Payette #biggestsmallbeerever 8.05/16/2016Rate 3.164
Payette / Highland Hollow Creature Comfort Coffee Stout 6.012/24/2014Rate 2.912
Payette / Hopworks 24 Karat Pale Ale 6.07/14/2015Rate 3.197
Payette / New Belgium Reckless Radler 5.23/20/2014Rate 2.783
Payette / Ninkasi Cabaret -1/17/2014Rate 2.92
Payette / Ninkasi Magic Garden IPA 6.24/27/2015Rate 3.183
Payette / Three Creeks Yam It Feels Good to Be a Thankster -11/16/2015Rate 3.055
Payette 12 Gauge Imperial Stout 103/24/2013Rate 3.69965813
Payette 12 Gauge Imperial Stout with Vanilla 11.511/27/2015Rate 2.981
Payette 8 Second Rye’d Imperial Rodeo IPA 8.07/19/2016Rate 3.041
Payette 8ight Penny Ale -3/24/2013Rate 0
Payette Ah Ha! Eureka! Wet Hop Ale 6.410/11/2015Rate 2.973
Payette Aprčs Extra Pale Ale 4.03/9/2015Rate 2.914
Payette Axe Handle India Pale Lager 4.23/26/2015Rate 3.063
Payette Bandito IPA 6.43/24/2013Rate 3.084
Payette Barrel Aged 12 Gauge 1012/20/2013Rate 3.66965418
Payette Basic Pumpkin Spice Latte Ale 5.29/26/2015Rate 3.095
Payette Basque Soccer Lager 4.45/19/2015Rate 3.014
Payette Belgian Dubbel 6.54/3/2014Rate 3.224
Payette Belgian Tripel 8.05/9/2014Rate 2.924
Payette Berry’d Alive 5.35/16/2016Rate 3.163
Payette Biere De Garden City -3/24/2013Rate 0
Payette Big Ass Barn Saison 7.23/24/2013Rate 2.981
Payette Bitter Buffalo India Brown Ale 6.23/24/2013Rate 3.192
Payette Blood Orange IPA -8/1/2014Rate 3.4806011
Payette Blood Orange Rustler 6.27/19/2016Rate 3.162
Payette Bo-He-man Imperial Pilsner 9.05/16/2016Rate 3.034
Payette Bonanza Dry Hopped Golden Ale 4.07/30/2014Rate 3.27639313
Payette Branding Iron Robust Porter 6.03/24/2013Rate 0
Payette Bronco Billy Wheat 4.23/24/2013Rate 0
Payette Buckaroo Blonde Ale 4.77/14/2015Rate 2.952
Payette Busted Wagon IPA -3/24/2013Rate 2.972
Payette C.R.E.A.M 7.55/16/2016Rate 3.183
Payette Chubby Squirrel -3/24/2013Rate 2.962
Payette City Slicker Mild 3.23/24/2013Rate 2.861
Payette Coffee Infused Mutton Buster -3/24/2013Rate 0
Payette Cucumber-Cardamon Pilsner 5.63/24/2013Rate 2.891
Payette Dirty Hippie Hef -3/24/2013Rate 0
Payette DoppleBock 6.212/13/2013Rate 2.761
Payette Double Mutton 8.95/21/2015Rate 2.974
Payette Elroy Imperial Saison 10.52/9/2014Rate 3.142
Payette Fine n’ Dandy 5.03/2/2016Rate 3.174
Payette Fly Line Vienna Lager 5.05/20/2014Rate 3.0141859
Payette Fly Line with Basil & Peppers 5.06/26/2015Rate 3.041
Payette Flyline Strawberry Basil 5.05/16/2016Rate 32
Payette Forward IPA 6.212/6/2015Rate 3.234
Payette Fresh ’n Wilder Pale Ale 5.03/24/2013Rate 0
Payette Fression Wet Hop 4.510/2/2015Rate 3.265
Payette George Imperial Saison 10.56/9/2014Rate 3.13
Payette Ghostbuster Brown Ale -3/24/2013Rate 2.91
Payette Guava Outlaw IPA -3/24/2013Rate 0
Payette Habanero IPA 6.59/28/2013Rate 2.911
Payette Harvest Blackberry IPA 6.28/20/2014Rate 2.771
Payette Harvest Cucumber Golden Ale 4.08/20/2014Rate 2.92
Payette Harvest Raspberry Brown Ale 5.57/30/2014Rate 2.731
Payette Harvest Raspberry Golden Ale 4.07/30/2014Rate 2.81
Payette Hell Pony Maibock 6.23/16/2013Rate 3.193
Payette High Side 5.36/30/2016Rate 2.982
Payette Honeydew North Fork lager 4.28/23/2013Rate 2.81
Payette Hoop And Stave No. 1 - Red Wine Barrel 9.04/24/2015Rate 3.3981389
Payette Hoop And Stave No. 2 - Brandy Barrel 9.08/18/2015Rate 3.47
Payette Hoop And Stave No. 3 - Whiskey Barrel Aged (Imperial Rye) 8.21/19/2016Rate 3.324
Payette Hoop And Stave No. 4 - Red Wine Barrel Aged (Imperial Brown) 8.73/1/2016Rate 0
Payette Hoop And Stave No. 5 - Whiskey Aged DoppelBock 8.26/12/2016Rate 2.981
Payette Idaho Sage Pale Collaboration -3/24/2013Rate 0
Payette Imaginary Friend Ae 4.23/24/2013Rate 0
Payette IPA Noir -9/6/2013Rate 2.812
Payette Jane Red Wine Barrel Imperial Saison 9.05/16/2016Rate 3.093
Payette Judy White Wine Barrel Imperial Saison 9.05/16/2016Rate 3.023
Payette Leaning Barn Saison 4.53/24/2013Rate 3.034
Payette Legend of Zeldorado 4.09/26/2014Rate 2.852
Payette Meridian India Pale Ale 6.511/13/2015Rate 3.065
Payette Mission Applumpished -3/24/2013Rate 0
Payette Moses Malone Blueberry Stout -3/24/2013Rate 0
Payette Mountain Man Barley Wine 8.53/6/2013Rate 3.194
Payette Mutton Buster Brown Ale 5.56/5/2011Rate 3.22546226
Payette North End Granola Stout 7.011/13/2015Rate 3.375
Payette North Fork - Lemongrass 4.49/5/2015Rate 3.041
Payette North Fork Lager 4.88/27/2012Rate 3.225410024
Payette North Fork Lager - Cucumber/Cardamom 4.43/26/2016Rate 3.112
Payette Oktoberfest 5.83/24/2013Rate 2.913
Payette One In The Chamber IPA 8.53/24/2013Rate 3.234
Payette Outlaw IPA With Cranberries 6.53/24/2013Rate 0
Payette Outlaw IPA With Grapefruit 6.210/8/2015Rate 3.112
Payette Outlaw IPA With Passionfruit 6.210/8/2015Rate 3.022
Payette Outlaw IPA With Tangerine 6.210/8/2015Rate 3.122
Payette Outlawed Imperial IPA 7.85/16/2016Rate 3.122
Payette Oxymoron Brown Ale -3/24/2013Rate 0
Payette Pale Ale 4.86/5/2011Rate 3.26645430
Payette Pale Ale - Nectarine -9/5/2015Rate 3.052
Payette Pepeno IPA -3/24/2013Rate 0
Payette Pistolero Porter 7.58/8/2013Rate 3.175
Payette Plum Golden Ale 4.09/9/2014Rate 2.771
Payette Pumpkin Buster 5.53/24/2013Rate 0
Payette Raspberry Brown Ale -7/31/2014Rate 2.91
Payette Raspberry Golden Ale -7/31/2014Rate 2.881
Payette Riot Rye 4.19/24/2014Rate 2.871
Payette Rodeo Rye Pale Ale 4.03/31/2012Rate 3.54919438
Payette Rustler IPA 6.26/5/2011Rate 3.31694652
Payette Sawed Off Stout 5.23/24/2013Rate 2.922
Payette Slaughterhouse - Wine Barrel Aged 8.56/3/2015Rate 3.193
Payette Slaughterhouse Red 7.53/24/2013Rate 3.35743922
Payette So Fresh N So Clean 4.63/24/2013Rate 2.934
Payette Star Garnet Black IPA -6/5/2011Rate 0
Payette Sunday Mourning Stout 8.82/28/2014Rate 2.862
Payette Tatanka Blanca White IPA 5.23/7/2015Rate 32
Payette The Caboose 10.23/24/2013Rate 2.872
Payette Tropical Bunghole -3/24/2013Rate 3.021
Payette Tumble Weed Smoked Rye Ale 8.27/19/2016Rate 2.981
Payette Tumble Wheat 5.05/16/2016Rate 3.033
Payette Tumbleweed Imperial Rye Pale Ale 8.45/20/2015Rate 3.052
Payette Vandal 125 Gold 4.59/3/2014Rate 2.872
Payette Wet ‘N Wilder 5.510/18/2012Rate 3.224
Payette White Cap 5.06/12/2016Rate 3.021

.Associated place: Payette Brewing Company.
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