Pipeworks / 4 Hands Black Tuna 9.51/6/2015Rate 3.86999918
Pipeworks / 4 Hands Square Grouper (alias) 9.511/23/2013
Pipeworks / Forbidden Root Ceci n’est pas une bière 8.59/25/2014Rate 3.32738612
Pipeworks / Harebrained Brief Relief 9.06/17/2014Rate 3.2164869
Pipeworks / Hop Head Farms / Great Leap Brewing Dixie Mission Wheat 8.57/24/2014Rate 3.178
Pipeworks / Kai Zan Guardians Rivalry 9.09/19/2014Rate 3.258
Pipeworks / Local Option Rohrwerker 10.52/12/2016Rate 3.46
Pipeworks / Local Option Schlüssel Berserker 9.52/12/2016Rate 3.444
Pipeworks / Parce Rum Good Fiend 135/25/2016Rate 3.387
Pipeworks / Rock Bottom Chicago Unicorn Hits Rock Bottom 9.59/4/2014Rate 3.47904912
Pipeworks / Supreme Lobster Walrus and the Carpenter 1010/10/2014Rate 3.65965112
Pipeworks / The Aviary Wing it 9.07/1/2015Rate 3.325
Pipeworks / Tired Hands MariLime Law 8.05/16/2013Rate 3.71978877
Pipeworks 18th Street Brotherhood Belgian Style Patersbier 4.51/2/2013Rate 3.39879331
Pipeworks A Couple Two Tree 9.011/18/2014Rate 3.16
Pipeworks A Midsummer Night Apricot Pale Ale 8.57/23/2014Rate 3.31779416
Pipeworks Abduction Imperial Stout 10.510/10/2012Rate 3.799879126
Pipeworks Amarillo 9.52/22/2014Rate 3.77989336
Pipeworks As You Wish... 1110/10/2014Rate 3.77988617
Pipeworks At Her Majesty’s Pleasure 7.09/12/2012Rate 3.619510059
Pipeworks Attack of the Devil’s Lettuce 9.05/8/2014Rate 3.61947227
Pipeworks Australian Summer 9.59/11/2013Rate 3.5925327
Pipeworks Barrel Aged Coffee Abduction Imperial Stout -11/15/2013Rate 3.46
Pipeworks Barrel Aged Date Sugar Yeast Magik 9.05/17/2014Rate 31
Pipeworks Barrel Aged Experimental Stout 105/17/2014Rate 2.841
Pipeworks Barrel Aged Jones Dog (2012 Draft only) (retired) -11/17/2012Rate 3.26734410
Pipeworks Barrel Aged Sour Smoked Porter -11/17/2012Rate 2.82303110
Pipeworks Batata Obscura 9.510/9/2013Rate 3.22668027
Pipeworks Beejay’s Weirdo Brown Ale 9.510/16/2013Rate 3.67969019
Pipeworks Begyle NvU Pajama Party 9.59/28/2013Rate 3.4590549
Pipeworks Belgian Gothic 9.01/20/2015Rate 3.39812315
Pipeworks Berrylime Law 8.07/1/2016Rate 0
Pipeworks Better a Witty Fool Than... A Foolish Wit 7.09/22/2012Rate 3.649610031
Pipeworks Bicentennial Falcon 9.09/6/2014Rate 3.33794114
Pipeworks Big Smokey P 10.59/10/2013Rate 3.56949416
Pipeworks Bigger Smokey P 1112/7/2013Rate 3.448
Pipeworks Blood of the Unicorn (retired) 8.55/28/2012Rate 3.729793126
Pipeworks Blood of the Unicorn (2015-) 6.58/1/2015Rate 3.699610027
Pipeworks Blue Lady Berliner Style Weisse 4.09/5/2012Rate 2.8225555
Pipeworks Blueberry Pie Scraper 8.511/19/2014Rate 3.27648810
Pipeworks Brother Blue Beardo 1010/26/2013Rate 3.28747222
Pipeworks Brother Nelson Razbeardo 101/2/2014Rate 3.3777816
Pipeworks Brovo no. 18 115/20/2015Rate 3.287
Pipeworks Brown & Stirred 10.58/2/2014Rate 3.43849432
Pipeworks Budapest Gambit 8.03/20/2014Rate 3.34759227
Pipeworks Bunny and the Bird 9.04/22/2014Rate 3.47884641
Pipeworks CA$H 4 Golden Ale 106/27/2012Rate 3.52938744
Pipeworks Cascade 9.54/18/2013Rate 3.76989337
Pipeworks Catch of a Lifetime 8.03/1/2014Rate 3.35835915
Pipeworks Centennial 9.06/15/2013Rate 3.77989352
Pipeworks Chai Dog 108/15/2013Rate 3.34731633
Pipeworks Chaton Rosé 7.03/9/2016Rate 3.37
Pipeworks Cherry Murderous: The Lookout 9.52/14/2015Rate 3.59937319
Pipeworks Cherry Truffle Abduction Imperial Stout 119/11/2013Rate 3.53903779
Pipeworks Chipotle Smoked Porter 7.53/2/2013Rate 3.52908938
Pipeworks Chris Quince -8/13/2015Rate 0
Pipeworks Cinnamon Abduction 10.54/17/2016Rate 3.4383269
Pipeworks Cinnamon Beer-D Os 109/20/2014Rate 3.16526920
Pipeworks Citra Imperial IPA 9.511/12/2012Rate 3.9810099115
Pipeworks Citra Saison 7.07/30/2014Rate 3.59939037
Pipeworks Citra vs. Mandarina 8.54/5/2016Rate 3.68968414
Pipeworks Citrus Saison 7.52/26/2015Rate 3.468
Pipeworks Close Encounter (retired) 8.54/2/2012Rate 3.849999131
Pipeworks Close Encounter (2015-) 7.010/27/2015Rate 3.78989761
Pipeworks Closer Encounter 118/19/2013Rate 3.71976456
Pipeworks Coconut Jones Dog 8.53/22/2016Rate 3.74987312
Pipeworks Coffee Break Abduction Imperial Stout 10.51/5/2013Rate 3.839985222
Pipeworks Coffee Cherry Truffle Abduction -7/1/2016Rate 0
Pipeworks Cohen’s State of Kind 9.06/22/2014Rate 3.37819413
Pipeworks Cranpire Christmas 4.011/30/2012Rate 3.34825229
Pipeworks Crimson Snapper 9.51/25/2015Rate 3.94999946
Pipeworks Cucumber Saison 7.03/30/2015Rate 3.295
Pipeworks Da Fuzz 8.03/10/2015Rate 3.66968121
Pipeworks Dad’s Best Boy 9.07/8/2014Rate 3.29753513
Pipeworks Dark Matter Machine 6.25/30/2016Rate 3.347
Pipeworks Date Sugar Yeast Magik 9.07/22/2013Rate 3.34768016
Pipeworks Delusion Moon 6.510/19/2015Rate 0
Pipeworks Derketo 1011/22/2013Rate 3.53936217
Pipeworks Deutsch Hopfen (retired) 9.51/17/2014Rate 3.6967616
Pipeworks Down Unda 103/19/2014Rate 3.41874323
Pipeworks Dreamsicle 9.07/6/2015Rate 3.335
Pipeworks Easter Bunny vs Unicorn 104/11/2014Rate 3.58937231
Pipeworks Elijah’s Revival 101/11/2014Rate 3.29672917
Pipeworks Emerald Grouper 9.56/25/2016Rate 3.83999629
Pipeworks End Boss 9.01/19/2015Rate 3.26695210
Pipeworks End of Days (Batch 002) (retired) 6.12/2/2012Rate 3.25708348
Pipeworks End of Days (Batch 012 and After) 8.25/14/2012Rate 3.73976799
Pipeworks Equinox 9.52/23/2016Rate 3.558
Pipeworks Fairy Basslet 9.56/28/2016Rate 3.465
Pipeworks Flavor Memory Response 8.011/17/2014Rate 3.198
Pipeworks Flower Child 3.51/23/2013Rate 3.55928163
Pipeworks Froggy Style Wheat Porter 8.86/27/2012Rate 3.53914576
Pipeworks Fully Hoperational Battlestation Imperial Saison 8.510/13/2014Rate 3.36805318
Pipeworks Funzino 9.55/17/2016Rate 3.58936417
Pipeworks G & T 8.03/3/2015Rate 3.28
Pipeworks Game of Jones 1010/1/2013Rate 3.64954991
Pipeworks Gerrit’s Smoked Stout (alias) 9.53/15/2015
Pipeworks Gerrit’s Weirdo Smoked Porter 9.53/1/2014Rate 3.34812713
Pipeworks Glaucus (2016-) 6.24/14/2016Rate 3.65959518
Pipeworks Glaucus Belgian IPA (retired) 8.05/27/2012Rate 3.64959384
Pipeworks Grand Guignol Act 1 111/6/2015Rate 3.72976528
Pipeworks Grand Guignol Act Three 111/14/2016Rate 3.41812312
Pipeworks Grand Guignol Act Two 113/4/2015Rate 3.7976311
Pipeworks Grapefruit Saison 7.05/23/2015Rate 3.38
Pipeworks Grillz 108/8/2014Rate 3.17583913
Pipeworks Guavanatrix 8.05/24/2014Rate 3.56946927
Pipeworks Gussied Cochon 9.09/11/2014Rate 3.1854199
Pipeworks Hallertau Blanc 108/3/2015Rate 3.5693619
Pipeworks Harbinger of Doom 8.58/20/2014Rate 3.18527421
Pipeworks Hello... 9.51/6/2016Rate 3.64956313
Pipeworks Hey, Careful Man, There’s a Beverage Here! 10.511/1/2013Rate 3.4809253
Pipeworks Hyper Dog 7.53/15/2012Rate 3.699697138
Pipeworks Imperial End of Days 10.511/26/2013Rate 3.71976458
Pipeworks Imperial Hyper Dog 10.510/15/2013Rate 3.66965232
Pipeworks ISO: Friendship 9.05/12/2015Rate 3.46863612
Pipeworks Jones Dog 8.53/18/2012Rate 3.49883351
Pipeworks Just Drink It Dummy 9.05/17/2014Rate 3.5904919
Pipeworks Kate’s Weirdo Wit 8.04/29/2014Rate 2.978
Pipeworks Killer Queen 9.55/20/2015Rate 3.72978910
Pipeworks Koval Whiskey Barrel Aged Smoked Porter 20% (Red + Tan Wax) 7.03/18/2012Rate 3.64979757
Pipeworks Kwingston’s Kitty Cat-ina 9.07/8/2014Rate 3.19501919
Pipeworks Last Kiss Wee Heavy 9.511/3/2012Rate 3.569389113
Pipeworks Let Me Show You Something 9.05/26/2015Rate 2.834
Pipeworks Lil Citra 4.92/1/2016Rate 3.56929414
Pipeworks Lizard King W/ Guava 6.07/1/2016Rate 0
Pipeworks Lizard King W/Pineapple 6.07/1/2016Rate 0
Pipeworks Logan Carré 1012/20/2015Rate 3.2257249
Pipeworks Lucky Cat 8.04/14/2015Rate 3.35779213
Pipeworks Lupine 9.55/17/2016Rate 3.83999614
Pipeworks Majestic (alias) 7.05/13/2013
Pipeworks Mandarina 106/29/2015Rate 3.496
Pipeworks Mango Ninja Vs Unicorn -3/23/2016Rate 0
Pipeworks Mint Truffle Abduction 10.53/19/2014Rate 3.47873047
Pipeworks Mocha Abduction 10.55/7/2014Rate 3.82998449
Pipeworks Mojito Madness 9.07/1/2015Rate 3.285
Pipeworks Morning Vice 9.05/13/2015Rate 3.478
Pipeworks Mosaic 109/20/2014Rate 3.66968120
Pipeworks Mosaic Saison 7.06/8/2015Rate 3.49897816
Pipeworks Murderous 9.54/19/2013Rate 3.59947439
Pipeworks Nagami Equinox 9.03/20/2014Rate 3.34785911
Pipeworks Nelson Sauvin 1011/25/2014Rate 3.62947315
Pipeworks Ninja vs. Unicorn Double IPA 8.02/10/2012Rate 3.9710099442
Pipeworks Nisperos de Batata 7.51/10/2013Rate 3.23678148
Pipeworks North & Western 6.510/19/2012Rate 3.63959339
Pipeworks Oak Aged Cherry Abduction Imperial Stout (retired) -11/17/2012Rate 3.5934113
Pipeworks Oasis from Infinite Regress 8.06/23/2015Rate 3.086
Pipeworks One Glove, One Oven Mitt 9.53/15/2015Rate 3.465
Pipeworks One Mile Experiment 10.55/7/2014Rate 2.911
Pipeworks Orange Truffle Abduction Imperial Stout 10.56/26/2013Rate 3.719764123
Pipeworks Over The Line 119/25/2014Rate 3.53906619
Pipeworks Pacifica vs Motueka 8.54/27/2015Rate 3.46884611
Pipeworks Paradisiac 7.05/5/2013Rate 3.38809321
Pipeworks Part Time’s Weirdo Imperial Pale Ale 8.510/16/2014Rate 3.15541210
Pipeworks Passion Abduction 10.58/8/2014Rate 3.51903769
Pipeworks Passion Fruit Guppy 5.05/22/2016Rate 3.426
Pipeworks Pastrami on Rye 8.511/28/2012Rate 3.43849490
Pipeworks Paved with Good Intentions 104/28/2015Rate 3.116
Pipeworks Peek a Brew 9.52/18/2015Rate 3.176
Pipeworks Pineapple Bling 10.59/7/2013Rate 3.44889717
Pipeworks Pistachio Abduction 10.56/1/2015Rate 3.66965115
Pipeworks Poivre du Sichuan 7.68/2/2012Rate 3.44897747
Pipeworks Poivre Noir 7.610/1/2012Rate 3.24713830
Pipeworks Poivre Rose 7.77/11/2012Rate 3.44897751
Pipeworks Poivre Vert 7.09/11/2013Rate 3.25653820
Pipeworks Pyre 9.57/6/2015Rate 3.558
Pipeworks Quad 1011/25/2014Rate 3.49884812
Pipeworks Quintessential American Wheat Ale 7.58/12/2012Rate 3.11518523
Pipeworks Raspberry Truffle Abduction Imperial Stout 10.53/19/2013Rate 3.799880119
Pipeworks Reaper vs Unicorn 1010/9/2013Rate 3.69978865
Pipeworks Reliquary 9.01/23/2013Rate 3.52938727
Pipeworks S’More Money, S’More Problems 101/16/2014Rate 3.7976068
Pipeworks Saison du Soleil 8.07/1/2013Rate 3.58938934
Pipeworks Saison Sauvignon 7.04/27/2015Rate 3.436
Pipeworks Sam vs Unicorn 9.07/1/2013Rate 3.63948235
Pipeworks Santa vs. Unicorn American Barleywine 1012/10/2012Rate 3.75989385
Pipeworks Scarlet Betta 9.59/15/2015Rate 3.4813710
Pipeworks Scotty’s Weirdo Pear Pale Ale 9.07/16/2014Rate 2.97407311
Pipeworks Simcoe 9.54/28/2013Rate 3.65968052
Pipeworks Smoked Porter - 20% 7.02/10/2012Rate 3.59949363
Pipeworks Soma 9.06/10/2014Rate 3.44869916
Pipeworks Soma with Mango 9.06/28/2014Rate 2.881
Pipeworks Something Hoppy This Way Comes 108/22/2012Rate 3.65957990
Pipeworks Sonorous 9.012/30/2013Rate 3.4864219
Pipeworks Sorachi Vs. Nelson 8.52/14/2015Rate 3.39803615
Pipeworks Space Age Bachelor Pad Danish Modern Cocktail Party 8.53/3/2015Rate 3.295
Pipeworks Spotted Puffer 9.56/22/2015Rate 3.62957413
Pipeworks Standard Issue IPA 7.59/6/2012Rate 3.55949138
Pipeworks Stark Raven Mad 10.512/23/2014Rate 3.186
Pipeworks Stormy & Dark 8.04/28/2015Rate 3.55929712
Pipeworks Summer vs. Equinox 8.54/6/2015Rate 3.591509
Pipeworks Sunburst Peacock 9.54/25/2016Rate 3.71978911
Pipeworks Sure Bet 9.512/2/2014Rate 3.79989423
Pipeworks Surrounded By Friends, With Machetes 8.58/2/2014Rate 3.33809514
Pipeworks Sweet Heart Waffle Mountain 9.04/14/2015Rate 3.297
Pipeworks The Abduction 133/3/2015Rate 3.678
Pipeworks The Brown & Stirred 134/13/2015Rate 3.6949812
Pipeworks The Continental 9.03/1/2014Rate 3.54928715
Pipeworks The Coqui 1110/17/2014Rate 3.438
Pipeworks The Delicatessen 1110/28/2014Rate 3.42829319
Pipeworks The End of Days - Elijah Craig Bourbon Barrels 1312/8/2015Rate 3.543
Pipeworks The Final Act 1312/22/2015Rate 3.646
Pipeworks The Hyper Dog (Barrel Aged) 1312/8/2015Rate 3.615
Pipeworks The Jones Dog (12 Year Elijah Craig Barrel Aged) 1312/30/2015Rate 3.462
Pipeworks The Jones Dog (Bourbon Barrel Aged) 1311/15/2013Rate 3.84998550
Pipeworks The Last Kiss (Bourbon Barrel Aged) 1111/15/2013Rate 3.7979721
Pipeworks The Lizard King 6.01/30/2015Rate 3.8499100144
Pipeworks The Mighty Thor 102/13/2014Rate 3.39792622
Pipeworks The Money (BBA Ca$h 4 Golden Ale) 133/11/2015Rate 3.43847313
Pipeworks The Murderous (Bourbon Barrel Aged) 1111/15/2013Rate 3.74989235
Pipeworks The One Horned Wonder and His Fanciful Flying Fresno 9.012/30/2013Rate 3.74989922
Pipeworks The Revival 1011/16/2014Rate 3.57937011
Pipeworks The Roister 6.56/1/2016Rate 3.135
Pipeworks The Royale 8.011/3/2015Rate 3.58
Pipeworks Tiki Time 9.04/20/2015Rate 3.24597712
Pipeworks Toasty Nut Abduction Imperial Stout 10.51/4/2014Rate 3.72976844
Pipeworks Tropical Ninja Vs. Unicorn 8.07/1/2016Rate 0
Pipeworks Twin Pines Mall 8.010/20/2015Rate 3.418
Pipeworks Ubiquitous Pale Ale 7.58/2/2012Rate 3.55949038
Pipeworks Unicorn Galaxy Imperial IPA 9.512/10/2012Rate 3.91999877
Pipeworks Unicorn’s Revenge 103/1/2013Rate 3.73989165
Pipeworks Vanilla Abduction 10.510/30/2015Rate 3.51893516
Pipeworks War Bird 4.53/28/2015Rate 3.49889540
Pipeworks Well Read Temptress 4.010/18/2012Rate 3.61969373
Pipeworks What Lurks in the Dark 10.511/6/2013Rate 3.49883233
Pipeworks Will’s Super Awesome New Rad Saisonathon 7.01/6/2015Rate 3.55938714
Pipeworks Wolpertinger Belgo German Hybrid IPA 9.04/18/2014Rate 3.43894612
Pipeworks Yuzu Saison 7.52/4/2015Rate 3.43866914
Pipeworks Zombie Gnomes 8.06/10/2014Rate 3.24684714
Pipeworks Zommelier 104/24/2014Rate 3.07446525

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