(Out Of Business)

Origionally named Green Jack Brewery using the Forbes brewery kit. A split of the partners created the name change to Oulton Ales, another brewery named Green Jack was subsequently opened. Stopped brewing late 2008.
Oulton Bitter (retired) 3.53/20/2004Rate 3.07528510
Oulton Black Cormorant Porter (retired) 5.25/25/2006Rate 2.9237910
Oulton Cracker (retired) 4.72/16/2007Rate 2.942
Oulton Gone Fishing (retired) 5.02/22/2005Rate 2.657
Oulton Herring Bone (retired) 3.95/8/2012Rate 2.831
Oulton Keelhaul (retired) 6.52/26/2004Rate 2.942
Oulton Mutford Mild (retired) 3.73/9/2004Rate 3.153
Oulton Nautilus (retired) 4.212/13/2003Rate 2.88
Oulton Roaring Boy (retired) 8.52/13/2005Rate 3.2973209
Oulton Sunrise (retired) 4.07/16/2003Rate 2.93375415
Oulton Sunset (retired) 4.22/23/2004Rate 3.151
Oulton Windswept (retired) 4.56/30/2004Rate 3.194

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