Commenced brewing at Bow House, Chitterne, Warminster in 2008. Moved to Deverill Road Trading Estate in late in 2009.
Plain Arty Farty 3.99/23/2011Rate 2.96354619
Plain Crowning Glory 4.22/10/2015Rate 0
Plain Gold Medale 5.08/16/2012Rate 2.841
Plain Hairy Hooker 4.112/13/2012Rate 2.98375110
Plain Inn Mason’s 4.06/29/2010Rate 2.861
Plain Inn The Sun 4.66/7/2013Rate 2.917
Plain Inncognito 4.81/29/2011Rate 3.49888737
Plain Inndulgence 5.25/4/2010Rate 3.33755929
Plain Innocence 4.010/29/2009Rate 3.27639325
Plain Innspiration 4.06/20/2009Rate 3.05427225
Plain Inntrigue 4.23/18/2010Rate 3.12468635
Plain IPA 5.23/2/2014Rate 3.266
Plain Lords-a-Leapin’ 4.312/24/2011Rate 2.842
Plain Mayday 3.85/15/2015Rate 3.022
Plain Mild Not Meek 5.15/25/2013Rate 2.92
Plain Respect 4.010/6/2012Rate 2.883
Plain Rudolf’s Ruin 4.51/13/2013Rate 3.136
Plain Sheep Dip 3.88/25/2010Rate 2.98405923
Plain Stocking Filler 4.012/27/2015Rate 3.041
Plain Tam O’Shanter 4.11/12/2013Rate 2.884
Plain The Wife’s Bitter 3.97/29/2012Rate 2.93324210
Plain Wreck The Halls 5.012/16/2015Rate 2.932
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