPA 6.011/8/2014Rate 3.69498175
Omnipollo Magic #42 - Passion Fruit and Key Lime Wit 4.57/7/2014Rate 3.387895139
Omnipollo Magic #7 - Pineapple and Fresh Spearmint Wit 4.56/13/2014Rate 3.45869735
Omnipollo Magic #8 - Patisserie Pale (Maple Candied Almond Pale) 5.012/3/2015Rate 3.41818284
Omnipollo Magic #90 000 - Blueberry/Pecan/Almond/Vanilla Smoothie IPA 7.03/16/2015Rate 3.458595156
Omnipollo Mazarin Oatmeal Pale Ale 5.64/5/2012Rate 3.629497392
Omnipollo Moebius IIPA 8.511/2/2012Rate 3.699786113
Omnipollo Nathalius Single Hop Galaxy IIPA (retired) 8.04/26/2013Rate 3.134748170
Omnipollo Nebolution IIPA (retired) 10.54/2/2014Rate 3.65958037
Omnipollo Nebuchadnezzar IIPA 8.59/9/2012Rate 3.879997756
Omnipollo Onda 100% Mosaic IPA 7.012/3/2015Rate 3.59939058
Omnipollo Onda Mosaic Pale 5.03/16/2015Rate 3.589396117
Omnipollo Perikles 4.33/16/2015Rate 3.08438387
Omnipollo Ras Soft Citra IPA 6.011/20/2015Rate 3.62949288
Omnipollo Törst IIPA (retired) 102/15/2013Rate 3.46914814
Omnipollo Weekday Golden Ale (retired) 5.26/4/2012Rate 3.45899926
Omnipollo Zodiak IPA 6.210/23/2014Rate 3.639594270
Omnipollo / Dugges / Edge Parallax IPA
Brewed at Dugges Bryggeri
7.05/31/2016Rate 3.4806016
Omnipollo / Dugges Anagram Blueberry Cheesecake Stout
Brewed at Dugges Bryggeri
124/6/2016Rate 3.7976182
Omnipollo / Siren / Mike Bates Gracchus Saison (retired)
Brewed at Dugges Bryggeri
4.55/27/2014Rate 3.23573293
Omnipollo / Tired Hands Fatamatago Mango IPA (retired)
Brewed at Dugges Bryggeri
7.08/9/2014Rate 3.4869620
Omnipollo Ben Simcoe Pale
Brewed at Dugges Bryggeri
5.910/30/2015Rate 3.69969958
Omnipollo Cassius Citra Pale
Brewed at Dugges Bryggeri
6.06/28/2016Rate 3.37777611
Omnipollo Magic #666 - Black Mango IPA
Brewed at Dugges Bryggeri
6.02/26/2016Rate 3.62948571
Omnipollo Noa Pecan Mud Cake
Brewed at Dugges Bryggeri
114/12/2015Rate 4.110098301
Omnipollo Olympus Mons
Brewed at Dugges Bryggeri
8.03/31/2016Rate 3.82999674
Omnipollo Wedding Stout
Brewed at Dugges Bryggeri
128/19/2015Rate 3.77987736
Omnipollo / Prairie Omniprairie aka Abundantia Milk Choc. Caramel Stout 103/16/2015Rate 3.9999174
Omnipollo Magic Number φ (1.61803) - Grapefruit/Simcoe Mead
Brewed at Mjödhamnen
6.54/27/2015Rate 3.16484543
Omnipollo Agamemnon Bourbon 13.26/28/2015Rate 4.0710098116
Omnipollo Agamemnon Maple Syrup Imperial Stout 12.54/17/2013Rate 3.859986152
Omnipollo Fatamorgana Oat/Wheat IIPA 8.09/30/2013Rate 3.779893296
Omnipollo ’Stillwater Premium’ Remix (retired) 7.02/19/2014Rate 3.6949864
Omnipollo Table Beer Milk Pale 5.03/16/2015Rate 3.5889127

.Associated place: Omnipollos Hatt.
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