Dominion (prev Pitfield)


Associated place: Queen Street Brewhouse

Started in 1996 on Pitfield St, London. Moved to current address late 2007. Epping Brewery Company is used for its non organic products. In 2013 taken over and changed name to Dominion
Dominion Roof Dog Beer (alias) 4.55/3/2016
Epping Forest Bitter 3.71/20/2009Rate 2.912
Pitfield 1792 Imperial Stout 9.35/10/2003Rate 3.41892877
Pitfield 1824 Mild Ale 6.55/7/2003Rate 3.32799426
Pitfield 1830 Amber Ale 6.06/15/2003Rate 3.14625027
Pitfield 1837 India Pale Ale 7.08/19/2003Rate 3.03443858
Pitfield 1850 London Porter 5.010/19/2002Rate 3.26624576
Pitfield 1851 Hartmann & Scherrer Steam Beer 6.511/30/2010Rate 2.813259
Pitfield 1853 Chelmsford Brewery Samson 8.07/17/2010Rate 2.7123121
Pitfield 1896 XXXX Stock Ale 1010/6/2003Rate 3.31778371
Pitfield 21st Anniversary Ale (retired) 5.55/18/2003Rate 2.458
Pitfield 25th Anniversary Ale 5.010/5/2007Rate 2.672
Pitfield 30 Not Out 3.09/14/2012Rate 2.936429
Pitfield 30th Anniversary Ale 5.012/12/2011Rate 2.93392914
Pitfield 61 Squadron 4.912/4/2006Rate 31
Pitfield Big Red Ale 6.012/4/2006Rate 2.917
Pitfield Bitter 3.75/21/2004Rate 2.86273033
Pitfield Black Eagle 5.04/16/2003Rate 3.27652920
Pitfield Black Rose 6.312/5/2014Rate 3.095
Pitfield C V Dark Mild 3.412/8/2013Rate 2.953
Pitfield Chococino 4.03/23/2013Rate 3.137
Pitfield Chocolate Stout 5.08/17/2005Rate 2.881
Pitfield Christmas Ale 7.011/22/2002Rate 3.1584633
Pitfield Christmas Beer 5.012/18/2011Rate 2.792
Pitfield Christmas Wheat 5.512/8/2009Rate 2.8314915
Pitfield City Beverage Winter Ale 4.71/23/2009Rate 3.151
Pitfield Dark Christmas Wheat 6.012/23/2010Rate 2.865
Pitfield Double XX Stout 6.05/21/2004Rate 3.2623815
Pitfield Eco Warrior 4.512/4/2002Rate 2.77221755
Pitfield EKG 4.212/21/2002Rate 2.78322448
Pitfield Enemy 4.53/18/2009Rate 2.661
Pitfield Freds Perry 5.011/23/2006Rate 2.86
Pitfield FV4 (retired) 8.26/29/2008Rate 3.2682316
Pitfield FV5 1411/14/2009Rate 2.881
Pitfield Ginger Beer 5.08/8/2011Rate 2.837
Pitfield Golden Honey Beer 4.62/2/2013Rate 2.761
Pitfield Honey Mild 3.67/25/2011Rate 2.652249
Pitfield Hoxton Best Bitter 4.88/20/2002Rate 2.94391719
Pitfield Hoxton Farmhouse Dry Cider 5.04/19/2006Rate 2.763
Pitfield Hoxton Scotch Bonnet Christmas Beer 6.012/7/2013Rate 2.914
Pitfield Imperial Chocolate Stout 7.34/15/2012Rate 3.198
Pitfield Impigrial Stout 121/4/2014Rate 2.881
Pitfield Light Ale 3.67/16/2011Rate 2.784
Pitfield Longhorn Dry Rough Cider 5.011/3/2007Rate 2.342
Pitfield Millennium Ale (retired) 10.51/13/2003Rate 2.612
Pitfield Mr Lawrence 20th Anniversary Ale 4.88/5/2012Rate 2.9744379
Pitfield Mr Lawrence’s Christmas Ale (alias) 5.01/23/2012
Pitfield N1 Wheat Beer 5.05/26/2004Rate 2.86262934
Pitfield Night On Mare Street (retired) 1412/12/2006Rate 3.4894520
Pitfield Night On Mare Street II (retired) 14.212/9/2007Rate 3.36854119
Pitfield Night On Mare Street III (retired) 13.812/17/2008Rate 3.34843513
Pitfield Night on Mare Street IV 13.212/7/2009Rate 3.075
Pitfield No.12 Wheat Stout 1212/6/2013Rate 2.953
Pitfield Organic Honey 4.58/20/2004Rate 3.031
Pitfield Organic Lager 3.79/8/2003Rate 2.75307115
Pitfield Organic Mild 3.47/28/2007Rate 3.038
Pitfield Piglets of the Caribbean (retired) 5.03/13/2007Rate 2.832
Pitfield Pigs Ear Cherry Porter (retired) 5.012/8/2007Rate 2.944
Pitfield Pigs Ear Christmas Ginger Beer (retired) 5.011/30/2010Rate 2.868
Pitfield Pigs Ear Spicy Porter (retired) 5.012/18/2007Rate 2.714
Pitfield Pure Gold 3.95/19/2010Rate 2.93404915
Pitfield Raspberry Wheat 5.012/2/2012Rate 2.896
Pitfield Red Ale 4.89/30/2006Rate 3.04424521
Pitfield Shoreditch Stout 4.010/15/2001Rate 3.25654756
Pitfield Shoreditch Strong Ale (retired) 6.05/21/2002Rate 3.413
Pitfield Singhboulton Best Bitter 3.89/8/2003Rate 2.817
Pitfield Sovereign IPA 7.06/5/2013Rate 2.831
Pitfield Special Organic Lager 4.512/5/2007Rate 2.961
Pitfield St. George’s Ale 4.37/7/2006Rate 3.01453911
Pitfield Stock Ale (alias) 106/5/2008
Pitfield The Railway Children. 6.02/4/2009Rate 2.771
Pitfield Thirty Not Out 3.012/2/2012Rate 2.771
Pitfield Trafalgar 5.56/27/2005Rate 3.219
Pitfield Whiskey Ginger Beer 5.03/16/2013Rate 2.831
Pitfield White Rose 5.012/9/2014Rate 35
Pitfield Wry Christmas (retired) 5.012/26/2011Rate 2.84
Pitfields Sea Shepherd Ocean Warrior 4.54/9/2015Rate 2.624
Hewitt’s Harvest Ale
Brewed by/for Hewitt’s
4.21/5/2013Rate 2.811
Hewitt’s Opus 10
Brewed by/for Hewitt’s
6.21/26/2013Rate 2.762
Hewitt’s Opus 4
Brewed by/for Hewitt’s
3.67/1/2012Rate 2.881
Hewitt’s Opus 5
Brewed by/for Hewitt’s
6.57/29/2012Rate 2.852
Hewitt’s Red Menis
Brewed by/for Hewitt’s
3.812/28/2011Rate 2.824
Hewitt’s Un-hung Hero
Brewed by/for Hewitt’s
5.03/27/2011Rate 3.09525418
Hewitt’s Urbane Gorilla
Brewed by/for Hewitt’s
4.37/30/2011Rate 2.96425412
Wiper and True Pale Ale The Summer (retired)
Brewed by/for Wiper and True
5.412/2/2012Rate 3.034
.Associated place: Queen Street Brewhouse.
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