Palisade A Funky Kind of Love 5.512/31/2015Rate 0
Palisade Cashed Out Porter 6.858/18/2014Rate 31
Palisade Colorado Groove Black IPA 5.812/31/2015Rate 0
Palisade Dirty Hippie Dark Wheat 5.38/1/2010Rate 2.99385211
Palisade ESB 2/21/2011Rate 2.831
Palisade Finger Pickiní Summer Ale 5.312/31/2015Rate 0
Palisade Gatlin Gun Brown Ale 8/1/2010Rate 0
Palisade High Desert Red Ale 5.88/1/2010Rate 3.195
Palisade Hoptocopter IPA 71/11/2013Rate 2.931
Palisade Hula Hoppie Session IPA 4.87/6/2014Rate 3.016
Palisade Irish Blessings Red Ale 4.8512/31/2015Rate 0
Palisade Laid Back Blonde Ale 58/1/2010Rate 2.873
Palisade Let It Grow IPA 812/31/2015Rate 0
Palisade Love Potion #2: Farmhouse Ale 7.910/13/2013Rate 2.811
Palisade Love Potion #3: Dunkelweizen 6.412/31/2015Rate 0
Palisade Love Potion #4: Belgian Pale Ale 5.7812/31/2015Rate 0
Palisade Love Potion #5: Witbier 8.3512/31/2015Rate 0
Palisade Mindless Chatter Hefeweisen 5.259/5/2011Rate 2.881
Palisade Off Belay IPA 710/20/2010Rate 3.035
Palisade Paw Print Porter 6.8512/14/2010Rate 3.074
Palisade Peach Fuzz 9/5/2011Rate 2.671
Palisade Pickerís Delight Saison 6.1412/31/2015Rate 0
Palisade Pilsner 5.347/3/2015Rate 2.71
Palisade Rivertime Pale Ale 5.79/5/2011Rate 2.831
Palisade Rusty Wire IPA 8/1/2010Rate 0
Palisade S.O.B. Pale Ale 6.18/1/2010Rate 2.841
Palisade Soul Shakin Red Ale 7.512/31/2015Rate 0
Palisade Teddy Bear Stout 6.212/31/2015Rate 0
Palisade The Olathe Connection Pale Ale 6.0112/31/2015Rate 0
Palisade Zosa IPA 6.84/26/2015Rate 2.981
.Associated place: Palisade Brewing Company.
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