Pivski Dvor - Antaeus d.o.o.

(Out Of Business)

Blonder technology. Company HQ in Višnjan (Barići 30). Rents the facilities of Pekara Nello for production - beer available at the brewery and at the outlet in Rovinjsko Selo. Opened in mid 2013, closed in mid 2014.
Blonder Crno Pivo (retired) 5.211/28/2013Rate 2.7825279
Blonder Crveno Pivo (retired) 5.011/28/2013Rate 2.721479
Blonder Svijetlo Pivo (retired) 4.511/28/2013Rate 2.537
Blonder Svijetlo Pivo Mekano (retired) 4.55/15/2014Rate 2.61
Blonder Svijetlo Pivo Premium (retired) 4.53/5/2014Rate 2.712

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