Anglo Dutch Artillery Ale 4.611/4/2009Rate 2.791
Anglo Dutch At tí Ghoul & Ghost (Bottle) 5.22/18/2004Rate 3.071
Anglo Dutch At tíGhoul & Ghost (Cask) 5.22/28/2004Rate 3.023
Anglo Dutch Aunt Agatha 4.211/20/2010Rate 2.923
Anglo Dutch Auntie Gladís Ghoul 5.27/21/2010Rate 2.841
Anglo Dutch Autumn Ale -10/23/2006Rate 2.811
Anglo Dutch Aye Thats Stout 4.010/17/2010Rate 2.842
Anglo Dutch Best Bitter 3.87/23/2009Rate 2.761
Anglo Dutch By Thor 3.95/14/2011Rate 2.81
Anglo Dutch Christmas Beer (alias) 4.812/17/2007
Anglo Dutch Crown Imperial 4.62/3/2003Rate 2.921
Anglo Dutch Crunch Tout 4.02/23/2009Rate 2.661
Anglo Dutch Dusk till Dawn 4.08/3/2009Rate 2.974
Anglo Dutch Ghost On The Rim (alias) 4.57/3/2004
Anglo Dutch Giddy Kipper 3.810/3/2007Rate 2.723
Anglo Dutch Godís Own Ale 4.29/6/2008Rate 2.733
Anglo Dutch Grand Job 3.94/24/2009Rate 2.761
Anglo Dutch Heaven Scent 4.73/14/2004Rate 2.841
Anglo Dutch Imperial Pale Ale 5.07/9/2004Rate 2.873
Anglo Dutch Jasperís Ale 4.47/3/2004Rate 2.85368
Anglo Dutch Jasperís Pale Ale 4.43/15/2011Rate 2.931
Anglo Dutch Joys Of Spring 3.94/13/2011Rate 2.771
Anglo Dutch Kletswater (alias) 4.04/22/2012
Anglo Dutch Magnum 3.73/16/2009Rate 2.691
Anglo Dutch Midsummer Ale 4.05/22/2011Rate 2.772
Anglo Dutch Mild Rabarber 4.08/21/2002Rate 3.245
Anglo Dutch Mitchís Brew 4.14/13/2003Rate 3.133
Anglo Dutch Old Staff 4.211/23/2010Rate 2.771
Anglo Dutch Pacific Gem 3.89/4/2009Rate 2.841
Anglo Dutch Sarah Barnesí Stark Raven Wild 6.07/7/2010Rate 2.81
Anglo Dutch Special 4.36/23/2005Rate 2.914
Anglo Dutch Spikeís On TíWay (alias) 4.27/3/2004
Anglo Dutch Spring Ale 3.96/8/2006Rate 2.881
Anglo Dutch St. George 4.74/22/2012Rate 0
Anglo Dutch Summer Kolder 4.04/22/2012Rate 0
Anglo Dutch Sweet Jane 4.05/27/2008Rate 2.738
Anglo Dutch Tabaatje 5.06/19/2007Rate 3.083
Anglo Dutch Tabatha the Knackered (alias) 6.010/19/2004
Anglo Dutch Two Man 4.44/26/2011Rate 2.81
Anglo Dutch When Youíre in a Hole Stop Digging 5.02/23/2004Rate 3.022
Anglo Dutch Wild Flower 4.24/22/2012Rate 0
Anglo Dutch Yorkshire Relish 4.77/3/2004Rate 2.984
Partners 150 Year Dewsbury Porter 4.55/28/2012Rate 2.871
Partners 6 Nations 4.02/11/2013Rate 2.996
Partners Aspistus 4.03/2/2009Rate 2.824
Partners Blonde 3.94/14/2012Rate 2.894213
Partners Bock 6.52/26/2014Rate 2.994
Partners Bohemia 4.34/11/2015Rate 2.741
Partners Cascade 4.03/10/2015Rate 3.055
Partners Champion 4.012/16/2014Rate 2.691
Partners Christmas Cracker 4.212/25/2014Rate 2.91
Partners Christmas Devil 4.012/13/2012Rate 2.91
Partners Citra 4.67/8/2015Rate 3.175
Partners Evolution 4.012/31/2015Rate 2.921
Partners Ghost 4.58/9/2004Rate 3.024223
Partners Going For Gold 5.57/31/2014Rate 2.791
Partners Head íní Feed 4.210/23/2015Rate 31
Partners IPA 5.08/5/2013Rate 3.023
Partners J.Y.B 3.55/3/2014Rate 2.933
Partners Kletswater 4.08/10/2003Rate 2.94417
Partners Mungo Mild 4.44/9/2013Rate 2.977
Partners Pilsner 4.86/7/2015Rate 2.974
Partners Pudsey Bear 4.010/20/2014Rate 2.932
Partners Pure Gold 3.54/22/2012Rate 2.985
Partners Red Mist 4.34/6/2015Rate 3.022
Partners Shoddy Porter 4.511/5/2011Rate 3.265012
Partners Spikeís 4.25/14/2003Rate 2.974823
Partners Stout and About 3.911/21/2015Rate 3.074
Partners Tabatha 6.03/21/2004Rate 2.981338
Partners The Devilís Knell 4.812/17/2007Rate 3.044
Partners The Olympian 4.28/5/2012Rate 2.792
Partners Triple Hop 4.23/5/2013Rate 3.012514
Partners Working Class Hero 3.810/28/2013Rate 2.86
Partners World Cup Brazil 214 5.57/13/2014Rate 2.811

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