Phoenix (Oak Brewing Co.)

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Initial production in Ellesmere Port as Oak Brewing, moved to current location in Heywood, the old Phoenix brewery (c1800) closed by Bass in 1962, in 1991. Changed trading name to Phoenix in 1996.
Brunning & Price Original Bitter 3.810/27/2011Rate 3.087
Phoenix Arizona 4.111/8/2002Rate 3.02415878
Phoenix Arrivebeerci 4.27/28/2007Rate 31
Phoenix Ay Up Chuck 4.22/10/2007Rate 2.921
Phoenix Bantam Bitter 3.56/28/2003Rate 2.767
Phoenix Bargain Basement 3.92/4/2009Rate 2.894
Phoenix Best Bitter 3.99/1/2003Rate 2.94384810
Phoenix Black Bee 4.512/16/2003Rate 3.23574236
Phoenix Black Cloak 6.511/2/2004Rate 3.382
Phoenix Black Peas 4.512/14/2009Rate 2.841
Phoenix Black Shadow 45/13/2004Rate 3.24617320
Phoenix Blizzard 45/3/2010Rate 2.833
Phoenix Bob Cratchett 4.24/7/2012Rate 2.771
Phoenix Buy One Get One 4.14/1/2009Rate 2.83
Phoenix Cheap as Chips 4.44/5/2009Rate 2.752
Phoenix Chefs Special 7.85/10/2006Rate 3.071
Phoenix Christmas Kiss 4.51/5/2006Rate 2.98403914
Phoenix Cobbled Streets 612/14/2009Rate 2.841
Phoenix Cornmill Bitter 4.29/21/2008Rate 2.893
Phoenix Deans Delerium 5.56/21/2004Rate 2.921
Phoenix Deans Dream Team 4.34/24/2005Rate 31
Phoenix Double Dagger 51/27/2003Rate 3.158
Phoenix Double Gold 54/30/2004Rate 3.11477962
Phoenix Dragon Smoke Stout 4.79/21/2007Rate 3.031
Phoenix Drift 4.91/31/2010Rate 2.774
Phoenix Duncan Disorderly 3.911/15/2009Rate 2.811
Phoenix Earthquake 7.311/23/2009Rate 2.931
Phoenix East Coast IPA (retired) 4.89/20/2004Rate 3.383
Phoenix Fazs Festival Ale 4.21/31/2007Rate 2.921
Phoenix Festival 4.111/23/2009Rate 2.811
Phoenix Firecracker 4.511/29/2008Rate 3.167
Phoenix Flash Flood 4.112/13/2003Rate 3.02447213
Phoenix Flight of the Phoenix 4.84/24/2005Rate 3.071
Phoenix Flurry 3.84/13/2010Rate 2.793
Phoenix Giants Ale 62/2/2009Rate 2.872
Phoenix Ginger Wheat Beer 4.57/4/2006Rate 3.071
Phoenix Gizza Nutha 52/10/2007Rate 2.921
Phoenix Gone Downt Pan 4.42/10/2007Rate 3.071
Phoenix Gritter 71/31/2010Rate 2.912
Phoenix Hollins Mill Gold (alias) 4.14/22/2016
Phoenix Hopsack 3.84/25/2008Rate 3.14478135
Phoenix Humbug 712/20/2003Rate 3.16625011
Phoenix Ice Queen 4.35/4/2010Rate 2.792
Phoenix Jack the Lad 4.32/12/2008Rate 2.961
Phoenix Joe Baxi 3.810/8/2009Rate 2.642
Phoenix Jolly Holly 4.112/20/2011Rate 36
Phoenix Knick Knack Paddy Whack 4.34/18/2016Rate 31
Phoenix Lancashire Pale Ale 4.64/19/2011Rate 2.943
Phoenix Last Leaf 4.511/24/2004Rate 3.27679712
Phoenix March Hare 4.44/1/2003Rate 3.05468111
Phoenix Massacre 4.77/27/2009Rate 2.935
Phoenix Mayfly 4.46/8/2006Rate 2.865
Phoenix Mick The Tick 4.36/14/2012Rate 2.791
Phoenix Midsummer Madness 4.56/16/2004Rate 3.21649317
Phoenix Monkeytown Mild 3.93/9/2005Rate 3.29678939
Phoenix Monkeytown Wild 62/10/2007Rate 31
Phoenix Navvy 3.87/8/2002Rate 3.05427153
Phoenix Old Oak Premium Bitter 4.51/25/2003Rate 2.947
Phoenix Old Stile 4.53/19/2004Rate 2.841
Phoenix One Hop Simco 4.610/26/2008Rate 2.961
Phoenix One Man Band 4.27/22/2009Rate 2.7525309
Phoenix Out New 42/12/2007Rate 2.921
Phoenix Owt On Gantry 4.72/10/2007Rate 2.841
Phoenix Pale Imitation 4.33/21/2011Rate 3.03487611
Phoenix Pale Moonlight 4.28/20/2002Rate 3.11467647
Phoenix Passion 4.31/31/2010Rate 2.963
Phoenix Pilsner Irwell 4.84/1/2009Rate 2.774
Phoenix Play it Again Sam 4.23/5/2015Rate 3.15488216
Phoenix Porter 51/21/2003Rate 3.32796519
Phoenix Premium Blonde 4.27/29/2006Rate 2.812
Phoenix Raisin Stout 4.511/1/2004Rate 3.272
Phoenix Red Devils 3.911/12/2014Rate 2.791
Phoenix Red Lion Ale 3.94/30/2015Rate 2.921
Phoenix Resurrection 4.75/14/2003Rate 2.9942419
Phoenix Rip Rap 4.13/20/2006Rate 2.932
Phoenix Rock n Roll 4.51/31/2007Rate 31
Phoenix Shamrock 4.34/23/2011Rate 2.934
Phoenix Skellington 4.110/31/2012Rate 2.834
Phoenix Skint 4.55/29/2010Rate 2.81
Phoenix Smart Alec 4.43/4/2008Rate 31
Phoenix Smithfield Bitter (retired) 42/5/2008Rate 2.927
Phoenix Snowbound 4.312/13/2003Rate 3.05488217
Phoenix Snowchap 41/31/2010Rate 2.812
Phoenix Spend Spend Spend 5.55/29/2010Rate 2.842
Phoenix Spooky Brew 4.510/22/2007Rate 3.15488210
Phoenix Spotland Gold 4.12/13/2008Rate 3.41849821
Phoenix St. Georges Flag 4.34/24/2005Rate 2.97415515
Phoenix Sticky Wicket 4.76/27/2003Rate 3.06478211
Phoenix Strawberry 4.27/22/2009Rate 3.37879612
Phoenix Struggling Monkey 4.711/2/2002Rate 3.04424512
Phoenix Tennis Elbow 4.57/4/2004Rate 3.3473969
Phoenix Thirsty Moon 4.61/26/2004Rate 3.13478743
Phoenix Ticker Taboo 56/11/2012Rate 2.791
Phoenix Uncle Fester Sinister Beer 4.511/7/2003Rate 2.758
Phoenix West Coast IPA 4.66/24/2005Rate 3.31706553
Phoenix What Sup 4.42/10/2007Rate 31
Phoenix White Monk 4.51/25/2003Rate 3.36769759
Phoenix White Tornado 4.39/22/2004Rate 3.18508637
Phoenix Winter Wonderland 4.31/4/2015Rate 2.811
Phoenix Wobbly Bob 65/19/2003Rate 3.26617186
Phoenix Wobbly Dean 5.54/24/2005Rate 3.111
Phoenix Works Extra Cold Lager 3.81/6/2015Rate 2.71

.Associated place: Sandbar (Phoenix).
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